Dark Hovering Object Photographed over Modesto, California
B J,

Today ( May 2nd ) at 9:05AM I was at a shopping center not too far from my home in Modesto, Ca. As I parked the mini-van I noticed something unusual in the sky. There was a dark object that was hovering over on the Northeast horizon. I had my camera in the mini-van, so I grabbed it and jumped out and started taking pictures.

I took over 20 pictures of this object, which hovered there in the same spot for over three hours. Sometimes it seemed to raise up by several hundred feet and then come back down to where it was before. It also seemed to move in a circular motion a couple of times. Most of the time it just was stationary. There were light winds of perhaps 10 to 15 mph at the time, and the skies were a bit hazy.

I think that it was the haze that caused most of the photos to not turn out. I have included the best picture, and a close up. In the close up the object looks to be either shaped like a triangle or a pyramid. There were also many jets in the vicinity of the UFO the entire time that it was hovering. Around 11:45 it faded from view.

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R.David Anderson


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