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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 542, Issue date, 12-31-12

Strange UFO Encounters
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:19 PM 12/28/2012

A GROWING number of people accept that unidentified flying objects have been visiting Earth for years.

TREAT us with respect, say several Northern Rivers residents who reckon they have had very real alien abduction experiences.

Australian Close Encounter Research Network principal Mary Rodwell said her recent experience with network Ten's The Project, on December 4, had left victims of claimed experiences reluctant to talk to the media.

A qualified nurse and counsellor, Mrs Rodwell said after almost 20 years researching UFO encounters she could recall countless times that the stories of people's encounters were misrepresented in the media.

"To be quite honest some of the articles that I have read... I have looked at my interview and I can't even see any similarity to what I actually said," she said.

"When you have had an experience that is quite profound for you and you find comments in the media that are really dismissive or making fun of it, that makes people very reluctant to talk."

Mrs Rodwell said the realisation that unidentified flying objects have been visiting Earth for at least 50 years had gained more mainstream acceptance since people like astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spoke publicly about their experiences.

"Buzz Aldrin has talked about evidence they saw on the moon and Neil Armstrong talked about actually taking film of two huge UFOs watching them when they first landed on the moon."

Beyond sightings, Mrs Rodwell said she spoke to people who recalled abduction experiences and families who told about aliens interacting with their children in their homes.

"I have had little kids, five-year-olds, talk to me about going through walls and they tell me they like going up on the craft because they learn more (there) than they do going to school.

"People of all ages have told me they have had the experience of being taken through solid walls on the way to the craft and it's like their molecules changed.

"A little kid of four told me he didn't mind little black aliens coming to play with him because they were quite friendly and their skin felt like 'dolphin skin'.

"This little eight-year-old told me that once a year he goes up with a couple of his school friends to a craft and they have their annual medical exam by aliens."

Mrs Rodwell said she had heard many people recount the notorious "probing experience" by aliens on UFOs. "People have said a range of things happen on the craft from having DNA samples taken to having genetic samples taken including ova and sperm.

"People who have had serious illnesses have also reported healing experiences and found after an encounter their condition has disappeared."

After hearing of sightings or encounters from police, doctors, solicitors, psychologists, pilots and psychiatrists, Mrs Rodwell said this credible evidence, plus the fact 12 countries world-wide had released their UFO files, amounted to a mountain of evidence.

"Quite often the witnesses are highly credible and they inform people not because they want the exposure, they just want to say isn't this incredible."

Based on her research and counselling, Mrs Rodwell said sightings and abduction experiences were linked in a lot of cases.

"Sometimes with a sighting may come a missing time episode or a feeling that something may have happened that they cannot recall."

She said it was impossible to discredit all these claims.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ufoencounters.html

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UFO: Alien-like Craft Flies over Alberta
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:49 PM 12/29/2012


An Alberta man travelling on Highway 8 about 2 miles from Highway 22 near Bragg Creek witnessed a UFO in the skies overhead on 19 December 2012 at 10:25 pm.

His report was posted the follow day on the Alberta UFO Study Group’s website.

He described “a craft with four large lights on the bottom, flying very fast, very erratically and very precisely.” This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but then UFOs by their very nature do not follow normal rules.

The witness continued, “The lights looked like LED. Very crisp lights.Blue, red and white. Blue was dominant.”

He estimated that the craft was about 400 yards away, at times as close as 200 yards.

“I was driving a 4 runner truck and I reckon the spacecraft was about four times its length. The UFO was all over the place. For a time it would cruise close to the ground like it was looking for something. Then it would move half-way across the field, zip straight up or off to one side.”

The witness was amazed at its speed. “It maneuvered and accelerated at rates that a human could not survive, let alone control. Quite a few people saw it and I'm kicking myself for not filming it with my cameraphone. I was too mesmerized to think properly.”

Nevertheless, AUFOSG is very grateful to have received his report.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/albertaufo.html

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Does Earth Herself Create UFOs, Ghosts, and Fairies?
Published: 12:53 PM 12/28/2012

By Diane Tessman

Are we standing on a gigantic alien? Did this enormous, living, breathing alien create us? Do we live and die on her back? Of course, Mother Earth is not an alien; she is the least-alien of all of us. She is Earth!

We humans give lip service to the fact that Earth is a living planet, but then we do not dig into the astounding implications. We do not take time from our busy schedules to truly perceive that if she is a living mind, she must have a dream-state just as we do. She must have a subconscious.

Our ancestors understood that Earth has a dynamic mind and spirit which must be recognized; they possessed beliefs such as Earth being a large terrapin on whose back we sit. They worshipped her; perhaps they were wise. New agers embrace nature spirits and most use the word “Gaia” to describe Earth’s living consciousness.

However, many new agers get caught up in the fun of crystals, gemstones, fairies and such, but do not recognize the fact that Gaia herself might be the creator of UFOs and their occupants as well as the creator of fairies, nature spirits, and even the creator of paranormal events like ghosts.

Most new agers (and most of us), look to space or time as the source of UFOs, and to the human subconscious as somehow being mixed up in creating fairies and paranormal events.

graphic graphic

However, what if Mother Earth dreams? Why do we not think of this? It is because we don’t take time to perceive that she truly is a living consciousness?

In depth knowing (as in “gnosis”), that Earth is a living creature begins strangely enough, with insight into alien intelligence. We try to imagine the intellect, intelligence, and possible enlightenment of various aliens: Are they logical like Mr. Spock? Are they vicious with no moral compass like the creature in Alien? Are they Time Lords like Dr. Who, very civilized, somewhat confused, and near-masters of time, all-time, and no-time?

Ask yourself then: What is the intelligence, intellect, and enlightenment of this huge creature called Earth? Oh, you say she is not that kind of creature. She does not truly feel, she does not truly think. She is a rock with soil in some places, H2O in other places, and far too many humans for her own good. No doubt you call her “it.”

But you agree that life in outer space will come in different forms; you wonder if silicon might be a building block for life instead of carbon. Yet you wonder if this wondrous planet that gave us all life and also created billions of varied, living species – is truly an entity?

Where did our intelligence come from? Where did the intelligence of the barn swallow and the elephant—come from? If you are Christian or another religion, you might feel that God or your deity created life. If I have a deity, it is Earth.


How often do you hear that God saved the day while Mother Earth sent that tornado? Maybe Mother Earth saved the day and God sent the tornado.

My point is we are brought up to be prejudiced toward our planet. She is a witch who brings tornadoes if she is alive at all. There is a bias against the female god, thus a bias against the female planet.

So as we humans emerge from the brainwashed state imposed on us by religions; let us comprehend what our planet really is, and who she really is:

She is a being who dreams. She is a being who has a subconscious state. Her conscious state has created the wondrous order of the rainforest, with predator, prey, adaptation, and survival brilliance. Her conscious state has created the mighty ocean with its exquisite ecosystems.

Her conscious state is not quite like yours; she is an alien because she is not human. She created humans but she is something and someone much different. Where is her brain, you ask? It is everywhere, from the mass minds of swallows to the long memory of elephants. It is not encapsulated in one little skull like your brain. Her intelligence is everywhere, right outside your window and in Yosemite and in the Sahara.

Perhaps to meet aliens, we need to first be able to perceive the consciousness of our own planet. And what about Earth’s subconscious state? Does she dream? I assume that every conscious mind has a subconscious level. Every spirit rests and sleeps.

Does she dream of humans who are shadowy ghost-beings, perhaps from the 1800s, a century which of course included her, the Earth?

graphic graphic

Does she dream of Yetis and Bigfoot creatures? Perhaps she has a suppressed wish that she had created them too? Are her memories of other man/ape combinations which Homo sapiens eventually exterminated?

Sometimes ghosts are in a location and other times they cannot be found. Yetis are seen but then are not anywhere. Perhaps they are only there when her subconscious or dream state is active.

Earth must enjoy dreaming of fairies, sprites and trolls. Why not conjure them up and dream they are frightening a few humans? Place a sprite on the beautiful waterfall, how lovely! And what of UFO occupants? Well, Earth mostly likes the humanoid design and, like us when we dream, she mostly dreams of humanoids. Once in a while she manifests a reptile.

But what of the aliens’ ships? Earth has a knowingness about what humans have created, airplanes and such. Earth has a sense of “the future” and perhaps she tries to show humans, who are her children, that the future is real. She dreams of a future reality for all her creations.

In fact, the entire complex system of evolution was set up by Earth. It may exist on other planets but we know it exists on Earth. Where did it come from? God? Science? (“It just happens over time”), or – the mind of Earth? Why do we sell her so short?


And of course she would dream of critters in the sky like flying manta ray UFOs and beautiful translucent orbs. I am “selling” this idea as a total answer but as I have said before, I do feel that UFO occupants also come from far distant planets, from time itself, from other dimensions, all of the above and then some.

However, I am also convinced that the dream-state of our Mother Planet is something which we have not begun to even try to comprehend. Carl Jung touched on it, as have others, and the concept of a morphic field of consciousness can be applied to Earth as well as to humans.

Her consciousness and subconscious are probably to be found resonating in her electromagnetic field. The EM field in our brain is said to be instrumental in our intelligence. So why do we not consider that Earth’s mighty EM field, the Aurora Borealis (that magnificent EM field which our planet maintains), also contains her intelligence? Her EM field crackles and fluctuates, what is encoded in this energy? What consciousness dwells there? Yes, it is different from ours. For one thing, it is so much greater than ours!

However different, we still reflect her. She is our mother, the creator of our life. How could she do this without being a living creature herself?

info@earthchangepredictions.com -Come, leap into Exo-Trekking, free newsletter and exciting!

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/earthherself.html

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South Mississippi has Long History of UFO Intrigue
Published: 1:40 AM 12/25/2012

By DONNA HARRIS — dharris@sunherald.com

We are not alone.

Read various posts on extraterrestrial watchdog websites such as the Mutual UFO Network or UFO Casebook, that mention South Mississippi sightings.

Still not convinced we've been visited by aliens from outer space?

Read "UFO Contact in Pascagoula," written by the late Charles Hickson.

Hickson, who died at 80 in 2011, became a Coast celebrity in 1973 after his claims of alien abduction were made public. In the 38 years after, he appeared on TV, spoke at UFO conferences, gave countless interviews, and co-wrote his book. He continued to watch the night skies until the end.

"He believed that one day they would come back. He wanted them to come back," his daughter Tisha Hurd told the Sun Herald after his death.

But whether E.T. has actually phoned home from the Gulf Coast remains to be seen.

Neither Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam, Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara nor Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd can find reports in the last 12 months of anyone seeing UFOs, although Adam said some on his staff reported the occasional Facebook post by acquaintances that mentioned seeing "something" in the sky.

However, a Vicksburg UFO expert thinks extraterrestrials can be spotted regularly over Mississippi.

Just last week, graphic designer Robert Hood, a 43-year-old husband and father, admits seeing "a nice, bright light in the sky."

The co-founder of Delta Paranormal Project said an orange star-like entity hovered for a while, and then it moved, got dim, then bright, then "suddenly, it just disappeared."

Hood classifies the sightings into two areas, the unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrial vehicles.

Anyone can see a UFO, which usually turns out to be an airplane or some other man-made aircraft. It's the ETVs that are more unusual, and much harder to document or explain, he said.

Still, he believes ETVs are easier to spot in South Mississippi, where the land mass borders the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast offers few obstructions and a clear view of the sky, he said.

He thinks many people have probably seen UFOs and even ETVs, but are unlikely to make a report for fear of ridicule.

"You mention anything about aliens to anybody and it's an instant, 'You're crazy,'" he said.

For those who plan to go public with their sighting, Hood recommends still images and video confirmation. Turn off the auto focus on the camera and keep it steady, he said. It also helps to have additional witnesses for validation.

He is adamant humans are not alone in the universe.

"It would be kind of crazy to look up and say that there is no other life besides us," he said.

A grainy video posted Feb. 12 on YouTube by someone called UFOParanomalRadio shows a bright light in the sky, supposedly along U.S. 90 in Pass Christian.

The videographer captures the image for almost four minutes before it disappears from view.

"It's cool looking, whatever it is," a man's voice says. "It's lit up like a Christmas tree."

He says on the video that the image, which appears as both a spinning orb of light and two blurry, bright lights, is "just sitting there, and hovering over the Gulf of Mexico."

While trying to sharpen the focus, the shooter watches the light disappear into the water.

"It's completely gone, nowhere to be found," he can be heard saying.

Pass Christian Deputy Chief James Stewart said police logs do not show anyone making a report of an unidentified object any time that week.

Pascagoula police Lt. Shannon Massey also checked records for the past year, but could find no reports of UFO sightings.

On about.com, however, UFO expert Billy Booth posted about a sighting of a blinking light reported Sept. 22 that hovered for a while then flew upward and disappeared in the Jackson County sky.

Hood said Pascagoula could be a hotbed for UFO traffic.

It's where Hickson believes he was abducted in 1973, and it's close to Gautier, where a UFO was spotted hovering over Hickson home by neighbors years later.

Booth lists 10 Mississippi sightings on his UFO Casebook website, from 1967 in Meridian to Nov. 16 in Oxford, where a mother and daughter told him they saw a cylindrical object hover over the tree tops along U.S. 278.

Among the cases listed is Mike Cataldo, a retired U.S. Navy chief petty officer interviewed by former Mississippi Press reporter Natalie Chambers in 2001.

Cataldo said he and some friends saw a tambourine-shaped object lined in blinking lights, spinning in the sky between Pascagoula and Gautier in 1973, just three days after Hickson's alleged encounter.

Cataldo says in the case file he saw it again as he traveled west on U.S. 90 in Ocean Springs.

"I think he saw something," Chambers told the Sun Herald. "He didn't appear to be fearful; he was just talking about the lights. He was very sure that what he saw was a UFO."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/southmississippisightings.html

source & references:


UFO: Archontic-like Entities Hover around Sun
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:36 AM 12/25/2012


Several Archontic-like entities where observed hovering around the sun on the 18 December 2012, as mentioned in a report posted by UFO Sightings Daily.

The website, UFO Sightings Daily, is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan.

In this report, Scott Waring has published images of the UFOs, along with a video posted on YouTube.

Mr. Waring tells us about the nature of these images and how they were obtained.

“This is an update from the NASA/SOHO site of the UFOs recorded orbiting the Sun this yesterday.”

He also talks about who discovered these UFOs for the first time, and NASA’s reaction to the discovery.

“These UFOs were first reported by Russian scientists several years ago, but NASA on the other hand has a lot to hide.”

Mr. Waring explains why NASA hides such information from the public.

“Anything to do with aliens is instantly classified because it could pertain to national security.”

He also sites a recent example of how NASA had hidden information from the public.

“Remember the historical announcement a NASA scientist said was about to happen but never did last week. NASA lies.”

Scott Waring further tells us how NASA is trying to avoid lying to the public.

“And they are trying to avoid lying to the public by... not discussing the topic at all. SCW”

We would like to remind our readers that in the recent past, there has been an increase in sightings of UFOs around the sun. Earlier, some researchers had assumed that the occurrence of these Archontic entities could be linked to the end of the Mayan long Calendar on the 21 December 2012.

However, as the day has already passed, we cannot be sure about the intention of these objects, and what they are doing around our sun.

Note: Archontic - In Gnostic cosmology, Archons are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the earth. They are cyborgs inhabiting the planetary system (exclusive of the earth, sun and moon), which is described as a virtual world (stereoma) they construct by imitating the geometric forms emanated from the Pleroma, the realm of the Generators, the Cosmic Gods.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/archons.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Alleged Alien Autopsy Photographs; from UFO Crash in Yugoslavia

In November 1966 in the country close to a small village called Otocek of the former Yugoslavian Federation, a flying object crashed and an extraterrestrial being was extracted.

The event was soon put under silence, pretending the crash was the result of an highly secret military test.

The body, partially burned, was said to be the one of a pilot of the Air Force. They said it was deformed by flames and heat. The darkness of the night helped the military authorities to pass this thesis as believable.

The extraterrestrial being was immediately taken to Belgrade, with an ambulance of the Army, and in the Capital it was assigned to a Military Hospital. In a few hours, some of the most important scientists of Yugoslavia started to examine the corpse.

Among the scientists, three were the doctors that led the autopsy: the surgeon Andrej Zobol and the two pathologists Nikola Jullic and Zoran Frederic. The three were employees of the Government.

The photographs I have sent you show some of the most significant moments of the autopsy.

In 1999 the pictures were passed secretly to the author by the nephew of one of the doctors, that is living now in Slovenia, very close to the Italian border.

In 1966 neither the USA nor the USSR knew of this event thanks to the fact that Yugoslavia was a Socialist Country, but it was not aligned and it was neutral, far from the frictions of the Cold war.

Ivan Kremer

© All Rights Reserved 2005

(Editors Note; The UFO Casebook has not been able to verify nor debunk this story. There is, at this time, no other information available except what Ivan Kremer has sent me. The story and photographs are posted here for public view in the interest of curiosity until at some time more info comes which will prove one way or the other.)

Alien Pic Alien Pic Alien Pic Alien Pic

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Report & Photographs © Ivan Kremer


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