New Mexico-UFO Photographed with Cell Phone
UFO New Mexico-12-17-06-My name is Elizabeth Wall. This photo was taken with my cell phone coming back in town on I-40 from the east mountains. At the time I didn't notice anything but this unusual cloud. It was like a rainbow-arch shape. Was pretty cool so I took a pic.

I had me and my other half and a friend were in the car. I even showed it to friend and he said cool but didn't catch it either. Well I had uploaded photos to my computer. I had taken 2 pics of same cloud. Second one has nothing-it is gone in this one. But the first one I took there seemed to be a spot by the arch/rainbow cloud.

So I blew it up and clearly it's an object/s not sure if it is 2 or not it is possible I suppose the way it looks. It is something and kind of strangely out of place. Since unfortunately this photo was taken with cell phone it's more pixels when you blow it up. But I believe with the right software program and all you might be able to see it better.

I know it's for sure an object. Please oh please get back with me if you are able to also enhance photo. I would love to see it. This was just a pic of a cool cloud and I got a cool surprise with it. It might be nothing but sure does look wild.

E. W.


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