My Family NASA UFO Cover-Up Story
UFO ...I wanted to share my family’s story with the Coast to Coast AM audience…it should make a nice addition to the pile of growing evidence of a NASA UFO cover-up.

My paternal grandmother, Norma Rispo (maiden name Vladyka), had a brother named George Vladyka. Their Vladyka family grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Soon after graduating high school, George went to work for the NACA Research Lab (which eventually became the Lewis Research Center and now is called the NASA Glenn Research Center today). This began his career, which would span roughly from the 1940s to the 1980s. George experienced the commencement of NASA and found himself relocated to Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy), Florida, at some point in the middle of his career.

From what I gather, George’s job was to oversee the camera equipment and recover the photography from various space missions. It was his duty to sort the photography into categorical stacks back at his office. Many of these stacks were classified with "UFO" labels. Routinely, George would be ordered to pack up these "UFO" photos and make the trip from Florida to Washington DC to meet with his DOD contact at the Pentagon. The UFO photos were handed over to the Pentagon official…never to be seen by the public. (One of George’s children interned as a secretary in George’s office, and can confirm all these facts as a witness. Besides the immediate family leaks, George kept everything tight-lipped and sealed. He never officially disclosed anything or went public as a whistleblower.)

I think the George Vladyka story is significant in two ways. It confirms that NASA is covering up UFO evidence. (Where are all those photos that the public paid for?) It also establishes the connection between NASA and the Pentagon. It would appear NASA does NOT answer to the public—-rather the Dept. of Defense. George passed away sometime in the early 1990s. Norma passed away in 2005. Therefore, I have no regrets passing this story onto you.

Best Regards,

Aaron Rispo


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