UFO's Appear on Sunset Photograph in North Devon, U K
by Anthony Fox M.S.c B.S.c (Hon) H.N.D.
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May 30th 2005-The buy to let market... .is it ready for a crash... . I was writing an article on the vibrant property market in the North Devon area of England when I was consumed by the pictures my best friend professional photographer Mark Fowler showed me this evening.I immediately wrote the story and prepared to send it the major news desks around the world like Reuters.

Today, local professional photographer Mark Fowler of MapkaPhotography photographed a series of unidentified flying objects across the Westward Ho, North Devon skyline.

Mark was there taking photographs of the local scenery and capturing the sunset when a series of visible objects were seen moving across the sky. Mark Fowler said, " what are these strange images".

The UFO's were photographed in a series of 9 frames representing a time space of approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Having seen the series of photographs for myself, which seem to suggest at around 8.30 p.m. on Bank Holiday Monday the 30th of May, Westward Ho skyline had UFO's visiting the area.

If anyone else in the area has seen and photographed these UFO's then please telephone Mark Fowler at MapkaPhotography, Barnstaple, North Devon. Local and national TV and newspapers have expressed an interest in seeing the photographs, which clearly show a moving sequence of UFO's.

Mark Fowler is an ex-Military pilot who took up photography as way to recover from a major illness. Mark and myself clearly believe these pictures represent some unusual activity over the beautiful coast line of Westward Ho!

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photographs © Mark Fowler

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