Brazilian UFO Magazine Re-Opens
Amazon's Operation Saucer

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 11:09:50 -0300

The Brazilian UFO Magazine, Revista UFO, re-opens the military program "Operation Saucer" in the Amazon.

After a few days visiting the areas affected by the phenomena called 'chupa-chupa' (suck-suck) in the Amazon, Brazilian UFO Magazine has decided to re-open all files and procedures involved in the military program "Operation Saucer", conducted by the Brazilian Air Force in the Amazon and recently made public.

The magazine team concluded that there is much more info to be learned from the witnesses and victims of the 'chupa-chupa', which was generally a beam of light emitted from egg and cylinder-shaped objects towards people in several locations of the jungle, extracting their blood.

It is estimated that over 1,000 people where attacked, and at least 80+ have been examined by local physicians.

Brazilian UFO Magazine has conducted new investigations on the islands of Colares and Mosqueiro, close to Belem, Para State´s capital.

New, amazing reports from old and recent cases were obtained, and show a large variety of phenomena detail. The attacks have decreased, but still continue. It is largely known that the Brazilian Air Force conducted military, official investigations of the 'chupa-chupa' in the Amazon, that were kept secret until a few years ago, when info was published by Brazilian UFO Magazine.

Some of the info of what was called 'Operation Saucer' was used in the magazine's campaign 'UFOs – Freedom of Information Now', which resulted in a partial opening of secret files in Brazil. Operation Saucer is the only known, and documented, military program officially designed to investigate UFOs in the world.

The magazine team has evidence to show that the Brazilian Air Force is still keeping much of the results of the Operation Saucer secret, specially details of direct, close encounterz that a few of its members had in the jungle with UFOs and their crews.

There are clear signs of abduction of military personnel and its known, now, that high authorities in the Air Force had close knowledge of the facts.

Because of all that, Brazilian UFO Magazine has started a new section called "Amazon Dossier" which will carry, in the next editions, full reports of new sightings and attacks, first-hand interviews with physicians, journalists, researchers and authorities, plus astonishing info from military undercover sources, all combined with on-site and updated info on both the 'chupa-chupa' and the Operation Saucer.

Edition 114 of Brazilian UFO Magazine will be available in Portuguese after September 12, and in English 30 days later.

A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Revista UFO

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A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Revista UFO

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