Was this a UFO sighting above Moel Famau?
UFO IT COULD easily be a scene from the Spielberg fantasy Close Encounters of the Third Kind with strange bright lights, too large to be car lights, suddenly appearing above a mountain side and then disappear just as quickly .

But this isn’t Hollywood – it’s the latest in a string of UFO sightings in Denbighshire.

On October 4 Sally Gavin of Llanynys was spending an evening with her boyfriend watching a film when they spotted a very bright white flashing light just above Moel Famau Country Park.

According to Sally: “It grew wider and wider and consisted of three lights which flashed on and off like Christmas tree lights before disappearing. I called a friend who lives in Gellifor and would have a better view and he confirmed that he, too, could see the red light.”.

Sally saw the strange phenomena a month ago when it was hovering just above the mountain.

Five people, including Sally’s brother in law, saw the strange light and reported the details to North Wales Police who told them it might have been caused by the Army or someone out hunting. But Sally is sure this wasn’t the case.

“It definitely wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. The lights were far to big and bright,” she said.

The sighting is only the latest in a long history of reported UFOs that have been spotted across Denbighshire over the last 50 years.

The BBC has even set up a web page called “Weird Wales” to document each sighting and where possible provide visual evidence.

In one of the earliest recorded incidents in 1964 a women allowed her dog out on to the grass near Denbigh Castle only to hear it yelp as if in pain minutes later

“The woman said she saw a beam of light focused on the dog and as she picked up the animal she said she received a burning sensation on her arm which had come into contact with the light.”

In March 2004 pictures were taken of strange white swirling objects in the sky over the Vale of Clwyd which the contributor photographer described as a very bright light in the night sky. In another incident two friends had an unnerving ride from Bodelwyddan to St Asaph when they saw a UFO which approached as they shone a torch at it. The object, which was described as being shaped like a biscuit tin, hovered silently over the car before moving on to Berwyn Mountain in complete silence.

Maragret Fry, a member of the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists and expert adviser on BBC weird wales said with regard to UFO sightings, said: “Everyone seems to see something different. It can be bright lights or something more familiar like the classic saucer shape objects. I think that they are spacecraft from other planets. I’ve been seeing them since the 1950’s. to say that we are the only inhabited planet in the universe is ridiculous.”

Anyone with a suspected UFO sighting can contact Maragret on 01745 833310.

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