MEXICO: Spherical UFOs over Mexico City, 01-04-06

MEXICO: Spherical UFOs over Mexico City, 01-04-06

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-January 12, 2006

** A Report by Ana Luisa Cid **

On January 4, 2006 at 4:45 p.m. I recorded some spherical objects over Mexico City using a Sony TRV 340 camcorder with a 25x optical zoom.

For the time being I can find no explanation to the event, and strangest of all is that while one sphere ascended, another descended, and a third one traveled horizontally -- all of this against clear skies and the Moon about to enter its waxing phase.

The spherical objects appeared to be self-motivated, following defined trajectories and keeping a constant speed.

This video was transmitted on Monday, January 9, on the "Viva La Mañana" TV program hosted by Alfredo Adame of Televisa Channel 4.

The red arrow indicates the ascending direction and the blue on the descending trajectory.

The descending sphere traveled at a faster rate of speed.


The larger object continued rising toward the zenith.

Explanation of the attached files:

Foto 1.- This is the first image I witnessed- one sphere rising and another moving horizontally.

Foto 2.- I lost the object traveling horizontally from sight and never saw where the descending object went to.

Foto 3.- Approximation of both trajectories.

Foto 4.- Finally, only the ascending sphere remained in my field of vision and it can be seen to have modified its trajectory, making a 90 degree angle movement.

Leonardo Sánchez Galindo's Eyewitness Account, Mexico City.

As did Ana Luisa Cid, I was also able to see those spheres in the sky on Saturday, January 7, 2006. I was at the Plaza Satélite shopping center and from the moment I reached the shopping center,I became aware of the spherical objects. At first I assumed they were balloons, because Three Kings Day was just over. However, I noticed they were following a very well-defined trajectory.

I was startled to count more than 14 of them and while some moved south (using the Periferico (beltway) as a point of reference), some headed east and that's when I realized that what I was witnessing was not exactly commonplace.

During the sighting, an airliner crossed the same space as one of the lights and I was then able to realize that the spheres were flying at a very high altitude.

I can say that despite their altitude, it was possible to make out that they weren't just dots in the sky, since it was possible notice some structure or body, and these spheres (or at least so it seemed) reflected the sunlight.

Finally, out of the fourteen spheres I saw at first, they literally vanished from my field of vision until only one of them remained, maintaining a back-and-forth motion and remaining static for a period of time of about 1 hour until finally vanishing.

I was rather awestruck by what I witnessed.

(Translation (c) 2006 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

source and references:

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-January 12, 2006

Report by Ana Luisa Cid

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