Mexico Security Camera UFO dubbed "UFO from Dimensional Doorway"

On the 3rd of October, there was reported in the Mexican town of Branches Arizpe, Coahuila, an unusual filming obtained with the urban cameras of Public Security. Before the news, investigator Jaime Maussan was investigating the details of the case, presenting/displaying to the Mexican public the following information.

In Arizpe Branches a complex system of security cameras exists, that have a range of between 700 to 1500 m.s, with a powerful zoom lens and placed in strategically important points of the city, with an approximated value of $350.000, according to declarations of the Ing.. Ernesto Saro, President Municipal de Ramos Arizpe. The Director of Public Security, Ing. Homero Durán Flowers, declared that the video-operator managed to catch to one of the luminous objects that were reported via telephone, confirming that there was indeed observed shining points in the sky.

According to testimony of Ing. Roberto Rocha, Director of Projects of Telexpertice, basically what was observed in the video is a light source with special characteristics, since luminosity around the probable object is only perceived. Also he explained the importance of the long period of time that the object remained stationary. Taking into account the previous factors, Ing. Rocha considers that this event may have a strange origin.

The operator of Public Security, Brown Elsa, declared:

"We approximately received a call to the 2:50 a.m., was a commander, to say us that we showed ourselves to the window to see a very luminous star of colors and as to the 5 minutes we received another call and we came to observe by the window, was an object greater than a star... when noticing that it changed of colors we decided to focus it with the urban camera and we realized that was taking circular form, until we saw that it was a strange object."

Jaime Maussan exhorted the scientific community to analyz the video. Ruled out was that it can be a star or a conventional object, since the security camera used manual focus, according to his investigation. Also unusual was the central hollow in the image.

Maussan, after further investigation, added the following data:

a) The first telephone call was from Brown Elsa, operator of a commander of the police, and second it corresponded to a watchman's call while on duty.

b) Some members of Public Security observed the enigmatic phenomenon, and in this occasion, it was very distant and in another position, this fact reported the next day.

c) the filmed object is not semi-transparent.

d) Confirmed that the security camera used was focused manually.

e) The movements that are observed in the video are solely of the object, and not of the camera.

f) At several moments it is possible to see that the object inclines towards the sides, being shown a defined volume.

g) the white point that is observed in the images is a small spot in the lens of the camera, is not a celestial body. The probable object presented/displayed movements of expansion and contraction, accompanied by certain pulsations. He is advisable to clarify that some images are cuts of the original photograms, with the purpose of making closeups. Maussan concluded saying that at the moment there is no other logical explanation except a probable UFO from a cosmic short cut or dimensional doorway.

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source and references:

Investigación del Lic. Jaime Maussan

Informa desde México:
Profra. Ana Luisa Cid
Ing. Ernesto Saro, Presidente Municipal de Ramos Arizpe
Ing. Homero Durán, Director de Seguridad Pública en Ramos Arizpe
Ing. Roberto Rocha, Director de Proyectos de Telexpertice de México
Elsa Moreno, operadora de Seguridad Pública

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