Unknown Object Videotaped over Modesto, CA

May 12, 2006-Today was a day of numerous criss-crossing of chem-trails observed from noon till about 2:00 PM (PST). It was really a terrible day for trying to view the skies for anomalous objects and phenomena so I packed up and moved indoors for awhile.

Around 4:00 PM I noticed that it looked like the skies were finally clearing up and so went back outside with my binoculars and camcorder that are attached together on one tripod. I started aligning up the camcorder to match the area that was viewed thru the binoculars so the two matched one another. After about 5 minutes, I was satisfied with my Pseudo-Collimating of the two and started scanning the skies.

Around 4:30 PM I noticed something moving slowly thru my binoculars traveling left to right in the East. It was a considerable distance and am guessing maybe about 20 miles away (guesstimation). I could tell that it was quite bright but was unable to determine any reflections from the Sun bouncing off it and believe that it was self-luminous. I quickly without taking my eyes away from the binoculars flipped on the record button of the camcorder and just hoped that it was capturing the same thing I was seeing.

This is always a scary part of my sky viewing because I have to rely on that I've adjusted and matched the binoculars and camcorders perspective properly. When I finally did look thru the camcorders viewfinder I couldn't see anything which generally doesn't surprise me since the viewing pixels in a camcorder are so limited anyway. I went back to viewing thru the binoculars and was still able to follow it fairly well.

Later this evening I received an email from my good friend and avid sky watcher R. David Anderson that lives approximately 4 miles (or so) southeast from the location I had captured the glowing spheroid. He related to me that he too had captured an unknown object and wanted to know if I had seen anything that day. And of course I got rather excited as this is one of the few times that we may have both sighted possibly the same object within a similar timeframe. And considering the speed this object was traveling, then it isn't unreasonable for me to believe that the sighting he had witnessed and captured with his Nikon was possibly the same object.

The video starts off in the normal view, then switches to a zoomed pov, and finally the footage has been inverted so that the object can be seen easier to compensate for the size of 320x240.

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