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Fire in the Santa Monica Sky - UFO on Video
Frame Capture - Santa Monica Video
Published: December 11, 2010

Local captures strange sights on video

By Kevin Herrera

NOMA — Santa Monica is known around the world as a popular tourist destination, but has its reputation reached outer space?

Residents in Santa Monica and the Westside have reported seeing strange lights in the night sky on at least two occasions this month, the unidentified flying objects disappearing over the Santa Monica Bay after appearing for only a few seconds.

North of Montana resident Jeremy Corbell captured the objects on his iPhone and has since posted video footage on YouTube. The footage, which can be seen below, had been viewed more than 6,700 times as of Thursday.

The video shows two bright white objects that resemble meteors falling towards the earth.

The objects appear to make sharp turns before disappearing into the sunset. Corbell, who named the footage "Silver Surfer" because he said the objects looked like the famous comic book character, captured the footage on Dec. 1, around 5 p.m.

He also shot more footage of similar-looking objects on Dec. 8.

"It's weird," Corbell, an artist, said. "I have no idea what they are. They could be anything. It seems like some falling debris of some sort with a long contrail behind it. It's hard to tell because of the sunset. It's definitely huge and there were definitely two of them moving in erratic patterns."

Bob Kirk, a resident of Brentwood told the Daily Press Thursday that he also saw similar objects on Dec. 8 at around the same time of day. Others have posted comments on Corbell's YouTube page saying they too saw the objects.

And even superstars are questioning the source of the strange lights. San Antonio Spurs forward Manu Ginobili caught the lights on camera on Dec. 1 while in Santa Monica near Casa del Mar. The Spurs were in town getting ready to play the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ginobili thought the lights could have been an unmanned spacecraft launched by the U.S. Air Force, however, a spokesman from Vandenberg Air Force Base, located north of Santa Barbara, said no launches took place on Dec. 1.

He did say that on Dec. 3 the X-37B spacecraft did land, but nowhere near Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Airport Manager Bob Trimborn took a look at Corbell's footage and said the lights captured could simply be reflections from the bottom of aircraft given that the footage on Dec. 1 was shot during sunset.

He said that an object traveling away from someone could look as if it was descending. "There are so many lights in this town at night that it could be anything, a blimp, a helicopter or an aircraft," Trimborn said. "I don't think the 'War of the Worlds' has started.

"If these are fighter type aircraft… the aircraft could make sudden and quick turns, but I really can't tell what type of aircraft they are from the video, and the shakiness of the image makes it difficult to determine."

Trimborn said about every two or three years he receives an e-mail from a City Council member with a video from a resident attached showing some contrails that they believe are chemicals being sprayed over the city.

"In general, people don't understand that what they are seeing are short contrails coming from the exhaust of the engine," Trimborn said.

Trimborn said that if the objects captured by Corbell were unusual, the FAA and other agencies would have "been on top of it."

Corbell doesn't believe the lights are coming from alien spacecraft. He thinks it could be debris from several different sources.

He would like some answers, but in the meantime he is enjoying the conversation he and his videos have created. "I think this fascinates people because it is a mystery," Corbell said. "This has been going on since ancient times. There are descriptions in ancient texts of fires in the sky, things falling to the earth and it is in all sorts of mythology.

This one is particularly interesting because it looks like these things are falling to the ground. "I know if it would have been a plane, there would have been a big crash."

There have been a rash of UFO sightings recently across the country. A mysterious missile launch off the Southern California coast was captured by news cameras in November.

And in New York City earlier this month several people reported seeing a silvery vision of a dozen balloon-like dots hovering over Manhattan. In both cases, authorities could not confirm the source of the images.


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Commentary - The Curious Case of ET Contactee Billy Meier
Billy Meier
Published: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 10:34

By Stanley Koh

Those who know of Billy Eduard Albert Meier’s claims of being in contact with extraterrestrial beings will either condemn him as one of history’s biggest frauds or hail him as a prophet, accepting as true the volumes of information available in YouTube clips and the numerous blogs maintained by his believers.

“There is really nothing in between” the truth and the hoax, says believer Michael Horn, who maintains a blog at www.theyfly.com.

Horn claims to be Meier’s authorised American media representative.

In 1978, an American team of investigators led by Colonel Wendelle Stevens took more than 10 months analysing witness accounts, photographs, video clips, sound recordings, landing tracks that Meier said were made by flying saucers and even samples of the metallic substance the crafts were allegedly made of.

The photos included images of the UFOs in flight.

It was a tedious task involving many experts. They examined alleged records of hundreds of hours of conversation that Meier said he had with the Pleiadians, humanoids from a star system called Pleiades. The Pleiadians are sometimes called Plejarens.

Stevens’s team took the evidence to the United States for professional scrutiny by independent experts representing various disciplines. Meier and his delegate of witnesses were even subjected to lie-detector tests.

UFO enthusiasts claim that the US government has a vast amount of information on the Meier case. Some have said that the government at one time bought a piece of property adjacent to his farmhouse in Switzerland to enable 24-hour monitoring of the Plejarens visiting him.

Meier’s detractors can sometimes go to extremes. There were 21 attempted assassinations against his life between Sept 23, 1964 and June 2, 2003.

Meier maintains what he calls “contact notes” of his conversations with the aliens. These began in 1942 and continue to this day, with some long lapses in between.

Contact notes

The abundance of prophetically accurate information, independent corroboration of accuracy and absence of erroneous information pertaining to the future of mankind and Planet Earth have made the case one of the most exciting but suppressed stories in modern history.

The contact notes contain not only the Plejarens’ spiritual teachings and information about the history of human civilizations, but also, according to believers, but the key to mankind’s survival on Planet Earth.

Billy Meier Photograph of UFO Initially, Meier’s revelation of his contacts with the aliens raised many pertinent questions. Why are the Plejarens so eager to help earthlings? What made them choose Meier as their contact?

According to Contact Note 340, Meier’s “spirit-form” has links with the ancestors of the Plejarens. Being advanced spiritually, those ancestors had a close relationship with earthlings until more than 60,000 years ago.

According to Meier, the Plejarens and earthlings have a common ancestry and they look like us. Their forefathers—and ours—originated from the Lyra-Vega Star Systems, and these distant cousins of ours have been visiting Earth sporadically for the past 28 million years.

Those ancestors have influenced the Earth’s development positively and negatively throughout the ages.

Sometimes, the negative influences brought disastrous consequences. The Plejarens now feel responsible for the actions of the ancestors and their intention is to give advice without directly interfering in human affairs. They want to help us rediscover our true spiritual path.

According to Meier’s notes, the home world of his Plejaren visitors is called Erra, a planet almost as large as Earth but in a physical dimension that is shifted a fraction of a second ahead of our space-time configuration. It is about 500 light years away.

Meier says he was 10 when he had his first contact with the Plejarens. But the “official” contacts—meaning the evidence that can be made public—began in 1975, when he was a young man travelling through Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.

His wandering gave him the opportunity to study major religions and to meet political leaders, including Indira Gandhi, King Farouk, Nasser, Nehru and Tito.

His transcription of conversations with the Plejarens, mostly done in German, runs into more than 24,000 pages. Among the information given in those pages are accounts from the history of existence in the universe, dating back tens of millions of years.

Not as intelligent enough

Perhaps the most astonishing parts of the transcriptions are predictions about world events and developments that believers say Meier published in 1958. These foretold, among other things, the US invasion of Iraq, global warming, invention of cell phones, the Internet, the rise of terrorism and the AIDs epidemic.

Some say that Meier’s case increased the alertness of not only UFO enthusiasts but also mainstream scientists and world governments with regard to UFO sightings; it has finally dawned on them that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the millions of galaxies in this vast universe.

On the flip side, however, the phenomenon has encouraged charlatans to claim that they have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings and to concoct alien abductions and animal mutilations.

Horn, in his commentary on “Contact Note 441”, said, “Meier’s message on alleged abductions by aliens contains extremely important information for all those who are wrapped up in pointlessly chasing their tails about the ‘government’s cover-up’, alien abductions, evil aliens, animal mutilation etc.

“The actual nature of this complex situation is rooted in power hungry, purely terrestrial groups who can profit greatly from the hysteria, confusion, fear that they foment behind the scenes, and which is, also, knowingly or not, perpetuated by overzealous, under informed UFO groups and by painfully gullible New Agers who lack discernment, critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

“The truth or real UFO cover up is on the Billy Meier case. Some of the biggest opponents to this truth are the various ‘experts’ within the so-called UFO community.”

Meier’s published notes include the claim that there exists a well thought out psychological network to generate fear, angst, terror, hatred and feelings of revenge against extraterrestrial aliens. He speaks of a vast international conspiracy to conceal the truth about these aliens with the help of terrestrial military anti-gravity vehicles.

“Wrong information and falsified pictures of alleged ET flying devices are strategically circulated worldwide, whereby 98 per cent of all false pictures, films and videos are directed at moving the Earth humans to engender hate and thoughts of revenge against all life foreign to Earth,” said Meier, quoting a Plejaren by the name of Ptaah.

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Manu Ginobili UFO Sighting Caught on Video
Manu Ginobili
Published: December 11th, 2010

Credit: TMZ

San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili said that he saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Los Angeles on December 1.

“I think I’ve just seen an airplane in flames plummeting! Unless I’m still asleep and its just a dream,” Manu Ginobili wrote in his Twitter account.

“Someone who saw it with me recorded it in poor quality, but it’s a recording. It isn’t HD, but that’s what we’ve got. The “fire” can be seen in the background,” he tweeted.

Then Friday morning, TMZ released a video of the incident which shows Ginobili and another person looking up at the sky at what appears to be a strange light.

“I’m not sure (what it was). There’s an Air Force base northwest of where we were. It was supposed to be some space shuttle landing. The good thing is, I’m not the only one who saw it. That’s what really got me (saying), ‘OK, I’m not totally crazy,” Manu Ginobili said in an interview with KSAT reporters.

“It was a pretty strange flight pattern. I thought it was falling, not landing. I thought it was like a plane crash. We were expecting to see it on the news the following day, and there was nothing. That’s when we got a little curious, ‘What the hell was that?’,” Ginobili added. Ginobili posted on his Facebook page that the UFO may have been “a kind of spacecraft which is called X-37B and was supposed to land in the area between December 3 and 6.” according to TMZ.

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UFO Inspiration for Pupil Writers
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:52 AM Thursday 9th December 2010

A WRITING project proved out of this world for pupils who were asked to investigate the “crash landing” of a UFO in the grounds of their school.

An examination of the site at St Thomas’ Primary in Pimhole Road, Bury, together with CCTV footage of the flying saucer coming to grief in the field, gave the youngsters a wealth of material to whet their literary appetites.

The mock UFO crash scenario, the inspiration of imaginative staff, proved a novel and unusual theme in which to engage the pupils in writing.

Teacher Martin Van Hecke explained: “We started the day by setting the crash site up and then sealing off the building so the pupils could not get access to the field when they arrived at the school.”

During assembly, the youngsters were told the FBI wanted St Thomas’s to investigate the crash of the alien craft.

Mr. Van Hecke added: “Every class then inspected the crash site throughout the day.

"We had forensic scientists, staff in white overalls, monitoring the site and police checking who visited the site.

“Each class then did some writing around what they had found out. We had alien ‘wanted’ posters, alien languages, newspaper reports, diary entries and alien descriptions.

“The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and it also produced some exquisite writing from pupils who at times don’t always enjoy the writing process.”

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http://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/8728978.UFO_inspiration_for_pupil_writers/ pupilwriters

HIDDEN HISTORY: UFOs over Genesee County?
UFO Depiction
Published: Sunday, December 5, 2010 12:16 am

By Mark Graczyk The Daily News Online

Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a flying saucer?

Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, have been a part of the public consciousness almost from the time human beings began looking into the heavens.

The advent of manned flight and growing speculation about the possibility of life on other planets has fueled interest in UFOs. Are these objects real, fake or is there some other explanation?

Reports of flying saucers and other UFOs probably reached their peak in North America in the summer of 1947. And the Batavia area was a part of it.

Between June and September of that year, there were hundreds of reports of mysterious ''flying saucers'' or discs in at least 38 states, plus the District of Columbia and Canada. This was also the time of the famous UFO crash in Roswell, N.M., which allegedly occurred on July 3, 1947. Some believe alien creatures were on board.

Experts offered varied explanations for the flying saucer sightings, including speculation that the government was testing new, radio-controlled flying missles. Some wondered if it was reflected light from the wing tanks of fast-moving jets. Many believed the reports were largely fake while a few were convinced the UFOs were indeed of unknown origin.

The Daily News reported sightings of ''flying discs'' in the Batavia area in its July 2 edition.

Anthony M. Klinkroth of Trumbull Parkway, proprietor of the DeLuxe Dry Cleaning Company on Center Street, said he, his wife and their son spotted a ''saucer-like'' object while driving along Bethany Center Road about 9:15 p.m. on the night of June 29.

''The three of us saw it,'' Klinkroth told the newspaper. ''I didn't think too much of it at first but then when all the reports started being made across the country, I thought it worthy of note. I'd say it was about 20 to 24 inches in diameter.''

Klinkroth described the object as ''greenish blue in the center, circled by orange. There was only one. It was going so fast that when it disappeared it seemed to disintegrate. It appeared to be trailed by a haze.''

Eventually, someone offered a $1,000 reward to the person or group who could deliver a bonafide flying disc to an exposition in Los Angeles. The reward was never collected and the flying saucer craze of 1947 soon faded. But sporatic reports of mysterious objects in the sky have continued over the years. Every so often, such a report would appear on the front page of The Daily News.

In August 1965, several sightings were reported in Genesee County. A group of spectators at a ballgame at MacArthur Stadium reportedly saw a bright white object about 9:30 p.m., moving across the sky in a northerly direction.

Three other people reported seeing the same bright object one night later. Samuel Talone of Vernon Avenue said he was on a lunch break from his job at Doehler-Jarvis when he saw it about 6:50 p.m. Three others saw it in Le Roy later that evening.

Two years later, in August 1967, came one of this area's more unusual UFO sightings.

The Daily News, in its Aug. 14 edition, reported that a mysterious aircraft, similar to a ''Flying Cigar,'' was seen in the Batavia area the previous night. The object had been observed in the Rochester area two weeks prior.

''Mrs. James Elmore of Stegman Rd. near Bushville told The News that she first sighted the 'monstrous' craft as it hovered over a field next to her town of Batavia home at 10:30,'' the newspaper reported.

Mrs. Elmore said the vehicle ''had the appearance of a blimp, was about 50 feet over the ground and 'making a terrific noise.'''

Mrs. Elmore's sister, Mrs. Albert Hummel of Wade Avenue, said she saw the same object hovering over Batavia Downs that evening.

An Air Force spokesman, contacted by The Daily News, ''steadfastly denied any knowledge of such a craft, although several people south and east of Rochester reported sighting a similar craft about two weeks ago.''

Unfortunately, the mystery of the cigar-shaped UFO -- like many before it -- was never solved.

Sightings of UFOs continue to this day and the 1947 Roswell incident remains the subject of intense media interest. Have the authorities found or captured aliens from other planets? If so, is the government withholding important information from the public? Or is the whole thing just a huge hoax?

The only sure thing is that we'll continue to hear reports of more UFOs in the years to come.

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Archived Case of the Week

1971, The Delphos Kansas UFO Landing Ring
UFO Casebook depiction, Delphos Ring
A very credible UFO encounter occurred in the small town of Delphos, Kansas in 1971. This case has never been debunked, and is still considered as one of the very best physical trace cases involving a UFO landing.

Sixteen year old Ron Johnson, along with his dog Snowball, was tending the family sheep when his attention was suddenly drawn to a mushroom-shaped UFO appearing in the night sky.

The flying object, metallic with multi-colored lights, was hovering approximately 75 feet away from Ron among some trees. Johnson estimated the craft was only a few feet above the ground. He estimated the crafts diameter at 6-8 feet.

Stunned by what he was looking at, he tried to get a closer look, but the brilliant luminance of the craft did not allow him to make out any additional details. Ron described the craft as making a loud sound, "like an old washing machine which vibrates."

The glow of the objects bottom increased as it began to rise up into the sky. Ron would later state that he was temporarily blinded by the brightness of the craft as it ascended.

After he regained his sight and composure, he ran back to the family house to alert his mother and father, Erma and Durel. The bright, glowing object was now even higher in the sky.

Ron's parents came running around the side of the house to get a glimpse of the unusual phenomena. They arrived just in time to see the object, now big as the full moon, as it disappeared from view.

The three Johnsons were shocked to see a glowing ring on the ground, right below where the craft had hovered. There was also a glowing material on some of the trees nearby. Family members would agree that the ground around the glow "felt strange, like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallized."

Ron's mother's fingers went numb, like she had been given a local anesthetic. After they were sure the craft was not returning, the family settled down for the night.

When dawn broke the next day, the family immediately returned to the sight of the glowing ring, and to their surprise, it was still there! The inside and outside of the ring was damp from a rain shower, but the exterior of the ring was amazingly dry. The ring had a crusty appearance, as though the rain had simply ran off, leaving it bone dry.

Slightly over a month later, after a snow fall, the white ice had melted both inside and outside of the ring, but the ring itself maintained the snow drift. Investigators experimented with the ring by removing snow from a section of it, and pouring water on the exposed part. The soil would not allow the water to pass through.

The Johnsons told their story to the local newspaper, The Delphos Republican. Reporter Thaddia Smith, along with several members of her family, drove back out with the Johnsons to see the site of the UFO landing and the strange ring. Smith's report was as follows:

"The circle was still very distinct and plain to see. the soil was dried and crusted. The circle or ring was approximately 8 feet across, the center of the ring and the outside area were still muddy from recent rains. The area of the ring that was dried was about a foot across and was very light in color.

The object had crushed a dead tree to the ground either when it landed or took off, and from appearance had broken a limb of a live tree when it landed. the broken limb was most unusual, it would snap and break as though it had been dead for quite some time, yet it was green under the bark, and the upper area still had green leaves clinging to its branches.

However the lower area looked as though it had been blistered and had a whitish cast. "

Later the same day, Sheriff Enlow, Undersheriff Harlan Enlow, and Kansas State Highway Patrolman Kenneth Yager investigated the ring after being alerted to the factis of the case by Thaddia Smith. Harlan Enlow filed this report:

"...we observed a ring shaped somewhat like a doughnut with a hole in the middle. The ring was completely dry with a hole in the middle and outside of the ring mud. There were limbs broken from a tree and a dead tree broken off there. There was a slight discoloration on the trees."

Further experimentation showed the ground under the ring to be dry to a depth of one foot. The ring itself was composed of a whitish substance, which was sent to a laboratory for analysis. The findings were as follows:

[it was resolved into fibers which] was vegetal in nature and belonged to an organism of the order of Actinomycetales, which is an intermediate organism between bacteria and fungus... family actiniomycete, genus Nocardia... [and is] often found together with a fungus of the order Basidomycetes, which may flouresce under certain conditions... one possible interpretation is that high energy stimulation triggered the spectacular growth of the Nocardia and of an existing fungus, and caused the latter to flouresce.

There would also be another witness to corroborate Ron Johnson's account of the UFO. Sheriff Enlow told the press;

"On 11-03-71 Mr. Lester Ensbarger of 416 Argyle St. in Minneapolis advised Deputy Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at approx. 7:30 p.m. 11-02-71 he had observed a bright light descending in the sky in the Delphos area."

The experience of Ron Johnson is still considered as one of the best documented "ground trace" UFO cases of the past century, and is still unexplainable by any conventional or earthly means.

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