UFO Photographed over North Hampton Beach, NH

New Hampshire-09-04-Photographing sunset backlit surf at North Hampton beach with my wife I noticed a bright orange light in southern sky. At first glance I thought it was an aircraft descending into Logan Int. But it had appeared out of nowhere and was wrong color for landing lights even sodium ones.

So Discounting air traffic into Logan International which is in the rough direction of sighting due to color and brightness far brighter then landing lights which are sometime visible from this location and also discounting Military aircraft from Pease ANG to the North west of the location where KC-135A and R's along with a squadron of ADF Varient F-16's are based, again due to color and brightness.

I am EXTREMELY familiar with all the various lights on Aircraft including Tankers during refueling operations as I am a former employee of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and have family members in Air Force. I asked wife if she saw this light and she affirmed she did and that it was odd in it being steady and not moving. At this point I demounted my Nikon D-70 and fired off one frame as I checked to see if I photgraphed it my wife said "It's gone it folded in on itself and disappeared.".

We estimate the object to be about ten to twenty miles away. How did I feel shaken for reasons I refuse to go into.The object appeared absolutely motionless in reference to a bath house to the right of the frame.

Magnifying the object in Photoshop revealed a cylindrical object with lighted rings orange in color.

Camera details and settings:

Body: Nikon D-70 Digital SLR with current firmware installed 
Lens: Nikon 70-300 F/4-5.6 
Focal length at time of shot 300MM effective 450MM 
Exposure: Programmed Auto 1/20 sec F/5.6 
Metering: Multi-pattern 
Exposure comp. 0 
Sensitivity: ISO 500 
White Balance: Auto 
Focus: Manual infinite 
Tone comp: Auto 
No flash 
Color mode 3 sRGB 
Hue adjustment 0 
Auto sharpening 
Long Exposure Noise reduction off 
Frame size 3008 X 1960 

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