Cylindrical UFO Photographed over Modesto, CA, 05-31-06


I was taking my son to the bus this morning. (05/31/06 ) I got him on the bus and waved goodbye to his driver. As I turned around and began to walk back to the house, I noticed a bright cylinder like object that was moving silently in the sky towards the West just above the roofline of the house. The fact that it was silent and so brilliant caught my attention.

I went into the house and quickly grabbed my camera and ran out to the backyard, where I knew that I would have a better view.

The long cylinder like object was still there, moving ever so slowly toward the Northwest. I snapped about four pictures of the object.

An item of interest is that this UFO looks very similar to a photo that you have posted a few days ago from Chatsworth, CA. ( I am in Modesto, CA. )

The winds were calm, a perfectly clear day, no clouds - object about 30 degrees above the Western horizon and moving slowly towards the NW, completely silent, no engine noise at all.

I remember now that the UFO changed course. When I first saw it , the UFO was heading directy North. As I was watching it and taking the pictures, it changed direction suddenly to WNW. ( west north west ) R. David Anderson

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Report & Photograph © R. David Anderson

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