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UFO Casebook Magazine 489, Issue date, 12-26-11

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Circular, Matte-Gray UFO Observed over Berlin, Wisconsin
UFO Depiction - Berlin, Wisconsin - 11-16-11
Published: 6:06 PM 12/22/2011

Berlin, Wisconsin - 11-16-11

Shape: Circle - Duration: 1-2 minutes

Row of vertical rectangular lights framed by darkness illuminated a circular matte gray object.

I was driving home from work the evening of Wednesday, November 16, 2011, on County Rd D through the White River Marsh located between Berlin and Princeton, WI.

It was very dark and I was about halfway through the marsh, I don’t drive very fast because the marsh road is very curvy and I was approaching some "S" curves when I noticed a car parked alongside the road with its lights on.

This is rare in the marsh, so I was busy watching the car closely as I drove by because I had thought they had hit a deer. I believe I kept watching the car in my rear view mirror because I can’t believe I wouldn’t have seen "it" sooner.

As I rounded the 3rd curve, veering off from the Rustic Road, I looked straight ahead and there it was.

It was straight in front of me, eye-height looking out my front windshield, the only way I can explain it was that I didn’t have to bend to see it above my car. The object was just above tree height.

The object/row of lights appeared to be positioned over the abandoned farm area near the next curve. I cannot believe the people in the house on the corner did not notice it. There are only about 4 homes in that area of the marsh.

I saw a row of rectangular-shaped lights that were illuminating the object above and below the lights, but not the complete object. It appeared to be circular in shape, maybe grayish in color.

At first I thought and may have even said it aloud, "Oh my goodness, do hot air balloons fly at night?"

"No, not with lights," I said.

It was that close to me at first, the ‘texture or surface’ of the object appeared to have the "look" of a hot air balloon or something similar to the "Airbus" surface.

The big Wisconsin balloon flies low and close by in the summer sometimes, so that is why I thought it had a similar look to the surface of a balloon, but not colorful, more of a matte gray. The illumination on the object from the lights reminded me of the haze around a streetlight when it is misting.

By this time, my mouth is wide open I am saying, "Oh my God!" over and over. I’m sure I was barely going 10 mph but for the life of me I don’t know how I made it around the next curve without going off the road because I never took my eyes off the object.

Within seconds of first viewing the object, I could no longer see the object illuminated around the lights; all I could see is the row of vertically rectangular lights. I assumed later that the object was moving away from me.

It appeared to be backing further away but off to the left of its original position. The curve of the roads veers to the left and the object was still pretty much in front of me.

The lights were like vertical windows at night, framed by black darkness, I believe about 7 or 8 lights, and the "row" of lights was slightly curved which seemed to support the circular shape I had first seen. The sky was completely dark with the exception of these lights.

UFO Depiction - Berlin, Wisconsin - 11-16-11 Then all of a sudden the lights went out, but not like someone had switched off a light switch but more like someone was pulling a curtain or drapery shut over each window, from my right to left and then the lights were gone.

Right after they were gone, a small flash appeared that looked exactly like the flashing lights of an aircraft flying at night except it only flashed once and then all I saw was complete darkness.

I kept watching in the area where I had last seen the lights to see if I would see movement or a shadow or something, but I did not. I kept driving slowly and watching out the window to my left almost the entire way home.

I did notice a lot of jet-noise that night and also remembered hearing the jets flying at night the 2 nights previous to Nov. 16.

It was strange because I met another car about ¾ mile on a straightaway in the marsh parked alongside the road with its lights on as well.

But I think this car would have been too far away to have seen it. I am wondering if the first car that I had met parked alongside the road had seen it. It was only about ¼ mile from where I saw the object.

The entire time I was driving, more like crawling while I am watching the lights/object I am reaching in my purse for my phone to try to capture a photo. I never did get it out.

But I kept staring at it to get a clear picture in my mind and immediately came home and drew what I saw.

At first I drew the row of lights with the light framing black rectangular darkness, but when I also drew the row of lights with the darkness framing the vertically rectangular lights that appeared to be closer to what I saw.

I’ve scanned my drawings the first drawing is closer to what I remember.

I told my husband and my son when I got home. They really didn’t react too much. Later it was bothering me, I felt I should report what I had seen.

I did place a call to what I thought was the Green Lake County Sheriff's Department, but instead I had dialed the Green Lake City Police. As I explained it to him he kind of laughed, said he had not heard of any other reports but would mention it to the Sheriff's Department if he spoke to someone. He did say I could call them to report it.

The next day I told a friend of mine at work of the sighting and he encouraged me to contact the UFO center.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/berlinsa.html

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Submitted to www.nuforc.org

Warped Geometry, Weak Brane
UFO Depiction - Wanaque Reservoir Incident

by Billy Cox

The Project Blue Book files are chock full of reports involving UFO interaction with water, and naturally most are pretty bizarre. But none have more thoroughly riveted Bob Schroeder than the so-called Wanaque Incident in 1966.

This one was reported by a New Jersey cop, back in the day when an ongoing government study gave Americans cover to talk about this stuff without being made to feel like wackos.

Responding to a dispatch call about a sighting in the Wanaque Reservoir area one autumn evening, Sgt. Ben Thompson watched in awe as a massive object lit the night sky over the lake. There were other witnesses as well, but what Thompson saw was a real show-stopper. His words:

“As it went over the trees — which would be on the mountain to the west — it would sort of pull the tops of the trees together. In other words, it had sort of a suction effect... and it also pulled the water upward. It was sucked upward. And when this thing flew away from the area, the water would just settle right down again.”

That got Schroeder to thinking. If UFOs involve anti-gravity, as one popular theory holds, shouldn’t the cop have seen reverse effects on the environment, such as downward pressures on trees, grass, water, whatever?

“What we’re seeing instead,” he says from his home in Sudbury, Mass., “are attractive fields, not repulsive fields.”

Schroeder found other examples of UFOs exerting forces of attraction on nearby objects, from steel grating to sand and stones. But he couldn’t really share his curiosity with colleagues at Hewlett-Packard, where he spent 26 years in operations and product management, lest they think him a wacko.

But now, in retirement, he’s gone the self-publishing route and released a book called Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs.

Schroeder says discoveries inside supercolliders have led him to an inferential theory about UFOs — particularly brightly lit ones — that can actually be tested using spectrometers. De Void doesn’t usually turn the floor over to someone else, but De Void lacks the vocabulary to coherently paraphrase Schroeder’s email. So take a minute and see if this makes any sense:

“1) In the last two decades modern physics is pointing toward the existence of 4-D space-time membranes floating in a larger space-time of 5 dimension. It is believed that our universe is one of these 4-D space-time membranes. At least one other 4-D space-time membrane is thought to exist parallel to our membrane. The space between these membranes is referred to as the bulk. The collection of theories that use these ideas are referred to as M-Theory.

“2) One of the theories derived from M-Theory is called Warped Geometry developed by a Harvard physicist and another physicist from John Hopkins University. Warped Geometry solves one of the biggest problems in physics called the hierarchy problem. There are different aspects to the hierarchy problem but the one of interest to those of us studying the UFO phenomenon is the puzzle of why the gravity force is exponentially weaker than the other forces of nature (electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force).

“3) Warped Geometry solves the weakness of the gravity problem by postulating that the second space-time membrane (called the Gravity Brane) that is believed to exist parallel to the space-time membrane we live on (called the Weak Brane) is warped in such a way that it attracts the overwhelming majority of gravitons in the larger 5-D universe to its surface. Therefore virtually all gravitons are in the bulk close to the Gravity Brane which is why gravity is so weak on our Weak Membrane. [The term ‘Weak’ in Weak Membrane derives from the energy level of the weak nuclear force, not from the weakness of gravity.]

“4) General Relativity tells us that distances shrink and time dilates in a strong gravity field. I believe these UFOs are penetrating the bulk and going deep enough into the bulk where the distances between stars shrink to very small distances relative to our Weak Brane. I explain how time dilation is accounted for as well in the book. Anyway the ability to penetrate the bulk solves one of the biggest pieces of the UFO puzzle, which is how they get here. Other aspects of the UFO puzzle are also explained in the book.

“5) The strong gravity field around the UFOs is created by Kaluza-Klein particles that are predicted by M-Theory. These KK particles in turn create micro-black holes which at their singularities (where General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics theories break down) ‘kick’ gravitons into the bulk, or deeper into the bulk if the UFO is already in the bulk. Warped Geometry indicates that gravitons already want to be close to the Gravity Brane (graviton probability function) so I believe the micro-black holes (created by particle accelerators, what UFOs likely are) provide the necessary kick to get gravitons into the bulk so a UFO on the Weak Brane does not feel the gravity force — or very little. This is not anti-gravity, instead it is reducing the gravity force to near zero.”

Got it?

“If we can get spectrographic data on brightly lit UFOs (such as during a UFO ‘wave’ similar to the Hudson Valley, Belgium or Phoenix lights UFO waves where these craft were seen repeatedly over months and years),” adds Schroeder, who has a B.A. in math and an A.A. in aerospace engineering, “then we can see if they are using KK gravitons and also observe the associated spectral signature of decaying micro black holes.” Schroeder says one might place spectrographic recording devices on planes, for starters.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/warpedgeometry.html

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Dec. 21, 2012: Will End Of Mayan Calendar Bring Doomsday? with Video
Mayan Calendar
Published: 4:04 PM 12/20/2011

No one knows exactly what will happen on Dec. 21, 2012 -- the day that the Mayan calendar runs out -- but it's safe to say there will be a lot of hype regarding what might happen.

And a lot of people could make big bucks by capitalizing on the folks who are concerned enough about perceived threats, real or imagined, to make a change in their life -- such as Robert Richardson, who runs Off Grid Survival, a website that helps people prepare for worst-case scenarios such as, well, the end of human civilization as we know it.

Richardson's business caters to all sorts of survivalists, but he admits that he's seen increased traffic as the Mayan calendar comes closer to its end date.

"It's going to be a huge year in the preparedness market," Richardson told HuffPost Weird news. "It will be bigger than Y2K."

Richardson doesn't claim to be a full-on 2012 believer, but thinks there may be something to the claims that it will cause a big change on Earth.

"There is something to it," he said. "It's interesting that strange things are converging -- political tensions, weird weather, economic problems -- but it may all be a self-fulfilling prophecy."

On the other hand, some people are making prophecies that they don't believe are self-fulfilling, such as Peter Kling, a 2012 survival advocate and author of "Letter to Earth: You Can Survive Armageddon!"

Kling, whose website calls him "The Einstein of Biblical Prophecies," wants people to understand that nothing is going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012.

"No, it's the end of a cycle. The coldest day of the year isn't the shortest day of the year, it takes time for things to happen," Kling said.

What kind of things? Well, Kling said the end of the Mayan calendar marks the end of a 5,000-year cycle that he claims is associated with big floods. In addition, the date also loosely corresponds with the return of Elenin, a comet that takes thousands of years to orbit and that recently came within 22 million miles of Earth.

The possible effects have been the subject of debate among many 2012 conspiracy theorists -- including Kling -- even though experts like Don Yeomans of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., insist that any effects of the comet are minimal at best.

"My subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean's tides than comet Elenin ever will," Yeomans said.

Somehow, Kling isn't convinced. "NASA insists it's nothing but an ice ball, but every time it's been aligned with Earth, we've had a major earthquake," Kling said.

Kling points to forecasts on NASA'S website that predict major solar storms next year as evidence that something will be amiss.

To dispel 2012 fear mongering, NASA has set up a page to warn electric companies and other appropriate businesses if such storms get intense enough to affect the power grid.

Still, the Mayan calendar remains fodder for psychics all over the world -- though there are few in agreement as to what it all really means.

"It's not the end of the world, but there will be tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes where people don't expect," said Betsy Balaga, a Canadian psychic. "Part of this is because of a pole shift caused by the arrival of a planet Nibiru."

NASA scientists have had to answer questions about the mysterious planet Nibiru for years, only to run into new believers. Their response can be summarized by this explanation from a doomsday FAQ page on their website.

"There is no factual basis for these claims," according to NASA. "If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth in 2012, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye. Obviously, it does not exist."

Balaga sees it differently.

"I believe that the Mayans knew all of this," she said. "I think a lot of ancient knowledge has been ignored."

Since natural disasters seem to be the big fear behind 2012 -- and those, admittedly, are hard to predict -- preparing for the worst makes sense to people like John Kehne, who runs December212012.com, a "clearinghouse" for all the doomsday-related data.

"We do have a shelter here in Louisville that is built for tornadoes just in case anything does happen," Kehne said. "I do think some sort of change is coming. There's been a dramatic increase in the intensity and frequency of earthquakes this year. Based on my records, we've had more intense disasters than any time in memory."

Keith L. Seitter, executive director of the American Meteorological Society, admits it's been an unusual year weather-wise, but bases it on various factors.

"We've had several record-setting events, such as the earthquake on the East Coast, the drought in Texas and the tornadoes earlier this spring, but that's consistent with a warming planet," Seitter said. "in addition, there was a confluence of events on, say, 50-year cycles and 25-year cycles and sometimes those events will happen at the same time." "However, no legitimate scientist would credit these things to the end of the Mayan calendar," he added.

Meanwhile, if you're unsure of who to believe about how to deal with the end of the Mayan calendar one year from now, you could always do what travel writer Joshua Berman did: ask the Mayans themselves.

Berman is the author of "Maya 2012: A Guide To Celebrations In Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras," and says there are 10 million Mayans still living in the region and that most of them are not looking at next year as the end of the world, but as the beginning of a cash cow.

"I haven't spoken with a single Mayan or Mayan expert who believes there will be an apocalypse," Berman said. "Instead, there is going to be a lot of celebrating and parties. They hope to increase tourism by 10 percent this year."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/mayans.html

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1979 - UFO Crash in Devon, England?
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:41 PM 12/6/2011

1979 - North Devon, UK

In 1979 before migrating to Australia, I worked as a Paramedic with the Devon Ambulance Service in North Devon, UK.

My colleague and I had to respond to a 999 call around 1:00 AM. All emergency lights were operating on the Ambulance as we drove through the narrow country lanes.

There was no moon that night, so it was pitch black.

We had just passed through a small village when we observed coming in the other direction on the right hand side of the road, what we thought were headlights of a small car possibly the size of a Mini.

On seeing the supposed vehicle I started to brake hard and started to pull into the side of the road due to the width of the road; there would have been a collision.

All of a sudden the headlights seemed to mount the bank in its path. Fearing that the oncoming vehicle had met with an accident, my colleague called up our Control to inform them what had happened.

During this process, the object seemed to explode and rise directly upwards in the air in a shapeless, orange glow.

It then proceeded to cross the road to the left very slowly like a balloon drifts about 30-40 ft. up.

We had stopped by now and observed it dissolve into yellow and orange sparks when it hit a large tree and slowly descended to the ground.

We reported to our Control what we had seen and reported that we thought we had encountered a UFO, which of course rbought forth some comments, but the observation was based on one of the skills we were trained in.

We decided to proceed on our way as this was not in our scope of handling, and still had an emergency to go to and by now we were pretty shook up. Control informed the police to attend the incident, who apparently found nothing.

On driving away we observed where the object had been; there were glowing red and yellow embers on the road.

On returning to base we were interviewed by the police and also some guys from the Government who took a statement also.

It was a big joke around the Ambulance Staff and Hospitals for quite a time, but at the time it happened it shook us up.

Special thanks to Dave Goodenough for his sighting report. This event was recorded in the local newpaper.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1997northdevoncrash.html

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Gold Coast UFO Sighting on Record
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:12 AM 12/21/2011

Andrew Potts, Sun Community Newspapers

SANTA'S sleigh may not be the only thing seen in the sky this Christmas.

A second Gold Coast resident has come forward to back claims of a major UFO sighting at Varsity Lakes last month.

The report was filed with the state's premier UFO hunters after the Sun exclusively revealed the sighting, which has left experts baffled.

A Varsity Lakes woman witnessed a three-hour appearance by a series of unidentified flying objects.

The initial report stated the objects performed "impossible" maneuvers in the sky and would "sparkle" as they moved through the clouds, creating an "atmospheric phenomenon."

The second witness reported to UFO Research she and her husband observed a series of objects forming a triangular shape.

A typical UFO sighting lasts just a few seconds.

The story also caused a flood of reported sightings dating back to November 1993 in Nerang, Clear Island Waters in 2000 and Main Beach in 2005.

UFO Research Centre Dr Martin Gottschall has called on resident to report sightings to determine any similarities with previous sightings. Call 3376 1780 or email info@uforq.asn.au

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/goldcoastonrecord.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1998 Rod Dickinson UFO Footage Stabilized, Analyzed
Rod Dickinson UFO Footage
Published: 10:09 AM 9/03/2010

Somerset, England - 07-04-1998

Somerset, England, UFO tape analyzed by Bill George from Lucasarts Special Effects.

This particular segment (or segments, rather) of footage we will be looking at in this presentation involves a UFO sighting that occurred on July 4th, 1998, just outside of the town of Somerset in southwest England, filmed by a man named Rod Dickinson.

As always, the enhancements shown here were built from the highest quality copy of the source footage that I was able to obtain.

Unfortunately in this case, I was not able to acquire a complete unedited copy of the raw Somerset footage to work with, and it is my understanding that Mr. Dickinson is no longer in possession of the original raw tape.

This forced me to use a segmented copy taken from a UFO documentary in which the raw footage had already been broken apart and edited into several short highlight clips. This fact has most definitely negatively influenced the quality and quantity of visual data available for enhancement.

As you will see, the raw footage of this UFO encounter clearly suffers from significant camera shake/instability issues. In fact, I have to say that this is the shakiest, most unstable UFO video footage I have ever personally analyzed.

These already brutal instability issues are further magnified by the fact that the raw copy of the footage I was forced to use as the Alpha source file appears to have been subjected to some level of video compression, which, thanks to the brutal amount of shake, creates significant interpolation blurring and frame “ghosting” being introduced/amplified.

This effect is blatantly apparent in every copy of this Dickinson/Somerset UFO footage I have ever seen, and the copy I used as the Alpha source file for this presentation is no exception, with a high number of raw frames showing both the actual UFO as well as a second “ghost” of the UFO visible in the same frame, offset 180 degrees opposite of the direction of shake travel.

Just to give you a better idea of how detrimental this ghosting effect was to the stabilization process here, in the segments of footage I show labeled as “Sequence#1″ and “Sequence#4″, roughly 50% of the frames had to be eliminated from the stabilization process due to being ruined by blurring and/or ghosting effects.

“Sequence#3" was even worse, with close to 70% of the raw frames being garbage and unusable for the same reasons. Still, even with those significant negative factors working against the stabilizing process, I still considered this footage interesting enough to warrant the effort involved in trying to improve the viewability of the scene.

Also, please keep in mind that the term “UFO” does not mean “a spaceship flown by aliens”. It means “Unidentified Flying Object” – an object that is visible in the sky that cannot be positively identified as a known object of terrestrial origin.

There is simply no way for us to tell from this footage just what this object is, where it came from, how it got there, or where it went afterwards. By definition, that makes it a “UFO”.

Cheers everyone, and I hope you enjoy this presentation!



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permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/dickinsonfilmanalyzed.html

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