Unknown Object Videotaped Over Modesto, CA; 03-14-06

Good Day BJ,

While visiting friends in Modesto, California I happened to have noticed a dark silhouette in the sky that appeared to be unaffected by the storm clouds passing by at 4:16 pm (PST). Watched it for about 45 seconds or so and decided to run and grab my camcorder out of the car. I yelled at my friends to come outside (who were busy shooting pool in their garage) as I was running to the car. I quickly set up my tripod, and attached the homemade camcorder and binocular mount and proceeded to scan the area it was last seen at.

To my disappointment, I could not find it but saw now a glowing luminous object that seem to pulse located in the same general area. Could this be the same object I wondered? Well regardless I started to videotape the glowing/pulsing object for a little over 3 minutes before I ran out of tape. And rather than try and follow the slow moving object I decided to just lock the tripod and let the object move about with the occasional realignment of the camera to center the object. I wondered how an object (such as a balloon) could move so slowly against the oncoming blustery wind and what were these luminous discharges it was creating?

Then what I feared happened and the tape ran out. I proceeded to observe the object now thru the binoculars which provided a great view of it, admiring the pulse's it was displaying. I was able to continue watching it move along it's trajectory unaffected by the fast paced wind coming from the North-Northwest when something remarkable happened. It disappeared from view! It didn't zip off and it didn't collapse or implode, it just wasn't there anymore.

Could this have been some form of cloaking? Could this been a blinking out to somewhere else? Questions kept running thru my mind and during all this bit of quandaries all I wanted to do is kick myself for not putting in a new tape before taping as I missed out on showing something extraordinary for a ending to my capture.....

And as it always seems to be, my friends (as so many also are) were busy in their affairs indoors completely oblivious of something unusual happening above their heads outside. I brought in the camcorder and promptly set it up on their big screen TV for them to all watch. My friends while examining the footage thought it was a balloon until they also saw all the clouds zipping by the object. Afterwards with no discussion of what they had just seen, they proceeded to continue with their everyday routine which raised another round of questions in my head as to why they (& the public for that matter) had become so desensitized to the unknown and unusual phenomena that surrounds us all. Is it due to sensationalized movies and television programs that we all watch? A pool game took precedence apparently to seeing something unusual, yet they will be the first to say "Why don't we ever see anything like that"?

Hmm, yes I wonder too....


Date: March 14th, 2006

Time: 4:16 pm (PST)

Location: Modesto, CA.

Weather: Very Cloudy/Overcast, patchy blue sky

Wind: Coming from the North-Northwest

Object Type: White Pulsing Spheroid

Object Appears: North

Size:  Possibly 4-6 feet in diameter (guesstimate contrived by similar focal 
lengths of objects)

Trajectory: Slowly moving upward and perhaps to the East

Distance: Possibly several miles (guesstimate contrived by similar focal 
lengths of objects)

Observation time: Approximately 8-9 minutes (4:16 pm-4:25 pm PST)
Witnesses:  (1) The camera operator
UFORA Member, Johnny Anonymous

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