Fisherman take photograph of multiple UFOs over Manati, Puerto Rico

While I was at the University of Puerto Rico Enclosure of Rio Piedras, I was approached by a group of students who provided this photograph to me. The information that they provided to me was about of a group of fishermen of Manatí, Puerto Rico. On the 31st of July 2005 at about 10:30 at night they took a photo with a digital camera while observing apparent unusual extended UFOs traveling from north to the south in straight form. The sighting lasts about two minutes or so.

They were in the open sea when the sighting frightened them. They called the coastal police to see if they were aware of the unknown objects. This case is similar to other sightings reported by fishermen of this area. At the moment we are investigating other details of this news that may be being kept secret by the coast guard of the country.

The investigation continues.

Report by: Prof. Reinaldo Ríos

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