UFO Photographed over Eagle, Michigan, 05-04-06
Eagle --This is Patty Donahue, thought you might be interested in seeing my new pictures. I took the following pictures while out driving on the back roads near my home on May 4, 2006.

When I take pictures, I try to take anywhere from 3-10 frames of the same shot, so I can see what may appear. The photo shows a UFO (though you have to zoom in to see it).

The photo is enlarged, so you could see the UFO. In later photos it's just gone, vanished. The craft appeared to be disc shaped and an estimated 25 feet in diameter. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks to Patty Donahue (MUFON International F. I. Trainee-Michigan)

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Image © Patty Donahue

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