Transcript interview local dutch network Omroep Brabant with renowned medium May 7, 2004

R = Robbert van den Broeke

X = interviewer Omroep Brabant

R: It happens often that i sit down and concentrate myself and make contact with the entities who lead me to the circles, that these often appear in the shape of lights on the picture. X: There are piles of photos, i've seen them too, all balls of light floating around your head, and for you it's very normal, it happens daily i believe. R: Yes.. indeed, it'd be highly possible that if you now take a picture of me, i'd consider the chance approx. 99% that there's light on it. X: We could do that in a minute, you've got a digital camera with you.. but that's normally.. this time you saw something special. R: Yes.. that's actually so peculiar.. there are actually so many things going on, but now something happpened and i had a very strong feeling in house that something was present.. the feeling being watched by entities who totally know who i am.. i can't explain it entirely, but a feeling of a higher consciousness and suddenly i saw in the corners of the room very clearly 'SLAP!.. SLAP!', each time a kind of flash and in these flashes i saw actually encapsulated faces of, you can say, white faces with almond-shaped eyes in it and i had no fear of it, but found it all very new... this is getting real close... X: You're also very impressed by it. R: Yes.. i'm totally full of it, it's so special. X: If i see the pictures here in front of me, i've to say i find it also very exciting.. we see pictures taken each time at the same spot, it starts very hazily, it looks initially like a kind of fog, that is floating in front of a chair and in front of a picture on the wall, and you see this fog becoming more intense with each photo, untill this last photo here... well it's very unbelievable.. if you see it, there really is sitting an entity there!, a kind of spooky white phenomenon with a long small face and i'd say almost the famous almond-shaped slant-eyes. R: It looks like the one that has been seen before, and is called the Grey, also called de 'Grijze' [in dutch] in countless witness testimonies, only there are rarely pictures taken from. X: I see of course your ador and i see how true for you this all is, but you can imagine that most people who see this think 'Well.. i don't know what to think of it.' R: Well.. i'm very skeptical myself, but while you experience it the skeptical human is most true to the source, the skeptical person is more telepathic than the one who accepts everything without any problems, so i applaud that people are skeptical, but it's all about evidence in our society, and i bring the evidence, you can't pass over it... X: Some people will think in this age of computers everyone could hoax something like this behind a pc. R: Well.. that could be the case, but we have so much photos that also include negatives, and also made with a roll of film, with the most bizarre things on it, lightphenomena, objects; if you'd hoax it you'd not even think about it, you'd think up a story to get publicity and well then you're a very cunning person i guess. X: You just mentioned that if we take a picture, then there might be something visible on it, do you think that will be the case now? R: Yes maybe.. i'm not sure about it. X: Shall we consider an attempt? R: Sure.. X: Ok, then we're going to try it together on the camera, see if that works out, concentrate yourself. R: Well.. ok, i'll have a look.. X: (laughs) R: It still looks quite calm on the picture.. Oh no, next to my head! X: Yes, i see one next to your head. R: There's a ball of light on it... wait a second... maybe near her... Yes! also near her, behind you! X: Yes, there's also one visible behind my head! R: Oh great, thank you a lot... thank you. Transcribed and Translated by Toine Trust Kind Regards, Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza - Home of the Dutch UFO Community Site Admin S.O-L.A.A.S. - Alien Abduction Support Editor UFOrmant - the dutch UFO magazine site: mail: news:

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