By: Santiago Yturria,

New UFO incidents were registered over Mexico City continuing the increased activity reported recently all over the country confirming the new level of the mexican UFO wave, now with strange and rare sightings of unknown objects and entities flying freely in our airspace.

Among the most relevant sightings documented on video I found particulary interesting two events that took place very recently witnessed and videotaped by skywatcher Arturo Robles who has been experiencing some of the most rare sightings that we have seen in our research.


Mexico City.- Arturo Robles was doing a routinary skywatch on the roof of his home when he noticed a strange dark object in the sky at low altitude. The hour 4:10 PM and the day was cloudy. Arturo focused his Canon ZR300 videocamera to the object and discovered a most unusual shape in a dark body that was rotating over it axe and flying slowly while spinning without making any noise.

Arturo Robles: "The object was huge and at first it looked like a tall figure over some kind of open plataform with certain antenna on each side. As the object rotated it showed some shinning like if it was metallic and changed it's shape more like a dark craft of some kind with antennas as legs , really odd sighting of something that I have never seen before. "

October 30, 2005

When I reviewed the footage confirmed Mr. Robles' testimonial and the frames revealed diferent features of a dark body in the sky whose rare characteristics does'nt correspond to any conventional aircraft. The origin of this unknown object remains a mystery.


Mexico City.- Thursday November 17 was a special day for skywatcher Arturo Robles. He witnessed two simultaneous events involving very unusual bodies in the sky in a short lapse of time among each other.

That morning Arturo was ready to go to work when he saw through the window a rare shinning object in the sky so immediatelly he took his videocamera and ran to the roof just to encounter a huge entity that seemed like a giant cell emanating some kind of electromagnetic flow. The time was 9:50 AM on a clear day.

Arturo Robles: "That was a cold morning and as soon as I focused the object I began recording and applied the zoom to discover a very unusual shaped object that looked like an organic being or cell with a big red core at the center. I noticed sudden flashes like electric discharges increasing the brightness of the body and these flashes were intermitent."

Nov 17, 2005

" The sighting lasted aproximatelly several minutes where the object moved slowly from East to West till it faded away. I must say that this morning the Popocatepetl vulcano was active and I don't know if it's related. This was a surprising sighting for me and I wonder what this thing could be. "

The footage presents an anomalous object with a big red core pulsating while the white body around could be some kind of plasma energy in wich the core may be the main structure. A relevant feature is the electric discharges or flashes that the object emits increasing it's brightness suggesting it was indeed some kind of electromagnetic energy flow.

Nov 17, 2005

I'm particulary intrigued by this footage and will be analyzed by some colleague scientists to determine the posible nature of this rare phenomenon.

NOVEMBER 17 - THE MORPHING UFO CRAFT Mexico City.- Just after the organic cell shaped UFO dissapeared Arturo Robles remained in the roof reviewing the amazing images he just taped and wondering what could this rare object be. Many thoughts came to his mind and he felt like if some unknown force kept him in the roof.

Some minutes passed when suddenly Arturo got aware that a new object was coming to him shinning and emiting some kind of white lights. Arturo kept seeing the unknown object till he realized it was not an airplane but a huge UFO so he began recording again. To his surprise this was a structured UFO exhibiting morphing features in real time.

Arturo Robles.- "This object was spectacular and I got clear images with my camera applying the zoom you can see it's structure. The object looked like a craft who was rotating exhibiting some white lights around it's sphered body. "

Nov 17, 2005

"To my surprise the UFO changed dramatically it's shape when rotating and adopted a dark triangular form with three lights that changed position in a random sequence. Then again changed shape while continuing rotating. It never made any sound. The sighting lasted several minutes till the UFO dissapeared in the horizon. It was amazing and I stayed in the roof sometime wondering if another one would come. "

This footage is very interesting and presents a classic UFO with morphing features, a characteristic that suggests a display of an advanced techology, a condition in wich a solid object changes it's shape defying our physic laws. The white lights rotating in random sequence are relevant elements in this footage and the object's movements suggest an intelligent behavior.

The mystery on the recent UFO sightings over Mexico has increased and we feel these events may be some kind of signs for certain purpose. We got so much research to do and a vast dossier of evidences to evaluate in order to try to understand the meaning of the mexican UFO experience, something that is still considered an Enigma.

Santiago Yturria

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Images courtesy: Arturo Robles

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