Jets Chase UFO over Modesto, CA, 05-12-06

At around 12:45 PM today (May 12) I was driving East on Briggsmore Ave. in Modesto, Ca. when I noticed many jet chem trails all over the sky. The chem trails criss-crossed the sky in a checker board pattern. Most of this activity was taking place towards the East.

After work, I decided to go home and see if I could observe any more activity like this. I went outside around 5 o'clock. At approximately 5:20 I saw several jets again, and another object that I could not identify.

This object sped away at a much greater speed than the jets, probably at least 3 times faster, towards the West. I took several photos, but only one turned out.

The unidentified object was so fast that it was difficult to capture with my camera ( a 4.3 Nikon ). I did get something there, and whatever it is looks spherical or triangular. I am not sure...

R. David Anderson

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