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Multiple Unknowns Photographed over Delray Beach, Florida

September 13-I had multiple sightings again yesterday here in Delray Beach, Florida. The first was a silver Disk to my west moving west at 9:30 AM.By the time I got the camera out it was gone.

The second sighting was after lunch around 1:45 PM when I saw a black object to the east maybe 2 miles up and it was drifting very slowly towards the west. I took a dozen photos with my camera phone and it was moving so slow that it would still be here if I went and grabbed my good camera so I was heading back to the house and I saw a friend of mine who was on the street I was on so I stopped and told him you want to see a UFO and he and one of his workers watched this object while I got the camera.

When I got back they told me it had stopped and changed direction so now it was drifting north against the wind. I snapped many pictures and it's the glowing round object but when I looked at the pictures there was another craft near the tree and it may have been spinning and looks to have three sides to it.

We didn't see the second craft as we had our eyes peeled on the shiny disk and it could have been using the invisibility technology.

I told my friend that I had been seeing many objects here and 10-20 minutes after I usually see high flying military jets so that tells me that the military is tracking these objects. We talked for another 15 mins and sure enough there was the high flying military jet coming over the exact area where we saw the object.

We watched the entire event for 35 mins and I had to get back to work so I took off.

The third sighting was on the way home to my west and I saw another silver disk moving west almost in the exact same spot as earlier but this was at 6:20 PM.

This time I had the camera with me and managed to get one shot before it disappeared into a cloud and never came out the other side. I also took more pictures of that area and when I got home to look at the Pictures WOW.

There are seven dark objects in one of those photos.

One is clearly a Disk and maybe its that shinny disk I saw but now with the invisibility technology.The other objects look like round orb craft but I know that one object is a dragonfly in the picture.So there's eight objects in the picture but I wrote one off as a dragonfly so there are seven. I took some other photos later and saw just one black object but I'm not including those pictures.

September 14-I also had a sighting this morning around 6:45 AM. I saw 2 high flying military jets fly over so I came back in and grabbed the camera and this photo is what I got some sort of zigzag glowing line thing.

I have no idea what it is but in the second picture its up in the clouds. Thatís it from here for now. This area has been a hot spot for months now and I seem to be getting many opportunities to get these objects on film and video.

September 14, Noon-Here ya go I just shot these while home for lunch. This is absolutely amazing. Every time I take pictures now there is something in it.

The first Object at 12:30PM in Delray Beach and at the Bottom of the picture just above the tree line and its low in the sky. This was shot in the same area as those black objects yesterday.

The second is a Black object and I shot towards my south looking towards Boca Raton and it looks like its not to far away this was shot at 12:45 PM.




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