Luminous UFO Photographed in Mexico, 04-14-06
In the Mexican Republic many people were witnesses of an unusual event, of the passage of a luminous object that left an enormous tail to its path. The event was reported from various cities and captured on a video that was given in the offices of Jaime Maussan.

The images demonstrate clearly how a luminous structure flew over, apparently, at low height over skies of the Mexican capital, approximately at 20:30 hours, on April 14. What brought more attention to this event is that in the final part of the video is showed how this object turned, giving the return and disappearing of the object to the witness, who has asked for anonymity and is only identified with the name of "Víctor".

The possibility of an astronomical event has been mentioned, but the data does not confirm this option, since, apparently, it crossed the Mexican territory at various times of the night. We are awaiting knowing greater information on the matter to clear doubts of the sighting of the Good Friday.

A similar event took place on December 5, of 1998. An object was filmed by investigator Merciful Carlos. The object of that sighting was reported to do a right turn, ruling out any astonomical explanation.

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