Valensole, France Landing, (Masse), 1965

Depiction of Sighting
In July of 1965, In Valensole, France, a farmer named Maurice Masse claimed that he saw two children standing in his field. Masse was attempting to find a solution to why his lavender crop had bare spots of ground.

As Masse approached the "children," he noticed an unusual object close by. Now with a much closer view, the children were not children at all, but "strange looking beings."

Masse described them as having large, bald heads, pasty faces, and huge, slanted eyes that stared out at him. He also related that they were wearing coveralls of some sort, and one of them was holding a tube-like device, standing by an odd-looking craft. Masse swore that as he approached the object, he was hit by some sort of ray, which disabled him for a time.

When he awoke, he saw the object flying off into the sky.

Fearing ridicule, he was reluctant at first to report his incident, but in time, he came forward with the facts.

During an interview, Maurice was shown a drawing representative of an object that had landed in Socorro, New Mexico, the previous year. The object had been seen by policeman Lonnie Zamora, who later made a sketch of it. Masse remarked, "Someone else has seen my UFO."

According to the farmer, he was not able to grow anything in the area of the incident for years to come. Neither the Masse nor Zamora case proves the existence of extraterrestrial life, but especially in the Zamora case, there is no doubt that some type of unusual craft with occupants did land, and take off again.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who interviewed Zamora on more than one occasion, believes every word that Zamora said, however, offers no explanation for his sighting.

In Hynek's own words; "There is much more evidence to indicate that we are dealing with a most real phenomenon of undetermined origin."

If what Zamora saw was not of extraterrestrial origin, then where did it come from? Why did it land? Who were the strange occupants?

(B J Booth)

source: Dr. J. Allen Hynek


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