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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 389, Issue date, 12-21-09

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Evidence Suggests Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth throughout Human History
Published: 1:28 PM 12/19/2009

The Canadian National Newspaper Exopolitics Headlines

by Al Kay

The history of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth may be millions of years old. Surely, aliens inhabited Earth eons before mankind evolved to be the dominant species. This fact is supported by archaeological finds of technological devices that defy explanation yet are dated to be millions of years old. Space travelers from advanced civilisations have explored the Universe in crafts that have mastered the time/space dimensions.

Considering the strides humans have accomplished in space travel within the past few decades, it seems quite reasonable that ET races that are millions or maybe billions of years old have achieved exponential leaps, technologically speaking, in traversing the vastness of outer space. No doubt, they utilize the electromagnetic, light and nuclear energy inherent in space.

The present ET presence on Earth is quite an enigma. UFOlogists are perplexed about the ET agenda and the physics of their spacecraft I’ve explored various aspects of this topic for over ten years: types of craft — terrestrial vs. extraterrestrial; alien abductions and genetic experiments/ hybrid breeding; contactee experience; crop circles; manipulative vs. ethical ETs; Men in Black; and governments position on the ET presence.

I have not had direct contact with aliens. In 1997, in Taos, New Mexico, while outdoors at 10:30pm, I encountered an orb or ball of light. I saw an intense bluish-white globe in the middle of the foothills, about three miles distance. Mesmerized by the basketball-sized orb, it zoomed towards me and hovered 75 feet up within twenty-five yards.

I stared in amazement for less than a minute, then it vanished. No drugs or booze involved! I was alone. Over the past decade, in different locales, I’ve seen at least a dozen unusual stationary/silent lights doing erratic manoeuvres at various distances. I viewed through binoculars an encounter between military jets and an oblong UFO in airspace over Los Alamos Weapons facility in New Mexico.

Later I discovered battles between military jets and UFOs are not uncommon. I attribute my sightings to the fact that I’m receptive to knowing about UFOs and ETs.

Entering the realm of UFOlogy is akin to exploring an endless, convoluted maze of twists and turns, and dead-ends. In many ways, alien activity mirrors the gamut of human behaviour, which spans the spectrum from the horrific to the terrific. On the horrific side is non-consensual manipulation of humans — physically and psychologically. Many abductees experience amnesia, physical ailments, invasive experiments, bodily implants, and are severely traumatized by the abduction experience.

Some victims have died from cancer and leukemia. Manipulative aliens program the human mind to forget being abducted, although some abductees have undergone hypnotic regression to recall otherwise repressed memories of the experience. Dr. Roger Lear has surgically removed alien implants from abductees.

Telltale signs of bodily implants are unusual scoop marks or scars that suddenly appear, chronic nosebleed, ringing in the ears, vertigo, hearing internal voices from an outside source, nightmares of visitation, missing time, and/or conscious memory of alien visitation. Aliens can metamorphosize human anatomy causing a body to permeate solid objects, like a wall or door. Bystanders are immobilized and experience time loss with no recall.

Not all abductee experiences are entirely negative. Some people report heightened psychic abilities, rapport with their counterparts after overcoming initial trauma, increased awareness concerning world events, and a sense of responsibility in solving global social problems. Some abductees are told prophetic messages about prospective, catastrophic events. Alien abductions usually run in families with several generations having the experience.

Perhaps aliens keep a chronology of their genetic experiments. When asked by abductees why aliens perform genetic experiments, aliens respond it is to ensure the survival of humanity. Aliens seem to be concerned that humanity is on the verge of extinction. With the possibility of nuclear holocaust or ecological collapse, that isn’t too far fetched!

Not all ET contacts appear to be selfishly motivated. If you want to avoid abduction, then call upon God, Jesus, a saint, your guardian angels, some other deity, or simply will it and mean it. Negative thinking and behaviour may invite negative energy. Thoughts are powerful, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

Physical contact with ethical ETs is less common than abductions. Apparent Ethical ETs seemingly prefer telepathic communciation through channels, mediums, or psychically sensitive individuals. Sightings of UFOs are becoming more common throughout the world. Since governments may be involved in back engineering crashed ET vehicles, there is no way to know for sure if an unusual craft is terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin.

UFOlogists are divided on this issue. Some claim all UFOs are government black-ops projects, whereas the other side insists all UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. Self-serving aliens may be assisting governments with advanced spacecraft and technology. Contact with ethical ETs has been alleged by some people — Bill Meier and Betty Andreasson, for example. Also, channelled information from alleged ethical ETs conveys spiritual messages about brotherly love, living in harmony with nature, and benign technology that aliens will share with humanity when the time is right.

Since the prevailing position on the part of authority is one of hostility and aggression towards ethical ETs, progress towards global peace, prosperity, and ecological harmony is at a standstill. Humanity can substantially benefit from ethical ET contact by learning more about it and being receptive to personal experiences.

Even the Pope recently acknowledged that it is not contrary to Christian theology to embrace cosmic consciousness towards benevolent space brothers. It is going to take a revolutionary step forward on the part of humankind to progress towards this lofty yet essential challenge.

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New Zealand Reader Chronicles Close Encounter
Depiction of Female Alien
Published: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Sir, I have read many of your reader's experiences. Because of your presentation, I have decided to come forward with a personal event that happened to me in 1987 while living in New Zealand. You have my permission to post this for your readers."

"One January morning, I set off on what should have been no more than a 3 hour drive to Auckland, NZ. I arrived at my destination feeling extremely tired and confused. When I went to the hotel front desk to check in, I was told that I had no room reservation. Then, after the desk clerk checked the records, I was stunned to learn that I had lost 5 days and had no idea where I had been."

"Luckily, there was a vacancy, so I checked in and went right to the room. After a quick shower and a bite to eat, I decided to grab a nap. I laid there wondering what had happened to me and that I may as well drive back home because I missed all of the appointments I had scheduled."

"Eventually, I drifted off to sleep but would wake up every hour or so feeling nervous and helpless. The next day, I drove back home. After a few days, though, I continued to experience extreme anxiety. I called my GP and was able to see him the next day. I didn't tell the doctor about my experience but did explain my nervousness and lack of sleep."

"Sensing this was more than a physical ailment, he suggested I see a anxiety therapist. After several sessions with the therapist, who I confided in about the lost time, I was recommended to a psychologist who had dealt with this phenomena before."

"A week later, I went to see the psychologist. As soon as I saw him, I had an instinctive feeling this was going to be an unusual session. He was fairly young with short blonde hair. His mannerisms were unlike those of any person I have ever met though, I just couldn't put a finger on why I felt this way."

"I sat down in a large leather chair directly facing the doctor. He stared at me for almost a minute, then smiled and asked me to tell him what I remembered."

"All of a sudden, a large flash seemed to hit me in the face and I was able to remember being escorted on board a huge craft by a tall and thin female dressed in a dark gray leotard. Her body features were human-like, similar figure with hips and breasts but a slightly larger head."

"Her nose, mouth, ears and hair looked human-like but her eyes were large and round with onyx black pupils. I suppose she could be termed as a 'humanoid'. She directed me to a room where I was told (in English) to wait."

"Soon, I was approached by three other humanoids, one tall, looking like the previous female humanoid, the second a bit shorter and was male. The third was a very short and stout male and walked ahead of the other two. All three had similar facial features except the short, stout humanoid had a small mouth and nose.

I was struck with an almost overpowering feeling of his presence as if he possessed an energy that was being projected then reabsorbed by his body. The short humanoid said, "welcome" and told me that he was the designated “guardian” of this section. The humanoids seemed to communicate to each other by using telepathy and various hand motions." "I was shown another "world" and arrived at a huge metropolis, which was very neat and orderly. I noticed when the craft landed that the city lacked any tall buildings and most of the buildings were pyramid shaped dwellings and made of what appeared to be a transparent but tinted material.

"I was taken to a residential area with children who were playing just like human children. The buildings here where cylinder shaped and opaque. The color inside the buildings was mostly a bright white with a touch of silver, gray and red inside. A soft light seemed to radiate from everything and all the residents seemed so peaceful."

"After what seemed like a few minutes, I remember sitting in my car parked in front of the hotel in Auckland. Then I hear the words "is that everything?". I opened my eyes and looked directly at the doctor, but this time he had transformed into the small, stout humanoid wearing a business suit. He simply said "hello... did you enjoy your journey" and I attempted to reply but could not speak. Then he told me to wait here and walked through a side door in the office."

"Several minutes later, the secretary walked in, shocked when she saw me and inquired to who I was and why I was in the doctor's office. I told her that the doctor had just left. She gave me the oddest look, then told me the doctor was out all day on an emergency. She then asked if I would care to reschedule an appointment. Still taken aback, I replied that I would call back later."

"I never have figured out how I got in the psychologist's office and why the small, stout humanoid confronted me there. Since that time, I have never had another experience."

"I wonder if others have had a similar encounter?"


NOTE: I (http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/) received this email today. "D" would like to hear from other people who have had a similar experience. I can forward the inquiries to him or you can post your comments. BTW, the image was provided by "D". He states this is the best representation of the female humanoid he has been able to find...Lon

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Triangular Lights Seen over Missouri
Published: 4:57 PM 12/16/2009

Missouri - 12-15-09

On December 15, 2009, at 4:49 PM, I saw a large triangular UFO flying over Las Vegas. I was driving north on Hualapi Rd, while stopped at the traffic light on Hualapi and Alta Dr.

I saw what looked like a "flying saucer" with revolving lights in the distance over the mountains to the northwest of my car. Almost immediately, it was close enough to see that it was triangular in shape with flashing lights.

As it descended, I believe that the lights stopped flashing and it looked exactly like the often broadcast video of the "Phoenix Lights," except that it was not completely dark outside yet here like it was in Phoenix when that video was taken.

I have heard that the "Phoenix Lights" was caused by military flares, so I was looking for smoke coming from the lights and there was none. I also noticed that it was no longer descending and just hovering, so I ruled out flares.

This entire part of the sighting from the time I first noticed it until I concluded that it was just hovering, took probably no more than 20 seconds, if that. And then "poof" it was gone.

The traffic light changed, I continued north on Hualapi and there it was again outside my driver's side window, but only for a second and then "poof" it was once again ahead of my car, but a bit farther east than the first time I saw it.

I pulled my car over to the right lane, stopped, put on my hazard lights, grabbed my I-phone, and tried to take a picture of it. It vanished once again right as I clicked the camera and I only got the fading of the last light and you have to look really hard to even see that.

Immediately, it was far away in the northwest sky, much lower than my first sighting. I decided to chase it down to get a good photo of it. I had to look down to turn off my hazard lights, and when I looked back up at where it had been it was gone.

I drove up to the highest place I could think of with a good view of the city and waited about a half hour but I never saw it again.

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North Wales UFOs will Remain a Mystery
Published: Published date: 17 December 2009

by: Natalie Jones

THINK you’ve spotted a UFO? Then don’t call the Ministry of Defence - its UFO hotline has closed. The MoD department that investigated sightings within the UK closed on December 1 after 60 years.

MoD chiefs made the decision to close the £50,000-a-year department, established in 1950, after deciding that investigating sightings were “an inappropriate use of defence resources”.

“The MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life,” said their statement. “However, in over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.

“The MoD has no specific capability for identifying the nature of such sightings. Furthermore, responding to reported UFO sightings diverts MoD resources from tasks that are relevant to Defence.”

On December 1 the dedicated UFO hotline answer-phone service and e-mail address were withdrawn. And the MoD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them.

The ongoing programme to release Departmental files on UFO matters to the National Archive will continue.

MYSTERIOUS goings-on have blighted North Wales for many years, with unidentified objects regularly reported across the night sky.

The most famous story is the suspected UFO crash, that happened 35 years-ago on January 23, 1974 in the Berwyn Mountains.

Dozens of witnesses across Lancashire and Cheshire phoned the police that evening after seeing a strange formation of green lights flying erratically over the skies.

Then at 8.38pm something impacted into the Berwyn Mountains and the resulting tremor - which measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale - was felt in Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool and some areas of Manchester.

A nurse who lived near the scene of the impact was reported to have said that a flying saucer ‘the size of the Albert Hall’ had smashed into a mountain, throwing debris and bodies for over a mile.

The reports also said she walked up to a body, and realised it wasn’t human, but before she could describe what she had seen, two MoD officials ordered her to remain silent.

But 34 years later the nurse put the record straight in an exclusive interview with the Free Press.

“All these reports are a load of rubbish. I did not see any bodies and no-one stopped me,” said the nurse.

“We heard this almighty tremor, the house shook, we thought an aircraft had crashed, and being a nurse I thought I could help.”

Confidential Ministry of Defence files on Unidentified Flying Objects have since been made public.

But none have come to light surrounding the incident on the Berwyn Mountains in 1974.

The incident is only the latest in a long history of UFO sightings across Denbighshire and the surrounding counties over the last 50 years.

Last November a Vale of Clwyd housewife was startled by weird shapes in the sky over Ruthin. The woman was travelling to Ruthin and stopped her car after seeing strange lights in the sky.

“I was driving near the roundabout at Tesco and saw lights in the sky,” she said. “I was expecting them to be fireworks, so I was waiting for the bang or shower of colour, but nothing happened.

“They were moving, ever so slowly.

“When I got to my destination I got out of the car and saw them, there were about seven or eight of them, they were closer by now. And there was no noise whatsoever,” she added.

Last October, Sally Gavin of Llanynys was spending an evening with her boyfriend watching a film when they spotted a very bright white flashing light just above Moel Famau Country Park.

According to Sally: “It grew wider and wider and consisted of three lights which flashed on and off like Christmas tree lights before disappearing.

“I called a friend who lives in Gellifor and would have a better view and he confirmed that he, too, could see the red light.”

Five people, including Sally’s brother-in-law, saw the strange light and reported the details to North Wales Police who told them it might have been caused by the Army or someone out hunting.

But Sally is sure this wasn’t the case.

“It definitely wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. The lights were far to big and bright,” she said.

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Man Shares His Experiences with Aliens
Published: 10:41 AM 12/14/2009

My name is Frank and I am going to tell you about my experiences with the malevolent grays. I am also going to elaborate on my life's experiences thus far. I want you to know I do not like these beings, nor have I ever welcomed them into my home.

If it was up to me I would destroy this particular race of grays and their puppet masters... the lizards (Draconian). I have had many "weird" experiences throughout the course of my life. It all started when I was a young child around the age of 4.

I would wake up at night only to be paralyzed and extremely afraid. I could always sense a presence in the room with me. As a child I would try and scream, but could not make any sound. I would see an outline of a figure, then quickly close my eyes.

I would even feel hands on me and my body moving as if I was floating, but I always kept my eyes closed. Soon afterwars, I would feel my self drift off into unconsciousness, only to awake in the morning. I would soon try and forget the experience and go about whatever a child does in day to day life.

As I got older I learned about sleep paralysis, which was the scientific explanation of many abduction cases. So this information came to me as a relief, I finally had an explanation as to why this was happening to me... or so I thought. Into my teen years I would have these episodes and it became quite routine for me.

I would wake up paralyzed, even feeling the presence in the room and movement around me. I would just try and fall back to sleep thinking "go to bed it's just sleep paralysis." I remember a specific event when I awoke shaking violently and almost choking. During this shaking and trying to catch my breath, I again saw the dark figure in my room and it disappeared.

It was tall and I remember thinking I was seeing my stepfather’s ghost since he recently passed away in the house we lived in. My experiences began to evolve into waking up paralyzed with a loud buzzing sound and sensation all over my body. The vibration would get very intense when I tried to move and I would hear and feel a snap right above my head.

Soon after the snap I would black out. I would wake up in the morning so confused... "What the hell is going on?" I would say to my self. I did more research and discovered astral travel in 2007, the concept of leaving your body and traversing the earth and other dimensions in your astral body.

Many of the sensations right before you leave the body include buzzing, paralysis, popping/snapping sound around the forehead, and awareness of inner dimensional beings.

It is explained that every human does this nightly whether aware of the events or not. It is also explained that if you practice meditation techniques one can develop control of the astral body from a conscious state. So here we go again - I thought I had found another explanation for my new experiences at night.

I figured since I have been meditating consistently 1-3 years, I was becoming more aware of higher self i.e. astral body. These experiences were just me becoming conscious of leaving my body at night, or at least being aware of the detachment process... or so I thought.

It was in 2008 when I had a string of different nightly occurrences. I awoke this time blind, I felt like my eyes were open, but all I could see was black. As I woke up I heard voices, I could not make out words, but it was not English.

In that moment I remember thinking it was my roommate messing with me or trying to wake me up. It was just my mind trying to make sense of what was going on because I soon became aware of a different presence. My body was rigid and my limbs were extended out away from my body. I had a sense of two beings above me communicating with each other.

I was beginning to get very angry because I felt like I was being violated. The very next thing I remember is feeling what I can only describe as a punch to the testicles. It made my whole body hurt, I could feel it all the way up my spine and in my head. The next thing I remember is losing consciousness.

I woke up in the morning very tired and still very disturbed. At that moment I knew someone had done something to me, but I had no clue what. I read stories about the grays and the Draconian agenda. I have been a believer my whole life, but at the same time a skeptic.

I tried to give scientific explanations to all my experiences up until that point. I started to consider abduction as I thought back on my life and all the things that happened up until that point. So now I'm thinking "great, I'm an abductee and they want my sperm."

I just never wanted to believe that I have been visited my whole life by these bastards. I do not believe they are here for the betterment of humanity. They are here to manipulate and control us for their benefit, these types of grays are mostly soul less organisms.

In a nut shell, they work for their designers to gather DNA from humans to try and create a hybrid race. Their race is dying and they are trying to cross breed human genetics because we are rich in genetic diversity. At least that's my take on what's going.

I was still skepticcal only because I didn't have physical proof ,and I never laid my eyes on one long enough to get a good look. It has always been a figure and I close my eyes because I'm too afraid or I can't see at all. Then I had what I call the night of proof. I do not doubt what I saw, nor will I ever revoke what I am about to tell you.

This night was 3 weeks after I had the experience in my room with the voices and punch sensation to my groin, (February 9, 2008). I fell asleep in my basement with the TV on. I awoke like many other nights, paralyzed. I was laying on my back with the TV to the right of me.

This time was different - I was calm and I kept my eyes open, my line of sight was in the direction my head was facing. I could see the reflection of the TV light flickering against the darkness of the room. Then I saw a short black being float around the couch I was laying on and stop at about my knees.

At first I just stared at its eyes, and I could tell it was wearing some kind of black suit. It was small and had more of a round head with some type of mask on it - also was very short, 3-4 ft tall. I tried reaching out to it ,but I could not move or speak whatsoever.

I believe it was hypnotizing me or using some type telepathic manipulation. I remember feeling like I wanted to rip its head off - my rage grew the more I looked at it. Then I realized there was another one to the left of me. Aall I could see was its arms and hands.

As soon as I noticed the others presence, I felt a very painful pinch in my testicles again. I stared into this little bastard’s eyes and screamed in my mind at it, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, GET OUT!"

I lost consciousness and woke up paralyzed again. This time I was alone and I slowly regained motor skills. I still do not know exactly what is happening to me, but I know I am not the only one.

That is the last experience I have had, but I know there are more in store. I can just feel it.

Thank you for reading my story


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Submitted to UFO Casebook


1954: BOAC Airliner Encounters UFO Mother Ship
I recently gained new interest in an old UFO case, when a lady sent me an email telling me that her father, who is still alive today, was a passenger on a Boening Stratocruiser on June 29, 1954 when crew members and passengers saw seven UFOs over the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the UFOs was larger, or a mother ship, flanked by six other similar, yet smaller, unknown objects. The plane was England bound from Queens, New York.

The eyewitness of this tantalizing account worked for British Airways in a managerial position for over twenty five years and is currently retired and living in Miami. One of the very interesting aspects of this case is that eyewitnesses state that the objects morphed, or changed shapes as they paced the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954.

The plane had left Idlewild Airport, now JFK, in Queens, New York at 4:55 PM with Captain James Howard at the helm. He was an experienced pilot.

The planes route took it along the south shore of Long Island, and then north over Connecticut and Rhode Island. Dinner had passed, with some of the passengers asleep, when at 9:05 PM, Captain Howard first observed the UFOs.

He saw one large object, with six smaller UFOs. He immediately pointed out the unusual sight to his co-pilot, First Officer Lee Boyd, known for flying with the RAF Pathfinder Force during World War ll. Lee, however, had already seen the UFOs.

The objects, flying as a group, were about 5 miles from, and traveling parallel to the BOAC's flight path. The mother ship maintained the center position in the group, while the six smaller UFOs preceded and followed it, like escort and guard.

The UFO group followed the airliner for about 80 miles. From time to time, the mother ship appeared to change its shape; the six smaller UFOs changed positions as it did.

The crew contacted Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada to see if anything else was flying in their area. They received a negative response. Goose Bay sent a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter jet to investigate the BOAC sighting.

During this time, the mother ship had changed shape from its original pear shape to that of a phone receiver. Reports state that the object was the size of an ocean liner. Our eyewitness agrees with this description.

The list of witnesses grew rapidly; George Allen, navigating officer; Douglas Cox, radio officer; Dan Godfrey, engineering officer; and Bill Stewart, the other engineering officer who was also a veteran flyer with many flight hours logged aboard four-engine AVRO Lancaster bombers in World War II.

Stewardess Daphne Webster saw the UFOs, and later stated,"I have been flying for two years and have never seen anything like it before."

Objects Begin to Disappear

Shortly before the investigating jet arrived, the UFOs began to disappear. Captain Howard wondered what had happened to the unknown objects.

According to George Allen, who had been watching them the whole time, "It looked to me as though they went inside the big one."

Howard told the jet pilot that the objects had disappeared, with the mother ship moving at great speed.

The crew of 8, plus fourteen passengers had seen the UFOs for eighteen minutes, the time it took to cover the 80 miles.

Captain Howard wrote in the December 11, 1954 issue of Everybody's Weekly, "It was a solid thing. I'm sure of that, maneuverable and controlled intelligently--a sort of base ship linked somehow with those smaller attendant satellites.

There is no rational explanation--except on the basis of space ships and flying saucers. On that basis, it must have been some weird form of space ship from another world."

Left-BOAC Stratocruiser... Right-Eye Witness A. C. Ticket for Flight

(click on images for full size)

The compelling account of crew and passengers of the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954 gives us a look into the unknown... the unknown world of UFOs.

This case has never been debunked by any conventional explanation. Only one conclusion remains. Intelligently controlled vehicles of unknown origin paced and observed the BOAC airliner for eighteen minutes for reasons unknown over the Atlantic Ocean.

(B J Booth)

Eye Witness A. C. Recalls Encounter

He was sitting on the Port side of the airplane, which would have been the same side as the Captain. There was nobody sitting in the seat next to him. He remembers seeing the strange objects out of the window.

He saw one large object with a number of small objects around it. He said he thought the description by the Captain in his article in "Everybody's" of an old fashioned telephone receiver with the hearing and speaking knobs facing up was an accurate depiction of what he saw.

However, he thought they looked small from his vantage point as he had no reference in the sky to accurately determine what the size of the objects were. He remembers that the passenger in the seat in front of him was also looking out of the window at the same time and they both commented about it.

He says that he does not remember any announcement from the flight deck (cockpit) or any mention from the stewards or stewardesses (flight attendants) about the strange objects.

He recalls that on that particular airplane there was an area with several sinks where people could wash up (unlike our solitary lavatories today) and he was in that area, having a shave before arrival, when the Flight Engineer also came in to have a wash up.

It was then that my Dad asked him about the unusual sighting and they had a brief discussion about it.

My Dad was working for BOAC in New York at the time. He was 26 years old (he is now 78 years old). He had been working for BOAC for approximately two years. My parents are both from England and my Mother and sister (I wasn't born yet) had gone to England for a month to visit with family.

My Dad was on his way to England to see them and then to bring them back home with him. Traveling in those days was considered a luxury and the only reason my parents could afford to do this was because of my Dad's employment with the airline. His roundtrip ticket cost only $52.20.

Shortly after my Dad's arrival in England he called a local newspaper "The Recorder," and told them of his experience. The paper was distributed to the Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster areas. It was a weekly paper coming out on a Friday. The date of the paper where his article appeared is July 2, 1954.

On that Friday, he and my mother had gone by train from Romford to London to go to the theater and when they returned to Romford, as they were exiting the train station, there was a man on the corner selling newspapers yelling out the headline (which was customary then) "Romford Man Sees Flying Saucers"!

My Dad was quite surprised that he was the headliner and bought several of the newspapers.

(D. N.)

I would like to say a very special thanks to A. C.'s daughter and other members of their family for scanning all the images, and sending them to me. A big thanks to D. N. for being the go between in relating her father's compelling account of the events of June 29, 1954.

sources & references:

Eyewitness A. C.

D. N. daughter of A. C., and other family members


The Flying Saucer Story by Brinsley, Le Poer Trench, Ace Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1966, pages 34 to 36.)

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