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Formation of Lights Photographed over Modesto, California, 09-22-06

I was out tonight on a UFO watch, and got an interesting photo. At around 8:30 PM a jet was flying low over my house. There seemed to be an array of lights near the jet as it went over. I swung my camera upwards a full 90 degrees to take a picture.

The jet went over rapidly so I was only able to get off one shot. I could not make out the form of the jet as it went over because it was too dark. I only noticed the many lights that were in the general location from where the sound of the jet was coming.

I have studied the picture, and the formation of lights do not look like familiar FAA regulation aviation lights. I know that there was a jet in that tangle of lights somewhere, but it also seems like there was something else present as well-a UFO?


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