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DET 103rd AACS



13 JANUARY 1947

SUBJECT: Report on Unusual Circumstance

TO: CO 332nd FIGHTER WING LOCKBOURNE A B At approximately 1940 hrs Jan. 7th the Control Tower operator advised he observed an extremely strange bright light in the south west. However by the time I reached the operation steps at the entrance the light faded out. About two minutes later the Tower advised that the phenominon was visible again. This time I saw the object at about 15 degrees above the horizon to the west south west of Lockbourne. The object was extremely bright, more so than any star. I would say about as large as and as bright as one of the runway lights at full intensity as viewed from the Control Tower. It appeared to have a tapering tail about 6 diameters long and predominently was of a ruddy red color changing to A amber-yellow at different intervals.

The position of the object in the sky and the fact that we were reporting A high overcast at the time added to the mystery. UP until approximately 1950 hrs the object appeared to be motionless, at this time, however, it descended to the horizon in an interval of about 3 or 4 seconds, hovering there for 3 or 4 seconds and the ascended to its' original position in an interval of about 3 seconds. It then rapidly began to fade and lower in the sky and disappeared at 1955 hrs.

AF9944 xmtd a postion report to me at 1953 hrs over Columbus at 5,000 ft on round robin flight out of Wright Field to Washington and return , and reported a mysterious bright light to the west south west of his position, appearing like an oversized beacon.

Further information on reports from other stations observing the phenominon can be obtained from flight services at Patterson.


Frank M. Eisle


*******, E.M.


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