NEW UFO Research Center in Saskatchewan

Northwest Saskatchewan UFO Research Center (NWSURC) was formed by local Maidstone resident Barb Campbell, October 21, 2004 out of the necessity of having a center which could collect, research and investigate UFO sighting reports within the province of Saskatchewan. NWSURC is operated from Mrs Campbell's home office and is nonprofit. As an independent researcher and investigator, Barb is eagerly collecting earlier reported sightings from within Saskatchewan - the findings to be compiled into a database on this web site.

Mrs Campbell grew up in Smithers, British Columbia and has experienced several sightings herself. Recently, Barb visited Brian Vike's web site and reported one of her most profound experiences from the Bulkley Valley. Further discussions with Brian lead to the discovery that Saskatchewan did not have a center of its own, and so began NWSURC.

Keeping an open mind, Barb realizes that there are logical explanations for some sightings. Yet there are many sightings that have no possible earthly explanation.

Sightings are not as uncommon as many might think, Mrs Campbell says. It's just that we aren't hearing everyone's experiences.There are those who are afraid of being shunned by others in their own communities if they were to speak up.

Most, if not all UFO researchers respect anonymity. Names and other personal information are withheld. Many would prefer not to release their name and that's okay too. It's the sightings we are interested in hearing about.

NWSURC is also very interested in hearing reports from across Canada and other countries, and looks forward to meeting other UFO researchers and investigators.

Update: Expect to see a number of reports within the next couple of weeks regarding sightings in the Maidstone area. It appears the area has major UFO activity.

Barb Campbell (NWSURC)



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