UFO Seen over Nova Scotia, Canada
My name is Matt. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada and I saw something today which I think was a UFO/UFOS.

I went for a walk to the local mall which is about a 10 minute walk from my house. I usually walk through a small path which takes you out beside the mall, then you walk around to the front doors. Since the sky was crystal clear with not a cloud in sight, I make it a habit of scanning the sky.

At about 3:15 pm today(March 30) I made the corner of the mall and looked up, and seen what was either 6 individual shapes. They each were round in shape, grey with what it looked like to be a white center. There was 2 of the circles in the front, with 4 more trailing behind. I just shrugged it off as some seagulls, since there are a number of fast food restaurants around the area.

That's was until I noticed the 4 trailing shapes moving in shapes that I never seen birds or planes move. There were no clouds or planes in sight. The 4 shapes moved back and forth from a square shape to a diamond shape, while the 2 shapes in the front didn't move. I watched for about 2 minutes as I walked around the corner of the mall. The 2 shapes in the front disappeared, while the trailing 4 kept going south-east.

I walked under the over-hang where the malls front doors are, and when I looked back up, I only seen 1 shape, then it disappeared. It was irregular the way 4 of the shapes moved. I've never seen planes or birds move that way before. I am 100% sure that they were not birds because there was no visible wings. I've included a quick drawing of what i saw. I hope the picture drawing helps give an idea of what I saw.

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