Unknown Object Photographed over Modesto, CA

B J,

I was outside tonight set up with my equipment to do some sky watching. ( Which I do as a pastime ) At about 9:20 I observed many high flying jets that were circling above my location. The jets appeared from the East and circled towards the South, and made 180 degree turns back towards the East again.

I saw this happen again and again. This may have been the same two jets circling many times. At around 9:30, I observed a white disk or oval light move directly North. These jets were moving close behind the unidentified object. I took a picture of this, aiming my camera up a full 90 degrees to get the shot. The picture shows the jet chem trail that is just behing the unidentified object.

The sky was clear, a full moon to the Southeast, light winds of about 10 - 15 mpg, many stars visible. There are a few stars evident in the picture. The location in the sky of this image is about 15 degrees West of the constellation Bootes.

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Report & Photograph © R. David Anderson

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