Mexico - UFO fleet video released

UFO video frame capture

MEXICO CITY -- New footage showing the April 11, 2005, UFO fleet over Mexico city was presented tonight on national television on the Los Grandes Misterios TV show hosted by Jaime Maussan as an update to the investigations on the UFO fleet.

Video shows 54 UFOs.

The video was taken by Raul Orozco the morning of April 11, 2005 and is consistent with the video taken by Arturo Robles Gil the same day at the same hour.

The two men have never met.

During the TV show a comparison with actual balloons was made to show the audience that the UFOs were not balloons.

The results were dramatically clear and showed this was not a conventional aeronautic phenomenon.

There was a UFO fleet videotaped the next day so it result impossible to believe that those balloons remained static on the sky all that time.

Thanks to Santiago Yturria

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