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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 538, Issue date, 12-03-12

Mystery Lights in New Zealand Sky Spark UFO Claims
UFO over New Zealand
Published: 11:07 AM 11/30/2012

Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty have been a hotbed of unusual aerial activity, with multiple sightings of strange phenomena in the region's skies.

On Monday or Tuesday night on October 29 or 30, at least four people at the Challenge petrol station on Malfroy Rd witnessed five glowing orbs move slowly across the road toward Sunset Rd for about 30 seconds before they disappeared behind trees.

A Challenge petrol station employee, who only wanted to be known as Michelle, said she and at least three others watched the orbs, which appeared about 8pm just before dark.

"A customer came in and asked 'can you see that?', we were all wondering what was going on.

"They were all perfectly round with a larger orange-coloured orb leading about four smaller orbs all in a line about the same distance apart. They were moving on an angle before they disappeared behind some trees."

Michelle said the glowing orbs were in the sky about 200m to 300m away from the service station forecourt and they watched them for about 30 seconds.

"There's no way they were lights from a plane, they were too big and were not flashing. Our first thought was it was something military but there was no noise and they were just floating there.

"We were all a bit freaked out but we weren't imagining things. I'm not one to sensationalise things ... I was reading the paper every day to see if anyone else had seen them."

Michelle said they all knew they had seen something strange but she had not talked about it since.

"People might think I'm a bit mad, but I was in the air force and I know what an aeroplane looks like," she said.

In another recent sighting, a Lake Tarawera resident who wished to remain anonymous, said he photographed a bright orange orb as it slowly moved across the lake about two months ago.

The man, who lives on Spenser Rd, said he and his wife watched a colourful floating orb for about five minutes before it floated off to the right of Rainbow Mountain heading toward Tauranga.

"We saw it heading from roughly a southern position heading north low in the sky. It appeared to be a rotating ball with varying colours. It was not along any flights paths that I see airplanes on either.

"It continued going north at a steady, relatively slow speed, so I had time to get out the camera but unfortunately the picture isn't that great."

The man said he was left with a strange feeling he had seen something out of the ordinary.

During a number of separate sightings this month a rural Rotorua resident filmed what he described as a "blinking ufo object and big bright sphere object" as well as a "bright light ufo, strange skies ufo and fireballs".

The man uploaded his films to the video sharing website YouTube identifying himself as horsefarmer1000.

In one of the videos there is also an obvious meteor shower at the end and satellites in the sky. But, there are some floating, flashing lights in the videos which do not look like an aeroplane or helicopter. One of the videos has had more than 3280 views with the filming taking place on November 4 and November 8.

Horsefarmer1000 declined to be interviewed by The Daily Post but links to his films were sent to New Zealand UFO investigation organisation Ufocus NZ.

Ufocus director Suzanne Hansen said she had watched the videos but said without speaking to the person it was difficult to say what was going on.

"I did not see anything that could not be explained in conventional terms.

"If people believe they have captured a UFO on film, we are able to send it to the United States for photographic data analysis with either a physicist and optical data analyst, or a retired Nasa scientist, who assist Ufocus NZ in our work.

"We think this is a more credible way of ascertaining its veracity than posting it on YouTube."

However, Ms Hansen said the organisation had received some very detailed sighting reports in the Rotorua/Tauranga/Kaimai area in the past year.

"In December 2011 we received a report from a small group of witnesses who observed an object, which was not an aircraft, which came to within 15m of their position and "followed" them for a couple of kilometres.

"In March of this year, we received a report from a scientist who had a similar experience at a Northland beach and who provided an identical description to that given by the December 2011 witnesses.

She said in June, a person onboard an aircraft approaching Tauranga from Rotorua saw a silver/white disc-shaped object at a low altitude above the treetops and in July a retired commercial pilot saw a large silver spherical object accompanied by two white/silver V shaped objects over Tauranga Harbour.

Ms Hansen said there had been numerous reports in the Bay of Plenty and throughout the country, of very large orange balls of light.

"It is interesting to note that when the December 2011 witnesses first sighted an anomalous light, it was a large orange orb. As it came closer they were able to see the object within this orange glow.

"At close proximity the object had "switched off" the glow and the witnesses were able to see considerable detail."

Ms Hansen said the organisation had received more UFO sighting reports this year than in any other year.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/nzclaimsvideo.html

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Witness Surprised by Triangle UFO over Pennsylvania
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:42 AM 11/30/2012

Trexlertown, Pennsylvania - 11-28-12

penntriangle I was driving on Route 222-N to attend a meeting in Allentown. I am a stargazer, so I was enjoying the clear sky and the full moon was very bright.

A lot of the constellations and planets (Jupiter) were very easily noticeable tonight as it was extremely clear, and the moon was casting light everywhere.

As I was at a red light near the Trexlertown Shopping Plaza, I noticed a glowing triangle shape going across the sky right below the moon in a W to E direction.

What made me notice this is because I have never seen a triangular shaped object like this before. I actually stopped my car and pulled over because I could not keep my eyes on the road and didn't want to get in an accident.

I watched it as it traveled, trying to rule out airplanes or helicopters which were seen in my neighborhood and on the drive there. It was nothing I have ever seen before.

My husband and I sit out on our porch every night and watch the sky when the weather allows us. This was a large triangular shaped object.

It almost looked like the glowing yellow lights on it were spaced evenly throughout the triangle edge. I lost sight of the object because it dissipated and disappeared into the East.

I have not stopped thinking about it since I witnessed it at approx. 6:36 pm and it is now 9:43 pm.

Again, I have never seen an object like this is my life. I wish I could have taken a picture, but I did not have enough time and I only had my cell phone camera, which doesn't work well with distances.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/trexlertownpa112812.html

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Florida UFOs: More Witnesses Come Forward with Video
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:33 PM 11/30/2012

More people are coming forward tonight saying they saw strange lights in the skies of Southwest Florida.

They believe they witnessed a UFO, and they have the video to prove it.

Four in your Corner’s Mike Mason is here to share what they saw; so you can decide for yourself.

It all began the night of November 10th. Several people in Cape Coral reported seeing strange lights in the sky. Since then, more witnesses have contacted Fox 4 claiming they also saw these UFOs.

Tonight we have new video of these strange lights that some say are out of this world.

Video proof is always something that is needed to validate any paranormal claim. The tricky thing these days is of course that video can be tampered with.

Luckily that is not the case in this case as several videos from several areas of the same UFOs exist. This is a solid UFO case.

It’s good that at least local media covers these stories; maybe real journalism isn’t dead after all.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/floridavideomorewitnesses.html

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Amazing Cloud UFO Witnessed over North Carolina
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:42 PM 11/30/2012

Greensboro, North Carolina - 11-18-12

About 11:50 PM last night I took the dog outside. I had an unexplainable fear about that same time. When I walked out I looked up at the sky in the area of the Greensboro airport.

The sky was cloudy and there was a moderate, steady wind. The temperature was probably in the low 40s. I noticed a huge circular cloud formation that was stationary as the other clouds around it were blowing from East to generally West.

I thought it odd that the circular cloud wasn't moving as the other clouds around it were moving at a steady pace. The circular cloud had a very defined circle around its edges and looked kind of like a doughnut with a hole in the middle.

I watched it for about 20 minutes. I don't know how long it had been there before I saw it. I would estimate the size of this disk to be about a mile wide and perfectly round. Then, at about midnight it began to shoot out what can best be described as short burst of what looked like, light blue, short, lightning bolts.

They may have been beams of light but, they flashed like lightning, or flash bulbs. This went on for about 1 minute and seemed random and in no particular direction. It wasn’t a rapid fire kind of a thing. Rather, in the period of a minute I saw about 5 or 6 bursts of light.

They were not super bright from where I was. Rather, it was the brightness of distant lightning. It caused me to feel almost paralyzed with fear and I couldn't walk away or look away. I noticed that the area of sky behind the cloud was black as the rest of the sky was a very dark or, gray blue color.

As clouds passed I could see occasional stars but over the circular shaped cloud the sky seemed blacked out. During this whole event I neither heard or saw any air traffic in the area, particularly from the Greensboro airport its self (which is not uncommon at this hour).

Then I heard a very fast moving jet flying over directly at the circle cloud formation. The cloud suddenly lost its circular definition and broke up into the same consistency as the surrounding clouds.

As the fast moving jet flew over I didn't see any of the typical flashing lights that are associated with aircraft in flight. I didn't see any lights at all. I just heard a loud, very fast moving jet flies right into the area where the circular cloud was breaking up.

The jet sounded like it was coming from the southwest of the airport and heading East. This happened at about 10 or 15 minutes after midnight.

I didn't have a watch, so I'm guessing about the time for this phase of the event. Living near the airport I hear passenger and transport jets all day, every day.

The jet I heard last night was, in my opinion a small jet fighter. The engine sound was louder and it was moving much faster than any of the jets ever do around the airport.

There were no strobes or lights of any kind. It was completely blacked out. When I went outside it was about 11:50 pm. When I went back in the house I looked at the clock and it was 00:58 am.

However, I was sure that I was only outside for about 20 minutes, or less. I went upstairs and had a strong sense of fear. In fact, I was so troubled that I loaded my rifle, which seems pretty crazy in the light of day.

My dog is crippled and has limited use of her old legs. When I carried her in: she was cold, slightly wet on her right side and shivering. I have no idea how she got wet as it didn't rain.

I kindly request that I not be contacted about this. I have been as detailed as I can about what I saw. This was disturbing and I don't wish to spend time talking about it and I will not be publicly exposed as it would certainly have a negative impact on my life.

It’s a long way back from crazy.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/greensboronc111812.html

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UFO Buff in Challenge to the Skeptics
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:48 AM 12/1/2012

Alex Evans, Reporter

A MAN from Worle says he has witnessed evidence of alien visitors in the sky using night vision equipment, having taken an interest in the phenomena for more than 30 years.

Richard Lennie, aged 50, of Midhaven Rise, is recognised as an authority on UFOs and has delivered talks at conferences across the South West after stockpiling information about unexplainable phenomena.

He has also reported a number of hair-raising personal experiences, which include seeing lasers shot from the sky, flying saucers and objects moving at light speed, and extraterrestrial lasers burrowing into the ground.

His theory is that crafts he spies in the sky could be ‘scout ships’ which are manned by trained human pilots to protect the earth, engineered by analysing alien technology which has previously been found in the USA.

Mr Lennie spoke of the first experience which gave birth to his UFO interest.

He said: “In December 1980 I had an encounter with red lights that were hovering over my old school, Uphill Primary School.

“There were seven red lights, they moved in formations and then made a semi-circle. Then they were gone.

“It was reported in the Mercury at the time, although the report said there was only one light. That’s when I caught the bug.”

He says he bought infrared night vision equipment and began to see all sorts of unusual things.

Mr Lennie added: “I go out at night, sometimes all night long.

“You see satellites and bats, but I have seen flying saucers, crafts that look like they were going at light speed, crafts pretending to be stars, all sorts of things.

“A friend of mine in America says he’s actually seen battles with lasers and one craft blew up. I have seen lasers, but no explosions.”

The ufologist started going to conferences in 2009 to spread the knowledge of the things he has seen and has since been interviewed on television and radio.

He says the most incredible thing he has witnessed was on land owned by a woman in Devon.

Richard said: “A plasma laser was going into the ground, burrowing holes in the soil. It looked like they were digging holes in the ground to take soil samples.

“It was over 100 ft high coming from the sky. Whatever it was coming from must have been cloaked.

“We saw water being taken from the pond.

“It had rained overnight and the next day we saw a dry square on the driveway, like where a car has parked. Something had landed. I was pretty awestruck to be honest.”

He said the woman’s land had been of interest to outer-planetary observers because it was based on a ley line, an alleged alignment along the planet of a number of places of historical and geographical interest.

Unusually, the owner of the land was able to see the phenomena with her own eyes and even told Mr Lennie where to point the infrared cameras, he said.

His most recent experience in North Somerset was when a group of four red spheres appeared from behind Worlebury golf course.

Mr Lennie is also challenging sceptics to see the evidence for themselves, either by buying night vision equipment for £250 or by looking at the photos and videos he has taken.

He added: “At the end of the day I want to find the truth and get to the bottom of it.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/richardlennie.html

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Archived Case of the Week

The Hannah McRoberts UFO Photograph

Hannah Roberts Photograph
Published: 2005

October (10-15?), 1981 - Best Flying Saucer Photo Ever?

Mrs. Hannah McRoberts (aged 25) of Campbell River, BC, was with her family at a rest-area some thirty miles to the north of Kelsey Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island, from October 8 to 15, 1981.

During this five-day period she says she took a number of pictures of her family and of the local scenery, using her 35 mm Mamiya camera with a 50-55 mm lens, 125 speed, and ASA 100 film.

At one point during the holiday they observed that one of the mountain peaks was surmounted by a cloud somewhat suggestive, as they described it, of "a volcano issuing steam," so Mrs. McRoberts snapped that as well.

None of the party noticed anything else in the air at the time, and the presence of the UFO was therefore only discovered by them when the prints and negatives came back to them after processing.

The resulting photograph shows an object to the right of and above the peak and the plume of cloud. This photo came to the attention of Mr. David A. C. Powell of Vancouver, who is on the staff of the McMillan Planetarium in that city, who in turn contacted Bill Allan, and provided him with an enlargement, and also got in contact the APRO of Tucson, Arizona, the respected American UFO investigation group who claim now to be the oldest in the world.

After many examinations of the photo, the negative was finally delivered to Richard F. Haines, Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration for analysis.

Haines determined that what Hannah had captured unwittingly in her photo of the mountain was a genuine airborne object and not the result of emulsion deformity or optical illusion of the camera's inner mechnisms.

From Report: Abstract--This report reviews various investigative activities and analyses surrounding a photograph of a purported unidentified flying object (UFO) taken on October 8, 1981, at about 11:00 AM, local time on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The evidence consisted of a single frame of 35 mm color film which showed a sharply focused disc-like object against a clear blue sky with wooded mountain peak nearby.

Analyses of the original negative included micro-densitometry, computer enhancements, and other measurements intent upon showing a support thread, atmospheric disturbance, or other evidences of a hoax.

These analyses suggest that the disc was a three dimensional object located at a distance of at least 30 feet from the camera; the object's surface albedo was diffuse and of lower luminance than a sunlit cloud. Extensive interviews with the photographer (who never saw the aerial object), her husband, and daughter and site survey tended to support the entire narrative account.

The identity of the disc object remains unidentified.

The family was on their way to visit her sister at Holberg, located at the northwest tip of Vancouver Island. Mrs. D.M. was an outgoing, pleasant person with a casual interest in UFOs. Inspection of their home did not indicate any interest at all in the occult, the psychic realm, or related subjects.

Mr. D.M. worked at the lumber mill in Campbell River.

Neither person claimed to have read any books specifically on UFOs, but had seen the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The husband was an avid science fiction fan in earlier years.

A battery of optical tests were performed on the negative to determine the physicality as well as the possible size and distance of the UFO from the camera. This included visits to the site of the photograph.

Roberts Photo When asked what they had done immediately after noticing the disc on the photograph (some 18 days later on October 26, 1981), Mrs. D.M. replied, "Well, we didn't know what to do. Eventually we showed it to our neighbors and Mr. and Mrs. M. Sr. (husband's parents)."

Mrs. D.M. phoned the Canadian Forces Base at Comox in mid-November 1981 concerning their possible interest in seeing the photograph. She ". . . just wanted to see if they were interested in it and if they knew anything about what the object could be."

An Air Force representative (allegedly) said they were not interested in viewing it, but did take her name and address. It was not until the summer of 1982 that the family traveled to Vancouver, B.C. bringing one 4" x 5" color print with them.

They visited the Vancouver Planetarium and spoke with the Director, David Dodge, who called in David Powell who was interested in UFO phenomena. The couple were persuaded to lend the original negative to them to make enlarged copies.

The negatives were delivered to Mr. Powell in June 1982, and were returned to Mr. and Mrs. D.M. on January 28, 1983. These dates may be significant since they suggest that the photographer was willing to wait a long time before pursuing an explanation for the disc-like image on her photograph.

If this event had been a deliberate hoax, it is more likely that some overt action to capitalize on it might have been taken soon after the disc had been discovered, and not almost a year later. Of course this is not a conclusive argument to support this contention.

The author found the photographer and her husband to be middle-class, hard-working people. Their property was well kept. Nothing could be found which pointed to a deliberate hoax. Both displayed genuine puzzlement about the origin of the disc on the photograph. Mr. and Mrs. D.M. were not defensive nor did they ever attempt to cover up anything as far as could be determined.

This sighting/photograph even managed to slip past the sleeping disinformation and obfuscation editors at ABC News!

Source: http://www.scientificexploration.org/jse/articles/ufo_reports/haines_ufo_analysis/1.html


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