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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 541, Issue date, 12-24-12

Multiple Videos Taken of Unknown Objects over Santiago, Chile
UFO Image
Published: 1:31 PM 12/21/2012

Santiago, Chile - December, 2012

On December 17/18 near Santiago, Chile, a number of unidentifed lights were seen and videotaped.

The objects made moves that seem to negate the possibility that these objects could be planes, helicopters, or any other conventional aircraft.

What is amazing about this event is that so many citizens were able to see and capture these objects with their video cameras. I have personally seen at least 8 of the videos, and there are more coming in from day to day.

Also, there are now some compilations being created, using some of the best of the best files on youtube. At times a couple of the objects seem to exhibit characteristics of an airplane, but for the most part, they do not.

I have done this myself using four of the videos. The files that I used are seen in the source and references below. Check it out and be sure to comment if you so wish.

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permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/santiagochile121812.html

source & references:





Unknown Lights Appear in Georgia Forest
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:16 PM 12/18/2012

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia - 12-14-12

I was 15 and home alone in a new housing development. I walked outside to sit on the porch because I was bored. I watched in the woods as a series of white and red lights seem to move in a stationary area in dense forest maybe 300-400 yards from me.

I thought maybe someone was driving their car in the thick forest area. The lights then changed to the most beautiful, pulsating color display of every color I've ever seen.

The object slowly rose to the top of the trees and began moving slowly toward me. I got up out of my chair and walked towards it waving my hands in the air as to get its attention.

I heard no sound coming from it and felt no fear towards it. It slowly moved above me and I began to notice the object's shape.

It was egg-shaped with three circular pieces on the bottom. The object was a bright metallic color; like a mirror surface or chromed titanium.

Its lights seemed to be in the metal and pulsed and vibrated every color imaginable like the brightest LED. That's when I noticed that the object was not just egg-shaped. There was a dark outer shell around it that somehow magnified the stars in the sky to camouflage its true shape and size.

It had black sparks shooting off around it and a few small lights trailing the object but, as it moved the stars in the camouflage seem to move in an alternate direction.

I remember thinking, "I have to get my camera!" as I turned to get it my mind went blank.

I looked up and the object was much further away than it had been seconds before at the extremely slow speed it was moving at and I was facing another direction feeling slightly confused.

My mind snapped back and I raced into my house and grabbed my video camera and darted outside chasing it as it moved in an arc straight up and accelerated very fast making no sound in a maneuver that if it had been a jet it would have easily broken the sound barrier causing a massive sonic boom.

I walked home confused about what had just happened and noticed that what I had thought to have only been a 10 minute experience had actually been more like 45 minutes.

After that, I began to become obsessed with universal geometry and the occult; two things I had not been interested in before.

I recently had an x-ray of my head and noticed a small object near my left ear that showed up brighter than the bones themselves.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/fortoglethorpegeorgia121412.html

source & references:


"Outer Space Pyrotechnics, Solar Flare Storms Coming, SOS & the Hillary Clinton UFO"
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:53 PM 12/22/2012

By Naomi Semeniuk

As our nation mourns, we hope that we can successfully avert all future tragedies & disasters that may be waiting in the wings! None of the networks are broadcasting or care to broadcast what may become another unprecedented disaster event after Hurricane Sandy, which are the solar flare storms which could knock out our power grid in a blink of an eye for everyone; no exceptions.

The world would plunge into a dark abyss with the cries & screams of humanity with all forms of life on the planet again being the victims of a high tech profit crazed society that didn’t care to prepare for a violent sun with magnetic shifts shifting humanity & all of life to the brink just like the global warming cataclysms that have come at our doorstep because the elected leadership & corporate behemoths we once believed in betrayed the masses by turning the other cheek.

The truth driven global warming science that forewarned these catastrophic events a long time ago when preparation for these cataclysms would have made a life asserting difference to the planet, were not listened to when time for prevention was knocking at our door.

Disaster preparedness is not an education that anyone in power took seriously. Now the apocalyptic floods are at our very doorstep! The planet is in cardiac arrest. Gary Null at www.garynull.com kept warning & educating elected officials & the general masses this would be coming our way! Inconvenient truths about global warming are TV show night jokes but not anymore after Hurricane Sandy.

No one in power who could have done something drastic to prepare for it, dared to do anything to prioritize this issue. Now an avalanche of disasters are at the doorstep of many, wrecking lives of significant others & destroying animal species & land throughout the planet with more to come. How many people who lost everything thought of installing solar energy?

Profit driven oil companies & conservative downplaying down the public & delusional mocking denials of all kinds won out. It’s like laughing at cancer when it’s metastasizing & about to kill.

At www.colinadrews.net, also a favorite of mine, is also not only into UFO & crop circle research, he’s also a very sagacious environmentalist forecaster & vigilant informed chronicler of earth changes which is on his website.

With solar storms, gargantuan magnetic storms would target its prey, the earth by attacking 21st century technology violently & bringing 21st century technology to its knees. Satellites would dysfunction, no cell phones, no internet, and no air travel.

Banking systems would collapse & without any communications satellites, health care systems would also collapse along with ATM machines. We would have no electricity, and no high tech electronic devices would function whatsoever & the high tech civilization that we’ve become so spoiled with & accustomed to could be eradicated in one breath in this electronic apocalypse vision.

The radio station WBAI FM in New York City has been the wisest, most forward thinking most richly researched information media leader on the air which is now promoting a solar powered radio that you can crank up for the next disaster in store.

It can also charge your cell phone so survival equipment isn’t just for doomsday preppers, but a less elaborate plan can also be useful. This New York progressive station WBAI FM is still reeling over Hurricane Sandy & might have to move.

Solar flare storms would be a most bizarre & horrific disaster unprecedented in its unthinkable end of world as we know it scenario with far reaching domino effects plunging us back into some Neanderthal existence. The experts & our elected leaders should have been prepared to tackle this but without the proper life saving technological preparations & without surge protectors which would save the day as Gary Null has discussed on his WBAI FM Natural Living program on his very informative life enriching program, we’re going to be toast.

When I first heard of the coming solar storms coming our way in 2013, I was tuned into Gary Null’s fact checked current news & health care news illuminating program on issues that affect us all. Dr. Null made a point of saying that the coming solar flares information comes from NASA. It comes from Dr. Richard Fisher, director of NASA’s Heliophysics division.

Why wasn’t this on CNN & why haven’t other major cable networks heeded this warning? Lindsay Lohan’s pestiferous antics gets more air time here as issues like solar flare storms get no air time at all. What is wrong with our country’s lack of foresight that communities can’t prepare wisely for the unthinkable end of our world as we know it scenarios? Of course life goes on, but with lethal effects depriving many of essentials because no disaster preparation was executed.

Jane Velez Mitchell, an animal rights advocate activist & top anchorwoman on HLN/CNN, would be someone to interview a person like Gary Null or Dr. Richard Fisher from NASA about the coming solar storms.

Dr.Michio Kaku’s scientific voice also needs to be out there giving the public an educational summary of what can happen here & also how an X solar flare which would be most severe & explain how it could affect our lives with the lethal radiation it can bring. The ABC’s of solar flare storms need to be a worldwide clarion alert system informing the masses.

I give kudos to the History channel 2 network which did a special on this possible coming technological apocalypse which included solar storms which was about everything that Gary Null on his Natural Living radio program had explained about solar storms that have happened in the past with the Carrington Effect of 1859, 1921 & in Quebec, where a solar storm occurred in 1989. What we don’t pay attention to & ignore with willful ignorance will destroy us & is destroying us.

Disaster preparedness in every community should be a priority which must include what to do in case solar storms with its life altering ominous effects on the planet & life. There’s a Gary Null CD on this subject for the masses as well. Our elected leaders also need to be informed about solar flares & its fatal consequences so that emergency surge protectors can be implemented to avoid the horrors of a power grid wipe out doomsday with life going on in tatters.

Gary Null who researches more than anyone in media, has his voice out there with his visionary common sense elucidating everything with his sharp shooting intelligence & truth enforcing insight based on facts. He projects the truth as a public service to anyone who will listen. The final decision based on all of his entire informative data gathering is up to each individual & his/her communities.

Coming solar storms should be a headline issue, but it just isn’t. The slings & arrows of magnetic energy derived from solar flare earth invasion is expected to hit sometime soon according to experts. No one knows how severe it will be. Let’s hope fate is kind & that this won’t happen at all! A space weather conference has already taken place in Washington, DC in which NASA scientists were present. At this conference, policy makers, researchers & government officials were also present to absorb these dire warnings.

Every eleven years sun spots reach their peak level while every 22 years magnetic energy in the sun also peaks at its maximum level so we have two events brewing here like a cauldron of the sun’s violence about to explode in our faces. Here we also have Indian Point, New York to worry about because that’s a New York Fukushima near future catastrophic future accident waiting or just ticking away. What would happen to nuclear plants like Indian Point New York if X flares which would be the worst kind of flare if this were to hit & come in our direction or in the direction of Indian Point?

It’s an unimaginable New York surreal apocalypse which could take place anywhere if a nuclear power plant would just detonate & go haywire if it were hit by a solar flare. We don’t need any more nuclear power plants! Shut them down in the name of the continuity of life!

Anyone who listens to famed theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku or Helen Caldicott on the subject of building more lethal nuclear power plants, would be convinced that they must shut them down. Nuclear power plants are sitting ducks for all kinds of myriad disasters. ETs of the benevolent kind are opposed to nuclear power plants as they’ve been seen or hovering over nuclear power plants for many years.

A zero preparedness plan is what we have here. Apathy kills & so does delusional denial madness refusing to see truth when it’s right in front of you! One cannot talk about solar flares without mentioning retired Major Ed Dames who scored accurately regarding the Indonesian earthquakes & who’s also sounding the alarm about solar flares coming our way. Although some do not believe Major Dames sometimes erroneous predictions, he’s got a lot of solid backup with this one. Let’s just reserve judgment on this one because he’s got some accuracy & so much well done research.

Major Ed Dames prognosticated the solar flare of November 4, 2003. Did we sleep through that one? I think we did. Major Dames wants to empower people with remote viewing & making it something that all citizens can access through his remote viewing courses which anyone can buy. These are all pluses. His website www.thekillshot.com bears looking into this because this distinguished American should be taken seriously.

A CIA & military application such as remote viewing garners respect & credibility when Joe McMoneagle, Colonel David Morehouse, Russell Targ & physicist Hal Puthoff endorse it. You can know practically everything if you remote view so Major Dames has said or words to that effect. Perhaps a remote viewing citizenry would be a citizenry that would have the least casualties because they would see a catastrophic deluge coming before it happens! With a remote viewing citizenry & a remote viewing police force perhaps massacres could also be prevented on time!

There’s a North Korean nuclearland & sea threat which Dames talks about which will trigger what he calls the kill shot. These solar flare predictions are very ominous predictions that Dames warns us about in which the world as we know it will soon end. End of the world as we know it is already happening because many naysayers are now convinced that we’re wobbling for more climate change disasters. How will we protect our homes? Hurricane Sandy ended many lives as the victims knew it. Yes life goes on, but with terrible suffering. We can prevent unnecessary suffering.

I also believe that there’re many countless shocking visions here & beyond our Milky Way solar system that Major Dames does not talk about, but surely taking his remote viewing course would have made a difference for many people who thought that their houses would survive Hurricane Sandy. Are all the orbs we see in the sky ET reconnaissance probes probing into our dismal atmosphere going haywire before our eyes?

That’s something remote viewers would know the answers to! A UFO was seen by Deron Williams a basketball star during Hurricane Sandy. I believe that many ET probes are probing the rapid decline of earth’s health & well being. The benevolent ETS must be very concerned.

Some probes might be ET scientific drones made & controlled by various ET races & other reconnaissance ET probes might not be manned at all. Surely Major Ed DamesDame’s teams of super professional remote viewers will have a lot to say about all of the strange & awesome space fleets out there that defy the laws of physics.

What if more Americans took Major Dames on & studied his remote viewing courses perhaps disaster preparedness would be a daily pursuit. I agree with Gary Null that rebuilding in the same places where these catastrophes have taken place is very unwise & quite pointless, so why rebuild to have it eviscerated again? Evolving into a society of remote viewing citizenry would be a great step in our evolution.

Another quite ominous but stirring angle to this is the YouTube video of Marshall Masters with his two suns involving a Nibiru sun in the sky. All of this was emblazoned in a crop circle in Avebury, England July 22, 2008, which predicts two suns in the sky on December 21, 2012. The first layer crop circle appeared in June 15, 2008 & then a second layer appeared on July 22, 2008. Many would spoof at this, but it’s an interesting angle on all of this & again it’s the sun that’s at the center of the cosmos again.

Mr. Master’s YouTube video on the two suns on December 21st, 2012 is deserving of some attention because he elucidates every detail of what Marshall calls Star Doom Map of 2012. We’re still here. In other words, it’s the crop circle in Avebury England that’s the predictor of the two suns appearing in the sky on 21 December, 2012. This crop circle forecasting the two suns was the size of four soccer fields & was investigated by Mr.Masters. He consulted the late & great Zecharia Sitchin on this because of planet X being that second sun, but the late great Zecharia Sitchin never wavered about the existence of Planet X Nibiru.

I agree with Mr.Masters who says we have friendly beings out there as well as enemy beings. Annunaki keeps popping up because they made us according to Sitchin. Storing & collecting gold for their planet being their reason for coming to earth. Masters also mentions Edgar Cayce’s prediction of polar shift as well & solar storms causing polar shifts & earthquakes. Cayce was a great seer from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, who predicted world events very accurately. I would be shocked if this two suns prediction from Mr.Masters comes to pass because it’s so far fetched.

In the film "2010" which is a sequel to "2001 A Space Odyssey," two suns appear but with a positive slant but this from Mr. Masters is not positive. Mr.Masters also mentions one of my favorite films from 2009 "KNOWING" which climaxes in a catastrophic solar flare storm hitting earth ending life as we know it. The last line in the film "Knowing" is as hopeful as it gets as the fatal solar flare hits the earth with full force spoken by Actor Nicolas Cage in one of his finest performances, who plays the scientist who unravels the puzzle accurately in the film while he hugs his parents and says "This isn’t the end". I’ve never forgotten this important film & what it tells us today about the sun in turmoil.”

No one can afford to live life as before carefree & oblivious to the many forms of impending disasters. The finest minds have spoken & no one can afford the kind of apathy that puts everything in back burners until it’s too late. As Mr.Masters reminds us that we have the technology to divert enemy bodies in space, so why don’t we? My New Jersey friend & I certainly don’t expect to see two suns in the sky on December 21st, 2012, or at any time!

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan who’s into ET & UFOS has a very strange prediction almost supernatural in essence that they’ll be three days of darkness on December 21st, 2012 because we’re moving into the fifth dimension, but how did we come to deserve fifth dimension in a planet that’s not learning its cosmic lessons? That would be my question, but the solar flares forecast is the one that we have to be concerned about.

George Filer & Filer’s Files are the most historically accurate & factually updated UFO news material on the UFO topic past & present. I must say that I was so thrilled to read that our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself is a reader of George Filer’s files. Who knew? Many people do not know that Hillary Clinton has a current website www.HillaryClintonUFO.net for all the world to see that’s been on the internet since she was our New York Senator. How many of our elite elected or assigned political leaders know a scintilla of UFO information that’s really factual & fact checked?

Filer’s files are a history of UFOs & current UFO history unfolding as we speak. Hillary could launch a new career as a high ranking official dedicated to bringing UFO disclosure to the masses, but she would need help & what illuminating help she would get!

I think when Hillary is no longer our Secretary of State a power meeting with her & Stephen Bassett, George Filer Billy Booth, & Dr. Steven Greer will shake the foundation of a one species race in the universe. These are UFO educators & movers that our leadership needs in order to bring about an unprecedented announcement to the world about our ET presence in our world.

VIP UFO luminaries in my chosen list in that UFO power meeting with Hillary would have to include Billy J. Booth of www.about.com/ufosaliens or http://ufos.about.com whose new book "UFOS Caught on Film" should be a must read for not just Hillary, but all of our high ranking officials. Mr. Booth is a leader of the UFO ET truth information & he also informs & inspires on his website.

Mr.Booth, who keeps a clear & perceptive vision & knowledge of UFO documented truth, would be an invaluable asset to anyone who wants to advance this movement. Hillary would have to study Mr.Booth’s acclaimed website & his acclaimed book. Mr.Booth also keeps this website www.ufocasebook.com updated & attuned to every UFO incident around the world, which is not an easy task.

Mr. Booth is the acute minded webmaster of www.ufocasebook.com, supervising it with a master’s touch. He’s also a UFO reality chronicler & UFO journalist writer bringing all facts into eye & mind view. Hillary in the role of a UFO advocate leader would also have to study The Philadelphia Experiment & the life of the late & great Al Bielek whose contributions & heroism to black budget programs like the Philadelphia Experiment must be a mandatory research project. Bielek who I had the privilege of knowing & just admiring so much was a uniquely gifted humble & extraordinary man worthy of noting & praising in UFO American history. He was truly a living walking UFO encyclopedia & a very lovable nice decent guy!

Bilek is an unsung American hero who led a life where the unbelievable was routine. This was a life of dedication in the throes of non fiction, mind blowing events that entailed time travel, ET & living in different time lines as Bielek did. I’m also privileged to know & be a friend to a close relative of Bielek who’s a dynamic heroic woman, an expert in the field of black project programs & many truths that are being with held from us. I hope that someday a filmmaker like James Fox who would be my choice as a dynamic UFO filmmaker, will make the ultimate dynamic film on Al Bielek who needs to be honored & remembered.

Robert Lazar, Dr. Michio Kaku, Senator Kucinich (Ohio Senator who saw a UFO & spoke about it), Stanton Friedman Colin Andrews, Linda Moulton Howe & former astronaut Edgar Mitchell & other astronauts who have come forward stating UFO reality would all make a distinguished UFO Committee with Hillary. Of course this is just my brainstorm idea, but I think it would unlock this UFO secrecy that’s very unhealthy. I would also add Peter Robbins as a UFO luminary whose book with Larry Warren "Left at East Gate" about the unforgettable documented & extraordinary Rendlesham events of 1980 is also mandatory. Peter is also a superb UFO educator & consultant. His lectures are memorable.

Not any elected official that I know of cares about this subject any way but Hillary cared & who knows, I think Mr.Basset with all his noble efforts should at least consider going to Hillary for another White House UFO disclosure petition effort to make the White House take notice. Many people just could not sign Bassetts’ White House petition for UFO disclosure on line & complained to Mr.Bassett who had nothing to do with that! On www.HillaryClintonUFO.net there’s the August Memo from Gibbons to the President. Mr.Gibbons was former President Clinton’s science advisor.

At that time former President Clinton had a power meeting with the late Laurence Rockefeller who offered the best available UFO evidence. President Clinton at the time was quoted as saying" I know this is all true, but damn it they won’t tell me a thing." It’s the classification of UMBRA that’s the highest to get information about UFOS when I last looked it up. No president has the highest classification.

Perhaps Stephen Bassett from www.paradigmresearchgroup.com should turn to Hillary if Hillary is willing to be the voice of a new & fresh UFO truth movement. His White House petition hasn’t exactly reached world media attention as it so richly deserves to have! They could work on a new petition that might just go somewhere!

It’s Mr.Stephen Bassett who hasn’t forgotten to mention the Rockefeller Initiative which Hillary in a way was so much a part of! Mr.Bassett is very smart to remind those who have forgotten the Rockefeller Initiative about it! He did just that! "The Rockefeller Initiative" is a fact, but if you were to ask the average woman or man on the street what that is, you’d get blank stares & many "I don’t know" reactions.

Who can forget that iconic photo of Hillary walking with Lawrence Rockefeller in the 1990’s holding that iconic book by Paul Davies "Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of ET Life." Anyone who’s read UFO history knows that the world had the truth back in the 40’s & 50’s with the "Twining Memo" & "Estimate of the Situation," not to mention "The Eisenhower Briefing" & more recently "The Cometa Report" & Robert Dean’s crusade with "The Assessment." Robert Dean would also be indispensable n this effort to educate the world about UFO & ET truth.

It was President Eisenhower who used to doodle UFOS. This again another fascinating insider anecdotal tidbit you’d never know if it wasn’t for these precious Filer Files. Filer Files are an encyclopedia of UFO history. Today Hillary would be holding Billy Booth’s book "UFOS Caught on Film," along with the Dr.Greer’s book "Hidden Truth Hidden Knowledge."

If you look at HillaryClintonUFO.net you’ll find some very revealing eye opening information in which Hillary played a very prestigious role. On Hillary’s UFO website we also have a November 1995 Letter from Henry Diamond to President Clinton’s Science Advisor, Mr.Gibbons.

How many know that it was Hillary & her staff who were working on a draft to former President Clinton about lifting the secrecy of UFOS? It was called "Lifting Secrecy of Information about Extraterrestrial Intelligence" which is a recurring theme with Mr.Stephen Bassett, but this was Hillary helping to bring UFO disclosure about back in 1995!

Who knew? The effort of the Clintons to get UFO disclosure out to the world stage has been disregarded & forgotten in the UFO community BUT it shouldn’t be. Any Filer newsletter piece or DVD would also be worthy of a Hillary Clinton world panel committee on UFOS. Hillary would also be grabbing Lesley Kean’s UFOS: Government Officials & Pilots Go on Record" by Leslie Kean.

The subject of worldwide animal mutilations would also have to take a place in a full worldwide investigation. It must be done as Linda Moulton Howe feels as many ranchers do that,. it’s being done by extraterrestrials & if so, there must be exposure & a conclusive explanation to the planet about this & how to stop them from continuing these bizarre scenes of massive animal carnage which would also have to be dealt with mighty efforts to stop this from happening for another 46 years or more!

Ms.Howe has been with animal mutilation mysteries from day one, but also the work of Phil Hoyle UFO researcher & animal mutilation researcher from England & his team must also participate in this damning 46 year old gruesome history of these bloodless, surgical excision of animal organs with this endless lawlessness taking place worldwide with no one getting caught & no footprints, no human DNA or anything left behind as evidence.

If this gruesome mystery is unraveled, many more mysteries will also be explained. Someone or some cosmic species is up to no good & suffering no accountability for these global unnatural criminal unjustified mutilations! They’re other ET species who don’t hurt or kill any life form but that are very worried about us & the planet! Ms. Howe’s X files on her website www.earthfiles.com is another source of vital information on animal mutilations; on going forever it seems. The end of all carnage including these mutilations deaths must come to pass somehow.

It’s virtually unknown to the populace that Hillary was working on this UFO exposure behind the scenes yet her old website is still on the World Wide Web! If Hillary ever runs for President again she would win, but I’m sure that this topic with the indefatigable Stephen Bassett out there will probably be on her Presidential agenda & will take on significant fruition & fresh renewed interest!

If Hillary ever wanted to consult an outstanding UFO producer & host it would be my former UFO producer & host of our superlative former UFO program, Jim Rodger at www.ethericminds.com. Our former UFO TV cable program was "The Cutting Edge - The Truth Revealed" & one only has to access Mr.Rodger’s website because our syndicated programs are there. These programs at "The Cutting Edge - The Truth Revealed" were full of dynamic enlightenment about UFOS. Some of our guests that Mr.Rodger interviewed were & still are on George Noory’s program Coast to Coast AM.

Our series at "The Cutting Edge - The Truth Revealed" speak for themselves in their enlightened broadcasts as Mr.Rodger is a pro in every sense of the word! He is a great source of information because in our program the interviews of VIPS from the UFO community were knock out guests with a litany of priceless research. I would love to see my old charismatic boss interview Hillary!

Hillary does not have to run for President if she decides not to, but she can do all this as a private citizen as well! On Hillary’s UFO website it goes on to say that documents pertaining to ET or UFOS need to be given a priority declassification & it mentions the Presidential Order 12958, An Executive Order that indeed is not a household topic.

This is a first request category under the two pages that advocate UFO disclosure. Anything under this order would be a priority classification.

On Hillary’s website there’s also a request for a coordinator for UFO & ET information & extraterrestrial intelligence within the government. Why are we behind in this? A third request on Hillary’s website is AMNESTY & it’s crucial.

If military personnel have taken an oath of secrecy regarding UFO or ET information presence on earth, this category would exonerate them from any threat & there would be no fear whatsoever to expose truths to the world from US military personnel former & current. They would have a headache regarding Area 51, but there’re ways to say "No, that’s a security issue on to the next topic." I’m sure that statement isn’t going to go away, but surely we’re behind in telling a lot of truths to the public that can be declassified.

When Dr.Greer had the first UFO Disclosure Conference in Washington DC in 2001 & nobody in media paid attention nor gave him the respect & attention Dr.Greer so aptly deserved, then this hypothetical initiative with a former Secretary of State would be in contrast of what happened in 2001 because a UFO coordinator & staff in Washington DC today with a UFO Disclosure Conference in DC & a former Secretary of State heading it, would be of great consequence with media attention.

On the February 5, 1996 a letter from Rockefeller to Dr.Gibbons & again here Hillary plays a prominent part, it states that any information coming from Rockefeller to Dr.Gibbons to President Clinton at that time would have to go through Hillary’s office!

It’s our Secretary of State soon to step down Hillary Clinton who would be a great choice to be the head of such a hypothetical UFO Presidential committee or VIP Committee on UFO documented history present past & future. The UFO ET exploration would unfold world wide & worldwide cases with world media will be aware of it with universal public awareness. Jim Rodger my former UFO boss had it right when he said that we should have a 24/7 UFO TV network.

It’s our Hillary who would have the guts to go with UFO outer space pyrotechnics out there in the public media stage if she wanted to lead such a crusade that is! She’s been the best Secretary of State & made our country proud perhaps it would take a Hillary Clinton to embark on a new career to open UFO disclosure to the world & educate the administration & the public.

The former Rockefeller Initiative would become the "Hillary Clinton UFO Initiative Expert Committee for the 21st Century" hypothetically speaking. It also might open up some out of this world jobs if Hillary would ask all UFO communities to join in this out of this world investigation with a purpose to have ET facts come out in the open in ourcountry for the first time in history because ET contact has already been established over & over again.

More Mutual UFO Network investigators would be trained & paid for their noble efforts. However, none of this will happen if we don’t declassify our UFO files.

The late great UFO abduction researcher John E. Mack from Harvard in his classic "Passport to the Cosmos," got it right when he connected environmental turmoil shaking of the earth’s atmosphere to the ET alien abduction experience. Many of Dr.Mack’s abduction subjects became environmentally awake & environmentally active. ET abductions with a purpose for the planet going way beyond the abduction terror but expressing the terror we now see on the planet & it’s these threatening ET messages from Dr.Mack’s abductees that impressed me greatly & permeated my thoughts. Dr. John E. Mack’s research & accurate findings are timeless now & so telling of what we’re experiencing.

The Colorado disc seen that caused an uproar may or may not have been one of those UFO ET unmanned probes probing the unfolding climate change disasters. This sighting was a head turner that had a Colorado aviation expert Steve Cowell mystified & puzzled. When this Colorado UFO sighting was seen, a local Colorado TV station covered the story.

A UFO videographer captured the amazing sights of this Colorado UFO a couple of times a week because it returned biweekly to the same spot. This is a super sighting indeed! The UFO flies so fast that the human naked eye really can’t follow it! It’s not any kind of man made craft or any kind of insect which was concluded by Mr.Steve Cowell, the aviation expert that was seen on Colorado TV.

Heidi Hemmat reported this story without mocking anyone or anything. This is also on YouTube with only 507 views when I last looked. These are the sightings that should make the major stories but don’t. I was very impressed on how the Colorado TV crew behaved themselves without smart alecky remarks. No smirks or revolting jokes at all. New York anchor TV network people should learn a lesson about reporting UFO stories & report it with the seriousness & professional acumen this Colorado crew did!

"Sirius: Never Ending Light" is Dr.Greer’s newest much anticipated film & UFO awakening to the masses about UFO revelation to the world. It should be required viewing in Washington DC & all parts of the world. Though Dr.Greer is of course not saying where the extraterrestrial body he’s seen & scanned, x-rayed & examined meticulously is, Dr.Greer firmly has stated that although it’s humanoid it’s not human.

This ET body is in the film & should have all UFO buffs & UFO VIPS around the world on the edge of their seats! Dr. Greer has also indicated that it’s not ancient hominid. This upcoming Dr.Greer film should be in every media outlet around the world. Mr. Georgio Tsoukalis of "Ancient Aliens" & Bill Birnes also of "Ancient Aliens" would be first row commentators on this. These guys are an asset always & would make a 24/7 UFO network an asset to any network.

UFOS over Brooklyn have appeared!

They’ve been reported by my dear & dedicated UFO friend Harold Egeln of a perennially great New York UFO community website http://community.webtv.net/AOkSpacer/Space Contact. Mr.Egeln is a journalist who has dedicated his life to reporting UFO news to the New York UFO community. This isn’t the first time we’ve had UFOS over Brooklyn. To catch Mr.Egeln’s incisive enthralling story on UFOS over Brooklyn go to www/brooklyneagle.com/articles/news ufo-over-brooklyn-sighting-over-prospect-heights. I might add that I wish all I phones tablets & such were made to zoom in on whose piloting them or remote controlling them!

I feel that many ET benevolent species are mourning the loss of all life forms in this very unhealthy planet as it gets more toxic by the second & humanity not learning its lessons ever or never on time. They must be viewing the near future super storms & unimaginable cosmic events that will & have already befallen us.

The ETS can make themselves invisible & their craft invisible, but I feel that the ones who love the species animal & plant that man hates & kills, are up in arms sadly viewing the human interface of continuous violence between man & animal species case in point the dolphin killers who’re killing & mutilating the dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico which unlike the other mysterious animal mutilations leave trails of dolphin blood & mutilation done by man. One dolphin was headless as these dolphin horrors continue.

These are gruesome forms of human shamelessness leaving the earth scared with man’s evil diseases. Dolphins are savagely killed in Fuji Japan & it’s Jane Velez Mitchell whose program is so environmentally educational & summoning these outrageous alarms in her mind blowing reports. The dolphin killers are heartless & callous! They’re not being caught either nor held responsible. They are causing the massacre of oceans & ocean mammals. If they’re capable of these heinous crimes, they’re also capable of carrying out human massacres.

Perhaps the more violence man commits, the weaker the magnetic fields of the earth are getting as the planet teeters & tilts on its axis. A Dolphin Watch Killer Surveillance Ocean Network should also be out there with dolphin killers who’re also capable of killing humans being caught before committing their foul deeds! This kind of network could be a prevention high tech asset. Many months ago Colin Andrews cried over the elephant carnage in Africa because every form of man’s carnage affects the planet & humanity. The elephants were screaming as they were being slaughtered. The elephants were mutilated with man’s bloody footprints all over the grounds. He has this on his website.

The anomalies in Mars are very captivating & timeless. The beautiful Crown Head with birds, pyramids turtles shaped objects, a head of a gorilla dessicateddesiccated cow parrot shaped beings & horse shaped beings & so much more strangeness there! One has to wonder about what’s happening in the underground of Mars.

It looks like everything is imploding on our planet but the other head turning one from Mars is that mars anomalies which has a sighting of what is a Sasquatch being coming out of the earth on MARS or whatever it is, has a face & a body as if it’s saying "Listen Up! A flood of karma is on your shoulder. We have our own ET surveillance network watching you!" It’s as if the star beings are rising from the earths of their star systems with alien ET thunder sounds in the background to meet with the beings of earth once again in a dialogue of cosmic proportions but this time like never before as life continues!

By Naomi Semeniuk

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www.brooklyneagle.com/ article/news ufo-over-brooklyn-sighting-over-prospect-heights






UFO: Alien-like Lights Sighted over Edmonton, Alberta
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:53 PM 12/21/2012


UFO activity has been reported in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, on the 18 December 2012 at 8:33 PM.

This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Alberta UFO Study Group (AUFOSG), posted on 18 December 2012.

The witness begins the report by describing the total number of objects, their shape, and the duration for which he could see them.

“As many as 6 triangular light patterns in the sky every day for about 3 months now.”

The witness then describes the movement and pattern of these objects.

“Hovering then re-locating and hovering.”

He further tells us that the objects appear to be shape shifting.

“They are shape shifting or so it seems.”

Finally, the witness tells us that it is not a hoax and how he can see those objects every day.

“This is no hoax I see it every day.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

AUFOSG requests the readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.

It is surprising that the so-called mainstream media has failed to report such an incident. If the report is true, we have ask ourselves about the reason why these objects would appear over the city of Edmonton for such a long duration of time.

According to the late John Todd, such shape shifting entities are demonic Archons. They are regularly sighted in places across the globe.

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Archived Case of the Week

Abducted by a USO? The Cardenas Case
UFO Depiction

January 3, 1979

It all began on the evening of January 3, 1979, when Cardenas was in his gift shop in Hialeah, Florida, and received a phone call from his friend, Fernando Marti.

Marti asked Cardenas to accompany him to buy a pig from the local merchants to roast the next Sunday. Marti and his wife and daughter arrived at Cardenas’ place of business and they set out on their errand.

After stopping at two different farms, they were still unable to find an acceptable ‘puerco” for their feast. As they continued their drive, they turned off onto a rural road that was in poor condition.

At that point, the car began to lose power. The two men examined the engine but were unable to see what the problem was. Then the engine began to reflect red and violet lights in sequence.

At the same moment, they heard a strange noise, like a swarm of bees. Next the car began to shake, and Marti’s wife began to scream in panic, believing it was an earthquake.

When Cardenas tried to approach her to calm her down, he became paralyzed, frozen under the hood of the car. Then the same force that had paralyzed him began to lift him and suspend him in the air. Cardenas began to shout, “Don’t take me! Don’t take me!”

The noise and lights ceased and everything seemed to return to normal. Then Marti looked up and saw a UFO ascending into the sky. He shouted, “They have taken Filiberto!”

After several attempts, he was able to start the car. He felt compelled to tell the police, but feared he would not be believed, or worse, that he would be accused of having himself harmed Cardenas. He decided to inform the police anyway and also called Cardenas’ wife, saying, “A light took Filiberto away.”

Meanwhile, Cardenas awoke onboard the UFO in a seat that seemed to hold him in place by some kind of suction and restrained all his movements. He saw three strange figures, one of whom placed a strange helmet on his head and spoke to him in a language he thought sounded like German.

He was shown projected images, as on a television, of scenes from the past, present and future of humankind. He was then taken to a smaller ship that discharged from the mother-ship. He saw a beach approaching, and then the UFO plunged into the sea.

Everything was obscured by the incredible velocity at which the ship moved. The ship veered to the right and began to lose speed. Cardenas could now see a tunnel with walls that seemed illuminated as if they were phosphorescent. The ship entered the tunnel and then emerged in a place that was completely dry.

The area was huge. He noticed two symbols, one of them being a serpent as large as “an electric light pole,” Cardenas later said. The other image was similar but smaller. His captors took him from the ship and told him to sit down on a large rock.

At this point, one must note the similarity to what happened to Betty Andreasson Luca. As with Luca, the UFO that transported Cardenas quickly plunged into the sea and emerged in a dry alien environment.

While in Luca’s case the surroundings were icy, it is still remarkably similar to the large cave to which Cardenas was taken.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

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