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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 540, Issue date, 12-17-12

Strange Lights Sighted in Brooklyn Spark Debate on UFOs
UFOs over Brooklyn
Published: 12:46 PM 12/15/2012

Agency: ANI

Three supposedly mysterious lights drifted across Brooklyn after sundown on 3rd December, and an amateur video – shot from Prospect Heights – of the trio of moving lights prompted online speculation that the “sighting” is linked to a series of alleged “UFOs” hovering over major US cities.

Some believe these objects to be a prelude to the supposed destruction of the world on December 21 - the date Mayan apocalypse believers think the world will end.

“This is the second time in Brooklyn we’re seeing round orbs in the air. Look those two are in perfect formation right there!

This is freaking me out... Unidentified flying objects again over Brooklyn,” the New York Daily news quoted one man as saying in the video." According to astounded observers, who stood at the intersection of Vanderbilt Ave. and Dean St, “three orbs glowing like fire” were “flying in perfect formation.

The three alleged “UFOs” stopped in sync before disappearing.

“That’s not Chinese lanterns,” another person can be heard saying.

Some skeptics, on the other hand, would beg to differ. Amateur ufologists routinely mistake sky lanterns (airborne paper lanterns) for UFOs.

Another amateur cameraperson recorded an alleged “UFO sighting” in San Francisco’s Mission District in the early morning hours of December 9.

The lights supposedly coordinated motions added more credence to the pre-Mayan apocalypse sightings, in the eyes of some believers.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/brooklynlightssparkdebate.html

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The Case for Human Time Travelers by Diane Tessman
Published: 11:18 AM 12/11/2012

The one stumbling block in the argument that some UFO occupants might be human time travelers is that science stated many years ago that time travel is impossible; in fact, it was Albert Einstein who stated that time travel can’t happen because you can’t go faster than the speed of light.

In 2012, we can only watch in wonder and dread as high tech and advanced quantum science obliterate the old “can’t be done” taboos. Specifically, our own military has and is experimenting with “time reassignment” as one possible way to travel time, bypassing the “speed of light” barrier. If you saw the film “Source Code,” you know that a dying combat pilot was hooked into a quantum computer (that’s the closest I can describe it), and was able to “be” in another place and time in order to stop a terrorist attack.

He could only stay for a few moments but after all, time reassignment, even in this fictional film, is in its infancy. Give us another hundred years and see how the quantum manipulation called time reassignment has progressed!

Art I am not attempting to tackle the specifics of how time travel can be done. I only state that it is fact that this one method of being “else-when” in time has and is being experimented with already, and there are other astounding, seemingly do-able theories these days on how to make a short cut through the “speed of light” problem; it is similar to the old analogy of an ant not traveling around the vinyl 78 rpm photograph record, but going through the hole in the center.

The final word regarding time reassignment specifically, it would seem that a time-craft with future humans aboard (or at least with the minds of future humans aboard), would blink into existence in 2012, stay for a while, and then blink out, because time reassignment seems to be limited by (ironically) a time limit.

In the film Source Code which was based on the experiments done by our military, the mind of the dying pilot manifested (he perceived himself), as aboard the train (target of terrorism), but his mind could only stay there for a few minutes. So, is it a clue that time travel is involved when UFOs suddenly blink out of existence? It makes more sense that something like time reassignment is involved in some sightings than it being a nuts and bolts alien craft which zooms around and which has no real reason or need to “blink out” at that particular moment. Something to keep in mind, too, is that the predicted coming “Singularity” by 2035 wherein humans are enhanced with computer intelligence, lends itself to the likelihood of humans figuring out time travel and being able to physically do it.

If we become androids, we can do a lot of things we can’t do as frail organic beings. Are future humans androids or similar? Obviously, I do not know. I hope they overcame domination by high tech and remained human but that’s just my opinion.

Art If humans have found the secret of time travel, they might travel back to the beginning of human civilization to plant the seeds of culture and enlightenment like the ancient astronauts did. As well, future humans might show concern as Earth faces a drastic climate crisis in 2012 and as human civilization falls into the predictable pitfall of adjusting to high tech while functioning at a relatively low level of spirituality.

I do think it makes sense that humans reached back to spread civilization and to begin human progress in the ancient astronaut days and that it could well be future humans very concerned about 2012 as well; why would actual aliens bother with all this? However, I never exclude the presence of extraterrestrials from far distant planets; the point of this article is not to do that.

What is the case for some UFO occupants being future humans?

Future humans have the greatest vested interest in this planet, therefore they have been patient but determined in maintaining their presence in those UFOs.

UFO occupants have turned off and on nuclear missile codes, clearly indicating that it is dangerous to the planet itself to have nuclear weapons; nuclear missiles are never fully under control. UFO occupants are now seemingly concerned about the health of Planet Earth; they are constantly around taking samples or checking on—something. The UFO occupants seem to feel they have a rightful vested interest in Earth herself.

Art However, UFO occupants also keep their distance in most cases and maintain relative silence. To me, this is the biggest reason why some UFO occupants are future humans. If you were an extraterrestrial, just arrived through the wormhole from your planet thousands of light years away, you certainly would check out Earth. You would hang around awhile; you would see who was in charge – not so much in the present civilization on the ground but in charge of the skies and space above Earth.

I believe future humans would have the automatic right to be in charge of UFO activity, so to speak. It is their planet.

But then, as an ET, you would probably travel on. In all the years you surveyed Earth, you did not conquer Earth for her resources; perhaps you were restricted from doing so by those who control Earth space (future humans), but perhaps you are advanced, enlightened life forms who didn’t want to conquer anything. You can find the resources you need on plenty of vacant asteroids, moons, planets – if your own planet has run out. Eventually, you would travel on to explore other strange new worlds.

If you are an ET race who is aggressive, you have never staged an invasion. Is there a “ruling power” which protects Earth, whether it is 2350 or 2012? Might this “ruling power” be future humans? My point is the existence of future humans in our skies makes a lot of sense when you look at the reality of what is. The reality is – the conditions I have mentioned above.

This is the reality of UFOs in our skies: They stay, year after year after year. They were prevalent at the foundation of our species’ civilization and again at this time when we face our biggest crisis.

Finally, if I was an ET, I would come down and introduce myself by now, or travel on. My visit to Earth would be relatively simple in terms of human history; humans thought I didn’t exist but, oh goodness, I do exist! However, if I were a future human, I would really hesitate – as UFO occupants have and do – to meet with the current (old-time) humans.

The implications are staggering. Can future humans tell us if we need to keep fighting in Afghanistan or get the hell out now? Can future humans tell us that when we left Afghanistan, the Taliban took over and murdered thousands of women seeking their place as equal human beings? Or can they tell us that because we stayed in Afghanistan, Pakistan eventually set off its nuclear weapons? Yes, this is the stuff of science fiction alternate realities and “Afghanistan” is only my example of the millions – billions – of alternate reality confusions.

On top of that, who is in charge, really? Is it our 2012 president and world leaders? Or, do future humans know they are ultimately in charge of Earth’s fate? Do they not follow our 2012 laws at all? Can they stop assassinations or wars – will they?

Can they take John Smith back in time, just squeeze him into their time ship, and he can be 13 again and not start smoking so he does not have cancer by 2012? Can they give me the winning lottery number, please? Because of all this and much more which I can’t even express or think of, future humans keep their distance. UFO occupants keep their distance. Coincidence?

And what year are they from? 2350 like Star Trek or the year 3,000,010?

Of course once you find the secret to time travel, are you really locked into being from this year or that year? For us – still locked into “time” being as solid as cement, we cannot fathom it at all. If we were to know about future humans – really know – would some of us simply go mad?

I’m not really being funny here. Is it beyond our ability to comprehend and thus to adapt? I feel that we can adapt as a human race because, obviously if future humans are here, we did adapt and continue to flourish. Beyond that, the human race would not still exist if not capable of change and adaptation. This is one of our best attributes!

Will some event or events – like planet-wide catastrophes – force UFO occupants to manifest, probably in order to save the day or to save some humans or somehow interfere in the destruction of the planet? A powerful solar flare, a super-volcano eruption, a nuclear confrontation and—there goes our future entirely.

Can future humans stop our (and their) doomsday? Is that what they are hanging around for? It seems future humans would have the best reason to be involved, to get us over the hump of catastrophic events if need be, and into better days. Am I just daydreaming of being saved by future humans?

No, I feel there is strong logical evidence for their existence and presence in our skies. And after all, we do know that UFOs are here, so the next step is, who has the best reason – a real purpose – for being here?

Exo-Trekking is my free online UFO newsletter. Sign up at info@earthchangepredictions.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/timetravelertessman.html

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Submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

UFO Activity Terrifies Texas Witnesses
UFO Photo
Published: 12:40 PM 12/15/2012

A Texas resident's son and his uncle were outside watching shooting stars as noted on a MUFON report.

It was apparently soon after that all of a sudden this UFO activity appeared out of nowhere with no tail (like a shooting star should have) and was quite brighter than anything they had seen that night.

The sighting took place on 14 December 2012.

The witness reported the direction of the UFO activity.

"It went in a sharp NE direction stopped and hovered."

The object changed direction and travelled backwards. Then it hovered again for aproximately 1 minute and then shot off this time leaving a "u" shaped cloud.

"My terrified son called me at work. He is 11. I told him to send me the pictured thinking it was a shooting star and I could let him know it was okay."

The object appeared to have been consistent with a UFO.

"After seeing the pictures and realizing there was no way he could have got so many pictures of a moving star I realized it may be something else.

"The cloud of smoke left clearly looks like it was ingaging back into space. I am (was) a non believer but these photos are sure strange."

The 11-year old witness took photos.

Diverse UFO sightings have been reported in Texas.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/texaswitness.html

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Unidentified Object Photographed over Ashville, North Carolina
Published: 1:01 PM 12/15/2012

Ashville, North Carolina - 11-20-12

On Tuesday, November 20, 2012, late afternoon (between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. EST), while in the parking lot of a grocery store, I looked up in the clear sky at the moon.

I saw a bright, point-sized object moving near the moon. I thought it was odd that it was not leaving a contrail, so I took out my camera and took several pictures at maximum optical zoom (5x).

I estimate the moon was at azimuth 90 degrees and altitude 70 degrees. It took the object about 2 minutes to transit the sky.

It was at about azimuth 0 degrees and altitude 15 degrees when it moved behind some trees and I lost sight of it. The object made no sound.

Considering its size and appearance through my camera at 5x zoom, I would guestimate its height to be jetliner height, size unknown, but it had to be large and distant.

The object was solid with three sections: a glowing section to the left, a glowing section to the right, and a vertical section rising up where the other two joined, like a dragonfly shape.

The glowing sections glowed with a brilliant white light with yellow-orange or yellow-red around the edges. I saw no other objects or aircraft in the sky.

Ashville, North Carolina - 11-20-12

(click on image for full size)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ashvillenorthcarolina.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

No British Charges for UFO Hacker McKinnon
Gary Mckinnon
Published: 12:32 PM 12/15/2012

BRITISH prosecutors say Gary McKinnon, a hacker wanted in the United States for breaking into military computer systems, will face no further criminal charges in the UK.

Mr McKinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome, had waged a 10-year legal battle against extradition to the US which finally ended in October when Britain said it would not extradite him because of a high risk he would attempt suicide.

On Friday, Britain's Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said the 46-year-old would face no charges in the UK because the chances of a successful conviction were "not high".

Mr McKinnon had admitted accessing US government computers but claimed he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

He was arrested in London in 2002 for hacking into dozens of Pentagon and NASA computers, leaving 300 machines at a naval air station immobilised just after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

He could have faced up to 60 years in a US jail for the breaches, which the United States says caused $US 800,000 ($763,320) worth of damage.

The hacker lost appeals in Britain's House of Lords and the European Court of Human Rights during his decade-long fight.

He was diagnosed in 2007 with Asperger's, a form of autism, after an expert on the condition watched him in a television interview and contacted McKinnon's lawyer.

British interior minister Theresa May finally rejected US demands to extradite him in October on the grounds this would breach his human rights as he was "seriously ill", but he still faced possible prosecution in Britain until today.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/mckinnonnocharges.html

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Archived Case of the Week

The Legends of UFO Crashes at Spitzbergen, Norway, 1946 & 1952
There have been numerous legends about UFO crashes; some of them have quite a bit of documentation and eyewitness testimony. Others are based mostly on legend and folklore. Many people even travel and book hotels nearby sightings to continue investigating.

Two of these crashes alleged occurred in or near Spitzbergen, Norway. However, there is just not enough verifiable evidence to support either of these events, and here are the reasons:

1946 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The 1946 case, more than anything else, is memorable for its characters. The legend goes something like this; In 1946, General James H. Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the Shell Oil Company, supposedly to investigate the mystery of the "Ghost Rockets."

Why an oil company would investigate UFOs is beyond my understanding; unless they felt they could strengthen their profits somehow.

Somehow, Doolittle supposedly wound up in Spitzbergen. There are a number of Internet sites which claim that there was a short-lived article published in America of a UFO crash in the Norwegian city about this time.

Some people claim to have seen the article. The really odd thing about the tale of this case is what does Doolittle have to do with anything, since he is only mentioned as being in the area, and that is the end of his involvement.

The only redeeming part of this particular case is that it was reported by Dorothy Kilgallen, celebrity for her years appearing on the "What's My Line?" TV game show. She claimed that someone in the upper echelon of the British government informed her that a UFO had crashed near Spitzbergen, and was under investigation by the British and American military.

Supposedly, this informant was Lord Mountbatten.

Some investigators claim that since no mention of the name Spitzbergen was found in the reports, that the location's mention was to cover up a crash in Great Britain. A crash in Great Britain during the same time period has no basis in fact either.

Dorothy Kilgallen

In addition to being a game show regular, Kilgallen also was a journalist of a sort, having written "gossip columns," but she also was well known for covering hard current events. She had covered the headline-grabbing Lindbergh kidnapping story.

In the 1950s, she had covered one of the top stories of her time, the Sam Sheppard murder trial.

Her last real claim to fame was in the 1960s when she got an interview with Lee Harvey Oswald killer, Jack Ruby. This interview was carried by the "Los Angeles Examiner." She told friends that she had information that would "break the case wide open."

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates.

The notes of her interview with Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared.

Luckily, she had given a friend a draft of her interview. Kilgallen was probably fearful for her own life, since several other writers who had worked on the Oswald / Ruby case had died under "unusual circumstances."

Kilgallen's reputation and notoriety was the only thing that kept the weak story of the Spitzbergen crash of 1946 alive. The last hope of further research into the Norwegian crash died along with her, as her sources were never verified.

Spitzbergen 1946 written by B J Booth

1952 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The other Spitzbergen crash story first appeared in the German newspaper “Saarbrücker Zeitung” in June 1952. The article, entitled "Auf Spitzbergen landete Fliegende Untertasse", was soon picked up by several other German newspapers, with many of them citing “The Stuttgarter Tagerblatt” as the original source.

The story was that jets of the Norwegian Air Force spotted a crashed UFO while flying over Spitzbergen on maneuvers. The craft was disc-shaped with a series of jets around the rim of the disc to make it spin.

According to the first article about the crash, the craft was an unmanned, remote-controlled vehicle with Russian writing on the controls, but as the story was embellished with each retelling, it soon acquired seven alien crewmen who were burned to death in the crash.

Spitzbergen 1952 written by Loy Lawhon


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