Unknown Object Captured on Video in New Jersey
UFO 1. Date: December 5, 2006 approximately 4:15PM

2. Location: Newark Airport, New Jersey

3. V-shaped object (changed shapes and moved sporadically in horizontal directions)

4. Additional information:

Major activities:

· 25 seconds, the object points upper left, bright light comes on then the object blasts off leaving a slight streak in the frame

· 53 seconds the object appears close up in frame changes shape 3 times before it blasts off to the upper right corner

· 56 seconds, plane enters the video from the left side. I moved the video to show the planes movement as it flew in front of the object. The object continues to change shapes as the plane flew slightly above the object.

As I was taking digital pictures of the sunset I noticed a quick moving blinking object stationed in one spot for about 3 minutes. I noticed the object changing colors from bright white, red, green then red again as it flipped flopped zig zagged in several directions. This activity prompted me to grab my video camera. The video is a bit dark red because of the location of the sun. The object started flip flopping to the left of the video as it changed colors and shapes.

There was a bright white light from the object pointing to the upper left corner of the video before it zipped very quickly out of the picture. (You should see that the object changed shapes before blasting off horizontally to the upper left side of the video.) As I was trying to relocate the object I noticed it was back in its original position. The object appears a bit faded in the video but if you slow the speed down and increase the brightness, decrease the contract and saturation you’ll see the object moves in the same direction to the left of the video. The object moved at such a speed it was hard to keep up with it.

I noticed it moved upward and as I pointed my video in that direction I was able to get right underneath it. I THOUGHT the object was actually going rather slow so I thought I had a great shot, but it appears that the V-shaped object moved rather quickly over me in three directions (down, right, upper right corner). These three images are on the video (you may have to watch it again slowly to see this object). The object went back to the original position over Newark Airport and over some heavy dark clouds blinking moving quickly in several directions. There’s a plane that comes into the video from the left side. I followed the plane to show the difference of shape, speed and movement. The object remained in the same position as the plane flew right in front of it. The video ends with the object blinking moving sporadically in different directions.

( In addition please note, I was informed digital pictures of any object in low light will longate the image, therefore please disregard all still night images. However please note, these strange objects did appear, I just can’t validate them with a distorted picture) Karen

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Photograph & Video © Karen

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