Latest Phoenix Lights Video-See What TV Didn't Show You
UFO This is a must watch video! Many of you may have seen the latest Phoenix lights video. This time, even the helicopter photographer has become a UFO expert. He tells us that the lights seen moving over Arizona are just military flares.

This, of course, refuels the 1997 debate over what the lights really were. Debunkers will tell you that they can easily be explained as military flares as well.

But don't accept this explanation so quickly, see the video below, created by Rich Giordano, owner and webmaster of www.cnufos .com. There are other objects / lights that were not featured in the television reports which show that all of the lights filmed that night were NOT all flares.

Be sure and join Rich and I tonight on his live radio broadcast where we will discuss this video and more. Time is midnight, EDT. Hear it live tonight on The Az UFO Show .

A big thanks to my good friend and collegue Rich at for sharing his video and analysis with us.

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