Unknown Object Photographed over Modesto, California
UFO 10/21/06-Modesto, California.

Today I was in the back yard relaxing on a chaise lounge. I had my eyes closed and was about to nod off to sleep, when I suddenly snapped back to consciousness and immedialy saw a bright orange object in the sky towards the South.

I stared at it for about 3 minutes, and it moved North until it was almost directly above me. I ran into the garage and got out the binoculars. I watched the object through the binoculars for at least 5 minutes as it just hovered above. It seemed to change shape from a sphere to a diamond shape, then to a cylinder.

I ran into the house and got my camera, and came out and took four pictures of the object. The UFO now began to move back towards the South, after having completed a 180 degree turn. Altogether, the object was visible for over 15 minutes, and it took this long for it to complete this course trajectory. All the while it was visible to the unaided eye.

I estimate that the object appeared around 6pm and was gone by 6:15pm. There was a slight breeze from the WNW. The UFO traveled contrary to the wind direction.

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Report and Photos © R. David Anderson


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