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(last update, 11-06-09)

Alabama - Small Object Hovers, then Speeds Away
11-06-09 - While standing on my patio today on a clear day, I looked up, as I often do, because airliners fly regularly on a path over my house (at high altitude). When I looked up a small, relatively bright object caught my attention. It was motionless, quite small, and almost glowed a white light with just a hint of red on one edge.

I walked back in my house, got some binoculars, and tried to focus on it. I was unable to get focused very well and I did not have a stable platform to keep it in a stable view. At this time I thought it was probably some kind of weather balloon or some other kind of balloon that had floated to a high altitude. I stopped trying to see it with the binoculars, and put my glasses back on and looked at it again.

I was about to loose interest, still thinking it was some "normal" event when it suddenly began to move in a northerly direction. It moved for a second or two at a moderate pace, and then quickly picked up speed and rapidly sped away at a very fast speed. It didn't appear to rise, it just moved at a very high rate of speed out of my field of view.

It traveled in a very deliberate path and did not seem to float or drift. It traveled much too fast to be anything like an airplane or balloon. The altitude appeared to be relatively high, as in a few thousand feet, and the size appeared to be small.

From my perspective the size was about the same as a bright planet would look, but this object was being controlled by some means. I do no know how long it had been there, but it lasted about 1 1/2 minutes from the timeI first saw it until it moved off. Source: www.mufon.com

Louisiana - Bright Object
11-05-09 - I noted a bright object in the sky at approximately 22:45 on November 5, 2009, south and east of Covington LA (would guess to be over the general vicinity Abita Springs, LA), flickering (indicating not a planet), but not moving for 2+ hours. After getting binoculars (Tasco 10x50mm) to see mult-colored lights (red, green and white) which did not move from its location.

No idea of size or shape really, though presumably large as it was high in the sky, and some color was noticeable by the naked eye. Could not determine shape of the object as I could only see the lights which seemed to flicker but only went off once for a split second then back on. Just very curious. Have never seen anything like this before, heard about it, just never seen it. Source: www.mufon.com

Missouri - Triangle-Shaped Object
While on march back to barracks at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, late 1970 or early 1971, there was a dark, clear sky. I looked up and saw what apparently was an equilateral triangle-shaped object with 3 rows of lights along each side.

It made no sound, and moved across the sky, and then out of view. I pointed it out to the guy marching with me to my left.

It was only in view approximately 10 seconds. I no longer recall color of lights, but think they were while or light yellow. Source: www.ufocasebook.com

Oklahoma - Object Follows Plane
11-06-09 - I was standing at a doorway (facing east) of my workplace and was watching birds in the sky, then at 2:42 PM I happened to see off to my north at @ 55 degrees up from my perspective, a large passenger-jet (MD 80 or DC9?) flying at altitude (@ 3 or 4 miles up traveling west), and a small, gray, tear-shaped object following closely behind at the same speed directly off its tail about 1/4 mile or less.

I viewed this for about 7 seconds, then the small object behind it did an immediate left-hand loop and then flew north. The small object did not change speed, but the glare from the sun when it turned made it look more round in shape. I would describe it as a slight banking turn. The entire turn-and-vanish trick took only about 3 full seconds.

After the small object finished the turn and went across its own previous path, it instantly vanished from view. I would describe it as a left hand, 270 degree turn. The jet continued on its way west and my view of it was obstructed by the building I was in. Unfortunately, I had a video camera that I tried to get to work, but the batteries were too low.

Sky conditions: sunny, 77 degrees, clear, wind from south @ 12 mph. Winds at high altitude were from the north / northwest, blowing about 50 mph. The jet left a contrail that was visible for over an hour, but the small object left no contrail. Both objects were too far away for me to hear, and I work in a noisy machine shop anyway. Source: www.mufon.com

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