UFO? Cell Phone Picture Taken over Lake Oroville, CA-12/5/07
One of the young guys who works for us drilling water wells, took this picture on Wednesday from a client's driveway, looking west, at approximately 3 PM PST, as the fog was lifting. When he took the picture, it was just because of how cool the sky looked as the sun began setting behind the fog bank over the valley, here in Northern California.

He saw the "speck" thru the small lens of his cell phone camera, but obviously, couldn't see it in the glare of the sun. It wasn't until he got home and had his wife upload it to the computer that he saw what you are seeing now.

I have seen A LOT of photos/videos online and on TV just as all of us have, but I have never experienced this first hand, directly from the source! This young couple is not computer savvy, and had no way of altering this picture. He has given me permission to post it for him. I dare anybody to investigate and offer validity! P. S. We had a bizarre series of four small earthquakes up here during the 24 hours prior to this sighting, seemingly not even on typical fault lines! Sure makes me wonder!

How about you? I am new here, (Casebook Forum) and just had to join to post this for all to see. I am still amazed, as are many friends who have lived up here their whole lives, and at times, witnessed strange sightings, but never photographed them!

All inquiries welcome! I have the direct email link, showing it came from his ATT cell phone, and he is willing to share with any experts!!

Photo Taken by James Tyler, Biggs, California

Submitted to the UFO Casebook Forum

 UFO, Northern California-12-05-07

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