Unknown Objects Observed & Photograph over McKinney, Texas
UFO Around 7:00 PM. Sunday 10-22-06 McKinney Texas. My wife and I went outside to get into our pickup to go to get something to eat at a nearby fast food place. She was standing by the door on her side of the truck waiting for me to open it, when I saw something in the west part of the sky in the distance. I called her to my side of the truck so she could see what I saw between the trees: low, maybe 30 degrees above the horizon just above the middle of the county building.

This was about the time the sun was setting but no stars had began to shine. Only darkened clouds on the horizon in the west. A bright object, elongated, that appeared to have different colored lights running along its length. It just sat there and did not move.

I took some shots of it with my digital camera that had a 2X optical zoom. Sometimes it would flash or flare up in brightness. Next I ran into the house to get my video camera. My wife was still watching it. I couldn't get the video to focus on it.

While I was trying to film it my wife yelled at me and said two more objects, extremely bright balls of light one after another, flashed into sight near the one I was watching. Then both shot out of sight in an instant horizontally to the north. The original object started to move off to the west and became lower and dimmer as it left.

I finally got the video to focus but I may not have anything on it as the object was quite distant by now. The entire sighting lasted for maybe three minutes. I hope I have something on the cameras.

Larry & Pam

A big thanks to Larry & Pam for sending along their sighting report.

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