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UFO There have been and will continue to be reports about UFOs released by different organizations. Every time one comes out, its results run the circuit on the Internet message forums, chat rooms, and UFO Web sites. The recent release of the so-called secret files from the British Ministry of Defence is no exception. They say that there is nothing to reports of UFOs, and give us several alternative explanations for them.

At this moment, all of the debunkers are jumping for joy, saying something like, "See, I told you so!" What exactly does this report mean to those of us who believe in UFOs? Absolutely nothing! It's just one more attempt to put the final nail in the coffin. But, after a short period of time, the seemingly destructive report will be forgotten, and everything will be back to normal. If the MOD could find nothing of importance about the Rendlesham Forest incident, what do you expect, anyway?

British MOD Releases Secret UFO Report is really an excuse to get the monkey off of its back. In late 2002, the MOD released its Rendlesham report, and though it gave some interesting pieces of information, they just won't admit that what happened those nights in December, 1980 held any significance as far as national security goes. But, don't forget that there were 4 or 5 documents they held back. Why?

I think the answer is obvious. There are things they do not want the general public to know. This same reasoning is why Blue Book sent some of the more extraordinary, best documented cases of UFO sightings to another inside government source to be looked at, and these reports never were released to the public. Their main function was to ally fears of every day people like you and I that there may be other intelligence in the universe besides our own. Take the MOD report with a grain of salt. I do, and I believe anyone well read in the UFO subject will feel the same. The truth really is out there, but you won't find it in the British MOD report.

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