Unknown Northern California Object Videotaped, 04-13-06

Unknown Northern California Object Observed April 13th, 2006 4:45 am in the morning

After listening to a dog make a lengthy amount of barking I decided to investigate. Walking out into the backyard I noticed an airplane heading to the west. Nothing to unusual about that but there was a second object below it, heading northwest. I watched it for a bit waiting for the familiar strobe lights, but none were to be seen. I ran inside and grabbed my camcorder to see if I could catch a bit of it on video.

I'm still not convinced that this isn't anything more than a earthly known craft. But after going frame by frame on it there is no hint of any FAA mandatory strobe lights. And so because of that and the fact that it's flight path is considerably lower than what I've observed with all other known craft, compels me to submit it for further scrutiny.

Date seen was 4:45 am, April 13th 2006

Location was west of Sonora, California

Object was observed by one witness (me)

Objects size...unknown

Objects shape...unknown

Objects distance to cameraman...unknown

Objects trajectory was to the northwest

Elapsed observation time was 3 minutes Bright glowing white in color

Nothing but ambient sounds were noticed Weather was overcast, light to no wind

copyright 2006 Johnny Anonymous

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