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Unknown Object Photographed Montreal, Canada

The UFO Casebook received a series of photographs from Marie. One of the photos caught my eye, and I thought it was worthy of posting for all to see. The picture was snapped on August 28, 2006 in Montreal near the Des Prairies River at 7:43:50 PM.

Since Marie's pictures of June 6, 2006, she followed her investigation in trying to understand more about these objects appearing on pictures that you don't see on naked eyes. She went on taking many pictures. She realized in her pictures that objects happen to appear more often on sunset and near the electric lines. She takes care to well identify birds or planes not to mix these with unidentified objects.

This picture was taken August 28, at 7:43:50 pm by the Des Prairies River, on the Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Picture is taken with Canon PowerShot A510. Speed : 1/200.

You can also see this picture and other anomalies taking place in her pictures of the Montreal' sunset sky of June 19, June 22, July 7, 2006 on her website :



Thanks to Marie for sending her photographs to us.

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