History Channel Presents the "Mexico Roswell."
We really don't have to use the word Roswell to grab attention to everything UFO, do we? But, in any case, there is an excellent TV show coming about a case that occurred in 1974 in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. I got the details of this UFO crash and recovery some ten years ago, and it is rarely discussed.

I have to give a big thumbs up to the producers of the History Channel for having the gumption to go out on a limb and discuss a case with a whole lot of United States military involvement. America's intervention was covered up, as usual, in this very compelling UFO event. At least, the FAA knew absolutely nothing about it.

The Coyame, Mexico Crash and Recovery will give us a fascinating look into this Mexican case, way before the current wave of Mexico sightings. This will involve the tracking of an unknown object over Mexico as it soared toward U S airspace, and the subsequent disappearance of it from radar. At the same time, a civilian plane is suddenly lost from radar.

Apparently, the two collided, causing the UFO to make a crash landing. The History Channel promises to release "never before seen" video relating to the event. Hey, what else could you want? a UFO crash, covert military recovery, crash debris, dead bodies...wait, that does sound like Roswell. Don't miss this one on Wednesday, March 15th.

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