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On Saturday eve, Dec 2 (2006)...I witnessed another triangle...my 4th just since Feb 14th of this year. I filed my MUFON report yesterday...ALSO...what I found very interesting, was that I also got some strange pics that I had taken the same day...earlier in the day, at my home. I will include those pics here.

I will also include a link to some of my other pics now. So feel free to use these pics. I just thought that the bizarre experience Saturday pushed my family's experiences to a whole new level..."something" followed us for over an hour...BEFORE this triangle appeared...and why...why did I not take pics of this object?...(maybe I wasn't suppose to?)...it never even crossed my mind...why?...I ALWAYS have my camera on me...and it took my daughter even to mention it to me as we watched this triangle coming towards us.

This was NOT like me at all...I could have had over an hour's worth of pics and/or video of this object that followed us...but it didn't even dawn on me..?? I keep kicking myself over & over about this...and wondering why? It never even dawned on me until Sunday morning...I just sat here dumbfounded at why I didn't take pics? This will always bother me...again....maybe I wasn't "suppose" to?...

Let me know what you think of this...it was a very bizarre evening...

Thanks Billy!


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Here's the triangle report from Saturday, Dec , 2006....it is VERY long and VERY detailed, so people could understand the magnitude of how long this object followed us, and the multiple turns it took to be able to follow us...all very strange. I HAD to detail the report for this very reason.

I am a MUFON International Field Investigator...

Last night, Saturday, December 2, 2006, I witnessed my 4th triangle since Feb 14th of this year. However, for over an hour before this triangle made it's "appearance"...my 2 daughters and I were followed by a gold/white "star-like" object. Here is my report, as it happened.

My youngest daughter was invited to spend the night at a friends house, in Delta Township...(about 2 miles from my folks)....maybe 10-12 miles from my house. We left our house at 5:33pm. I know, because I stopped at the top of our driveway and took some pics of the house with the Christmas lights on..(Camera clock shows last pic at 5:33pm). As we headed south down Wacousta Rd, I was looking at how pretty the sunset was in the West. There was still plenty of light out. What I noticed, was this huge set of brilliant white lights just under the clouds...they were spread out...in a broad horizontal direction...yet you knew there was an object there...yet it was a strange sight...(there was blue sky...this object...then clouds above it). I ran through every thought of what it might be, but nothing conventional came to mind...this was just spread out in too large of an area. It was maybe 3 miles west of us, and huge. I said something to the girls as I still saw it as we approached Grand River Hwy. I watched it for just a few seconds, then I turned east onto Grand River Hwy, so I could hop onto the freeway (I-96) by Flying J Truckstop. As I turned onto I-96 eastbound, I noticed the white lights were gone from the West sky, but then, I noticed there was this gold/white star-like object in the sky....and I noticed it was moving.

The sky was still light and blue enough out, and we saw planes passing near this "light" that was still moving along with us. As I drove to the westbound Saginaw Hwy. exit, we noticed it was now passing to the south of us. As I took the exit ramp, I had to turn west onto Saginaw Hwy. (M-43). At the end of the exit ramp, as we waited at the stop sign for traffic to clear, we watched this object just sitting there. You could tell there was some sort of actual "object" there...then...amazingly, as we turned onto West Saginaw Hwy....it too turned and headed west. It stayed to the south of us and it was definitely moving along with us. Again, we saw other aircraft plain as day, pass by this. I drove approximately 2-3 miles to Upton Rd. (2 streets west of my folks road) and I turned south onto Upton Rd. I drove a couple of miles to the next major cross road...and turned west onto St. Joe Hwy., drove approx. 1/2 mile and turned south into my daughter's friends subdivision. As we drove, the object was still following us. As we pulled into her friends driveway, we then saw it above us. As we unloaded my daughter's stuff out of the truck (sleeping bag/etc), we looked up and we could no longer see it. I asked the girls if they could see it...and where'd it go?...they replied "no....it's gone". My daughter's friend then came out her front door, and walked towards my truck, to help us bring in the things. We stood inside for about 5-7 minutes talking with her friends' mother, about the holidays/etc.

As my other daughter & I left the friends house, we took the same route back to Saginaw Hwy. My daughter wanted Burger King, so we headed east onto Saginaw Hwy. As we headed East....there it was..still to the south of us....still moving with us. We passed under I-96, to go to Burger King first (3/4-1 mile east of I-96...just past Horrocks). After going through drive thru', I decided to go back (west) towards Grand Ledge to the car wash, before they closed at 7pm. I also quickly pulled off into the McDonalds by Walmart and got a Diet Coke. We pulled out and headed west...still on Saginaw Hwy....and it was still there.....moving right along with us...still in the South...now heading west. The car wash is 1/2 mile from the M-100 (Wright Rd.) Saginaw Hwy. (M-43) Intersection. It was actually closer for me to head home that way now...but for some reason, after I drove through the car wash, I really hesitated...thinking the roads would be wetter, (snow) and I knew the freeway was dry, and I didn't want to get my truck dirty after I just spent $10 to get it washed good. So I turned east, back onto Saginaw Hwy...and headed back to I-96. Now we were backtracking our way back home.

Yes...the object was there again, south o us, heading west along with us. I got onto the westbound I-96 ramp...and headed home. As we drove, the object was now west of us...moving right along parallel to us...still up in the sky. As I pulled onto the exit ramp at Grand River, this object also turned...and as I drove west on Grand River Hwy, it followed. I started to pull over on the shoulder (of Grand River Hwy) by the light (by the Watertown Tnship Fire Dept...just before Flying J), but decided I wanted to be where it was safe to get out of my truck and watch this thing, and I wanted to be in a well lit area with people around. As we pulled into Flying J Truckstop, I pulled in so my truck was facing west...yet I was near the Fire Dept....which is right smack next (east) to Flying J's parking lot.

I got out of my truck, to watch the gold/white object...and it was no longer to the South of us now....NOW....it was above us...a tiny bit north of us...almost overhead...yet not quite. I am standing right outside my driver door looking around and Jen is in the front passenger seat...when all of a sudden...I see these bright lights out of the corner of my eye...I turned directly east...facing the Fire Dept...and this huge object appears out of nowhere....just east of the I-96 overpass. It was huge....no more than 20 degrees off the horizon....but right there in front of us....it got closer and lower.

It now was maybe 4-6 stories above the ground, and passing to the front (south) of the Fire Dept...coming towards us. It was as big as a jumbo 747...or bigger...It was over the Fire Dept parking lot...it had 3 bright white lights...and it was a triangle. Just as my first triangle, (this had 3 equal sides...all rounded corners...black...) I said to my daughter "look at this"..."what?" she asked...I said "you have to look at this...its big...its so bright...you have to see this"...I did NOT tell her what it was I was seeing...she tried peering backwards out the rear windows of my truck...she couldn't see anything...I said..."no, please...you need to see this quick"...she put down her window, stuck her head out and then pulls half her body out...onto the window frame and then says, "mom...its another triangle".....I said..."I know!"... she then says..."you need your camera mom...I need to get your camera out...I'll get it for you"...she then quickly pulls herself back into the truck seat, grabs my purse, (that was on the front passenger floor), gets the camera out and reaches across the front seat as I lean into my truck to get it from her. I did NOT take my eyes off that triangle at all.

She then sticks her body back out the window and we are now both watching this triangle come right at us, bank to the North and turns back east. There is absolutely NO SOUND....it has 3 white lights, 1 on each corner...a huge centered red "portal"...and a red light between 2 of the white lights. Then, as it banks to head back east again, it starts blinking...red & white lights. It goes in a quick pattern...such as left to right.....white-red-white...then back again....only from the right this time....white-red-white.

I tried to take pictures first...it would NOT let my camera zoom in at all....it just froze...then it finally zoomed in...and it would not let me focus...I took 2 pictures...that turned out crummy...so then I switched it to video mode...and once again tried to get the zoom to zoom in...it wouldn't...so I just pressed record...and started recording the best I could. Now it is moving away from us...still east...ever so slightly northeast. After it was out of sight, we both immediately looked up...and that gold star-like object was gone.

As we sat there for a good 5 minutes, I made a couple of phone calls. I glanced around, and noticed that no one else seemed aware of it at all. When I first pulled into Flying J...my instinct was to look and see who all was there...there was only 1 vehicle at the car pumps at that time. Lots of semi trucks to the west of the main Flying J Bldg, all in their designated parking/sleeping area.

It was now 8 minutes to 7....and we headed home. When I got home, I called Capital City Airport and talked with the control tower. They are going to look through their radar. I will follow-up Monday with more calls to other agencies.

I have included 3 pictures I captured from the video. I will add others into the MUFON database. My first picture of the triangle was taken at 6:47pm...and the video at 6:48pm.

I also want to mention, that we could tell when this star-like object turned, by the white, which by the way it moved...was the front of this object. When we would stop...it would just sit there in the sky...not move...only when we went to turn off the freeway at first, did it keep going....then when we got off the freeway, it turned and sat there, until we turned onto Saginaw Hwy.


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Patty Donahue

MUFON Internatinal Field Investigator

& Michigan MUFON FI

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