Man Relates Encounters with "Little People"
UFO When I was real young about 3 years old my dad had to go to a sanitarium for TB. That was around 1950. So my mother packed us up and stayed with her mother. Now my mother's grandmother was a spirit medium. (All of this is from my mother) except I remember my great grandmother rocking me and singing to me.

Well living in this old house with a field out back I slept in the back room with a window on the back side of the house and a small porch about 15 feet from the bottom of my bed. There was a door you could lock so I could not go down the back stair way.

Many times being 3-5 years old I would tell my mother how these "little people" would walk through the door (not opening the door) and down the stairs and out to the field. They would glow a tint of green. They would walk past my bed, not bothering me but they would come in my bed room and walk by my bed and then go down the hall stairs and then after about 15 minutes go back by my bed through the door (never opening it) and down the stairs and out to the field.

I do remember as I got to be older about 3-4 years old I told me mom about the "little men. but no one believed me. They took me into a domed small hill covered with grass.(Fairy mound?) I was scared!!!!!! and some times in the morning there was grass on my bed or on the floor near my bed. But I could not unlock the door the lock was to high!!!!!!!!

As I am writing this I can see the "little people" now. That was my first encounter in this nether world. But it happened. This was a procurer to what would happen when I got in my own home when I was about 6-8 years old in the next town over when the same thing happened again in back of an apartment building we lived in.

In my own room when I was about 6 years old the way to our apartment was up the stairs in the back of the house. These stairs were high, with a small platform about half way up. This was in back of the house and yes it over looked a field. The same field I would hunt rabbits in with my fiberglass bow and wooden arrows. Now this town was about 10 miles away from where my mothers people lived.

But some how I had an invisible friend. I do not remember his name, my mother does. My mother tells me I would play with him. Our doctor told my mother not to worry about it. But this "friend" would take me to the field and I remember it was dark and we went to a secret spot in the woods to talk and tell me about the stars. I was about 7-8 years old...and my love for the woods and the stars exploded!!!!!!

But the woods and my friend who taught me the star formations and where the universe and the woods we lived in were one and the same!!!!!!! That started me in reading about the world and our place in it. I was still seeing him when I was in the 7-8 grade...My father sent me to a doctor to see what was wrong with me because I was always wetting the bed. I developed in the 7th grade to forecasting the weather for my science project and I was not even watching TV to do it.

My "friend" was showing and teaching me to read the signs the clouds the sky and the stars and planets. He would help me give the weeks weather reports.!!!! My teachers were amazed and my dad was also!!!!! No one knew how I could do it.

Science Class was another subject I did well in. When it came to space and space travel and the astronomy class I went through that was easily!!!!!! It was Math that was my enemy!!!!!!! But I began to write, go fishing, trapping and hunting and I was always successful and I think that my friend taught me about nature. Almost like a WALKER, Texas Ranger thing!!!!

Nature, the fields, woods, and heavens were my friends...But soon after that a sinister force loomed in the dark forbidding future of my early teen age years.

As I was getting older and going into High school,1961, between trying to get a date, I was pursuing my interest in outer space. This was the 60s and there were some books out there about UFOs. I started reading a few. The subject intrigued me. So I read more and more about UFOs.

Then something different happened.

I was in bed reading a book about space and the future of space travel. A blue light came through my bedroom window. My whole bedroom was full of blue light. I called my dad in to see it. He came in and told me there was no blue light. But yet it was all around me. Then the bed shook as my dad was standing there. He asked me if I felt that. Sure I did. My mom did not feel it in their room. But in my room it sure did shake. We both thought that was odd. That was just the start of things.

As I tried to sleep many nights the blue light would appear. It did not scare me but I would open up to mans' flight to the moon. I told teachers that there was nothing there of interest and that with our ability we could not get there any way. I told them that the atmosphere was clear and that rocks and formations were really of no interest of us and that the moon came from out side our solar system. They did not believe me.

I asked my teacher to explain to me where it came from.? He suggested that another planet in our solar system, this was in 62 I believe. I told him if a piece of a planet came of it that big the planet would wobble so bad it would be like a bouncing ball in space. I told the teacher that the moon came from another co-existing solar system. He threw me out of class and the principal threw me out of school if I was going to debate the possibility other than what was taught. But yet about 3-4 nights a week the blue light would return to my room.

I would get these messages some times good, some times bad. At about 16 years old I went to a private school. My little"fairy" friend would return, take me out the window and give me visions of the future and also warn me that in "his dimension" there was good and bad spirits. I was to be warned about them.

At this time I was really unaware of what he meant and asked "him" what he meant. I was told that in due time he would help me. I even watched him dissolve a quarter in front of me. He even did this again in 1967 in front of 3 UFO investigators from Boston.

I got involved in APRO and joined as an investigator for them. They sent me a format and a test and I had to make it out, send it in and then I would get a form to sign and send in the money to be an APRO investigator.

As my next installment of this story I will relate to what happened after I joined APRO. I got my card and my sighting forms and off on a mission into the unknown. What an unknown it was to be!!!! From close hand visual occupant sightings to UFOs coming down in peoples' backyards and no trace of them leaving and the after smells of sulfur! This was/is a trip into the world of John Keel, Ray Fowler, and another UFO organization called CAPER run by a lady I will call RAC. This was to get really weird.

John as a national and international investigator and major UFO writer had his run ins with the MIBS and other paranormal events. He was the primary investigator and researcher of the Mothman in W. Virginia. He wrote many UFO books and a fiend of Ivan Sanderson also. He was going to play a big part in my "MIB" encounters along with RAC in Virginia. But I am getting ahead of myself.

As I made a lot of cards of my home phone number and address and went to airports, police stations and a lot of places where a UFO could be reported. It then paid off with many good sightings. And a lot of strange things happening in my life. I will give you some of them in this installment.

One was as I was investigating a case and doing the foot work, I was almost run down by a car. I got the license plate that was on a black car with the windows tinted. So the next day I asked a police officer I knew to trace the license plate. He did. The license plate was reported stolen from a car in Haverhill Mass. Where I had an occupant sighting.! I called RAC and told her about it. She told me that same night she was also tried to be hit by a car.

Strange things happened around the house; objects missing, things floating, and I learned a few tricks from John about how to tell if someone broke in my house. Simple but highly effective. I had a poster board with a map on it. Every sighting was logged on it in with different colored tacks. Blue for fly bys, green for landings, red for occupant sightings etc. I came home on night and every tack was taken off and my map on the coffee table and every tack put neatly on a straight line on the bottom edge of the board!!!!!! I checked my door and window checkers and NONE WERE MOVED!!!! I never could understand that.

I called RAC and told her what happened. During that conversation we both heard rooster crowing and beeps and also sounds that were metallic. I then started to have a menacing figure that I could see in my minds eye that followed me wherever I went. I wrote to John Keel and he had Berthold Schwartz come up to question and do a psych test on me. In Bert's Book "UFO Dynamics" Bert mentions this case. About a week later John Keel had two investigators from Boston come down to my house to help me fight these "demon forces." In the next installment I will tell what happened when they came down, what they saw and what they did to fight "things in the spirit, MIB world...

Well the psychological harassment continued. As the mental condition of my mind continued to bother me the cases were coming in more then I could handle. Cases of UFOs hovering over rivers, UFOs over police stations and even Loring AFB calling me about the UFOs that were flying over and attempting to "take" out their nuclear missiles. I was visited by a Loring AFB officer. I was not home but he left his card.

The next day I called him. He wanted me to let him in to see my reports. But he did not give me the base number, it was his personal office number at the base. Or So he said. That was strange to me as I got him. No secretary, just him!!! He wanted all my files of pass overs in upper NH and Maine. I told him I would hand them to him personally. But not send him the reports. He refused. But now my Apartment was haunted. Things would disappear and if I walked out of the room it would reappear where it just was not there. I thought I was going insane.

A UFO investigator and friend of mine in Virginia called me one Friday night. He had some info on the Phil experiment he wanted to share with me over a pay phone on a busy street. He thought that was safe. During our conversation I heard what I thought was a car back firing. Then the phone went dead. He did not answer. I did not know what happened. All night it bothered me.

I called the police the next morning to see if their was any murders the night before. They asked why? I told them I was from Mass and I was talking to someone and the sound of a car backfiring was in the background but who I was talking to was not there any more. Then they asked who I was and confirmed who I was talking to was shot while he was on the phone.!!!!

Now if that does not make one paranoid what will!!!!!!! I contacted RAC and told her about that and she admitted that she was driving down the road and a car tried to crash her car on the side and into a ditch. Now RAC believed what I told her!!!!!! All this the same week. I wrote to John Keel and told him what was going on. I got a letter back saying the next week 2 UFO investigators would be visiting my house to take my story and help me deal with it. I could not wait!!!!!!

So the next week two neatly dressed young men (late 20s) came to my door, showed me credentials and I let them in. We talked and they asked me what the MIBS were doing. I told them. Showed them the security systems and how some one was getting in the house without opening any doors or windows. They were not surprised!!!! I told them to look out the window as there was a man in a dark, black coat. It was standing on the side of a small store smoking a cigarette.

From where they were sitting they could not see him. I told one of them to get up walk past the window and go into the next room then come back. He did! When he came back he said to the other guy, his friend, Holy _____!!!!! He is right! there is some one standing there. As they told me of what they knew and how not to fear them as fear feeds on fear. Just tell them to go to hell and they had no power over me. I told them if they ever saw any solid object disappear? They said ,"never" so I told them I would show them.

So I put a quarter on the table away from them sitting on the couch and away from me sitting in the chair. I told them to watch it. So I concentrated on the 25 cent piece and asked my "little glowing man friend" to make it go away. In front of these two seasoned UFO experts the coin took on a shimmering effect and then slowly it disappeared in front of them!!!!! One of these guys almost fainted!!!

The other one was skeptical. So he got up felt the table, got on the floor and felt for the coin. Now not them nor I was anywhere near the table!!! He told me in all of his years of doing this he never saw a MIB or a coin disappearing into thin air.

Now I asked him, do you think I am faking.? He sat there looking at me and the other guy wanted to get out of there. I told them no way. John sent you down here to help me and now you are going to. So in a state of confusion, one of them kept seeing if the man was still watching the house, he was, and the other one was still looking for the coin. I was not happy but I told them that if they had a ten dollar bill I could make that go away too. they would not take me up on that!!!!

So as we sat there I said ok how are you going to help me. One said it was spirit/God thing he wanted me to do as much during the day and night as I could. To stand up in a quiet room, Touch my fingers together middle finger to middle finger and do 2 things. One to focus on the color in my mind of green or yellow what ever was easier. And as I drew my hands around my solar plexus to the back of my body as I did this to either say the words or think them in my mind, "May the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit encompass me with their protection against the evil one."

This I was to do morning, noon time and at night. As I did this to try to make the color in my mind green or yellow. If RED or Dark red came in my mind then the "evil forces were present." The more I did this mind exercise and the more the green or yellow occurred in my mind then the evil was going away. They left my house very convinced in the world of real MIBS, and the forces of being able to make physical things disappear. One of them said to me that I should wear a cross over my heart but under my outside shirt. As they left I heard one of them comment, something like "well their is a first for everything and wait until we get back to tell the rest about this"

So over the next few weeks I did as I was told. It still occurred to me as things went missing and my UFO books would all be scattered over the floor when ever I went out and came back they would be from one end of the floor to the other.

"They" even chased me in a car. I knew the area well, hell I lived in this town nearly all my life, So one night as my wife and I were riding a black shiny car pulled in back of us. I went down streets and back roads trying to get way from this car. I could not. Now as I have done for years, I carry a baseball bat in my car. If some one or something comes at me I am taking out their knee caps or break their legs. Even strong men go the ground this way. So I knew a dead end. I drove down the dead end and pulled into a side road just before the dead end. The black car went past me into the dead end. I backed my car up trapping them . I grabbed my bat and headed for the car, As I got near it the car became fuzzy and disappeared right in front of my face. My wife asked me where the car went as I backed out. I told her It went into the field to get away. She looked at me almost trying to say,Yeah right!!!!!

During this point in time I was working for a company that specialized in making high tech fuses and circuit boxes. I was helping making and installing a super sized transformer to test fuses and breakers. This unit was about 8 ft high, 6 feet wide and 8 feet long. Well I was building the control box that ran it. Now there was about 6" of hard nylon impregnated plastic that would stand the force so you could watch the transformer and the test and be safe if a circuit that we were testing blew up. So I was surrounded where I was making the control board, wiring and other control monitors by all kinds of wires, electrical meters and other sensing equipment.

My boss was named Jim. He would give me the schematics, the layout and the ability to assemble the control board of this massive machine. When I was out of work I was chasing UFOS, the MIB and doing case follow ups with new sightings. Well one day while I was in the control room going over the procedures...all the electronic on the board lit up. The massive transformer tried to start up. I called Jim to see this. He came down. he asked me what happened?

I told him I was not even near the board. So he told me to shut it off and we would check the electrical system out. I told him I never turned it on!!!!! So Jim said he would unplug it. When he got to the 2 wire connections. One from the control board the other from the transformer...they were not connected! I heard Jim say, "That is impossible!." There is no power going into it!!!"

Suddenly there was a cloud of green above the transformer and a round formation over the transformer! The round form turned into an oval disc with a little man standing next to it. "holy ______ " My boss said! I stood there and was speechless!!!! Jim looked at me , I looked at him. The formation hummed and the transformer glowed green also. The "little man" floated down to the floor and walked through the wall into the control room. Jim and I stood there transfixed as the man walked into the electrical control console I was building and suddenly every thing went dead. The Transformer went down the control station went down and an odor of sulfur and burnt wire permeated the room.

Jim looked at me and I looked at him. Jim told me he never believed in UFOS, but he knew I was an investigator, but now he was a believer. On another occasion I got a headache as I usually did when a menacing "alligator head figure would invade my mind." Jim did not know what I saw at home or some times when I was around high voltage equipment. I never told him. But as this episode ended Jim and I were trying to figure out how the thing started up with no "live connections."

As I was checking the control room Jim was checking the transformer on its in coming power lines...I heard a loud thud, When I turned around Jim was on the floor in a daze. I picked him up and got him seated. I asked him what happened.

Jim said he was looking at all the incoming circuits but none were in the on positions when he saw a (in his words)"Green alligator figure near his head and it snapped at him and he fell over a wire on the floor trying to get away."

Well as time went by Jim was leery of coming into this room with me and said so. But we did get the project done. As this was a factory and we dealt with fuses and circuit breakers and the like, before you can get it doing what it should it has to witnesses by a Underwriters Lab man and a certified personnel man to witness the machine working and it being safe.

So on that day, everything was checked twice, connections, panels, tools, etc. there were 3 of us that checked everything. Everything was. Jim told me to check for anything loose in the "transformer room". No loose screws, bolts, wrenches wired etc. After I said everything was ok, Jim checked it out himself. Then the U L man checked it out. the time had arrived to turn it on for a demo run so we could use it full time. Now remember 3 people checked for anything in this room and then the door was locked.

As 3 people looked on: the plant manger, the UL man and my boss, my boos told me to press the start button. There was a loud BOOM, smoke and sparks went every where. We got on the phone asked for the fire dept and also had people go and get the fire extinguisher. As we opened the door we put out the small fires and the fire chief arrived. They sprayed the whole thing down and contained the unit in a foam spray.We let it cool for about 15 minutes and checked the circuit breakers. They did go off as they should have but the transformer was totally destroyed. Even though the circuit breakers did their job the whole unit was destroyed...that was unusual!!!!!

As the fire fighters came out one told us to come in a 12" metal adjustable wrench was melted into the Transformer!!!!!! We all looked at each other...My boss, the UL man and myself. Every one of us told the same story...there was no adjustable wrench in that room...We all agreed on that. a Month investigation turned up no clue as how a wrench that big could get in there after all 3 of us checked it out. AS the UL man said, "I know there was NO wrench in that room when I left it and locked the door!" Jim and I looked at each other and we knew. But nothing was said. After the event they scrubbed a whole multi million dollar project...John said to me in a private conversation, " Man stay away from me, This is too weird and dangerous for me.

Within 2 months he was gone and I left to live in NH but I stayed as a NICAP and CAPER investigator as APRO was gone then I switched to MUFON investigator. (AJC)

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