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GAZETTE, Almonte, Ontario, Canada - Feb. 3, 1993

UFO researcher Bob Oechsler waved a hand over the pile of documents and photos on the kitchen table. This is a landmark case in ufology (the study of UFOs)," he said. The pictures on the table show a blur of multi-colored lights in a disc shape and white faces with black almond-shaped eyes.

Most of them were taken off a video sent to Oechsler anonymously almost a year ago.

Since then, Oechsler has methodically and meticulously analyzed the video and the site near the Old Almonte and Corkery Roads-

His case was convincing enough to draw two major American television networks there to film.

Oechsler's involvement began when he received the videotape at his Annapolis, Maryland home last February.

Attributed only to "Guardian," the pack age bore an Ottawa postmark.

The 32 minutes of footage show a "mostly white" linear light with red flares off to the left and a flashing light on top, said Oechsler.

The color of the lights ranges from red to blue to green from one end to the other.

Smoke billows out from under the lights and moves to the right.

As the photographer moves closer, reflections off the disk sbow a rounded turret in the centre with a vertical blue strobe on top and "fins" or slates around its edge.

Closing in even more, "Guardian" gets shaky close-ups of the upper strobe.

The sound track has sounds of barking dogs and a "ratchet" sound. (NBC spent $115,000 to recreate this whole effect with no success, said Oechsler.) The rest of the tape is taken up with freeze frames or still shots of supposed aliens standing in tall grass. Some are holding bright lights in their hands. Hooded figures with large almond shaped eyes have short snouts and little facial detail.

The tape was wrapped in six pages of accompanying information, some typed on fake Department of National Defence (DND) letterhead.

The documents showed a map of the Corkery area and a page of hand-drawn symbols with a map of the same area. There is also a photocopy of two Polaroid shots with grass lit by a flash in the foreground and a row of lights in the back.

The fake DND doctuments have thick black markers through several lines as if released via a Freedom of Information Act request.

The remaining text suggests aliens wish to take over the world via the cultural arts and a liaison with the "Red Chinese."

"The earth is their entertainment "writes Guardian of the "beautiful blonds" who are infiltrating the New York art world, Hollywood, rock music, literature and sculpture.

A diagram shows the craft flying under the radar curtain to avoid detection.

"It's very different from anything I'd ever received," said Oechsler.

He added it appears "Guardian" is looking to spread the word of his flndings to as many people as possible.

We're talking about someone who is very, very knowledgeable here," said Oechsler, referring especially to the complex symbols. "This person is obviously environmentally concerned."

He said Guardian is obviously aware that in the case of alleged UFO sightings, skeptics often attack the messenger without considering the message.

"Guardian wanted to focus on the events not himself", said Oechsler. "That shows a knowledge of UFO cases."


For the past year, Oechslcr has been researching every element of the video to determine if it is a hoax. So far, he is convinced it is not.

Given the complexity of the video image, "we're not talking about a crude model here," he said.

With his colleagues in the United States, Oechsler spent 20 hours studying the video frame by frame. He said the strobe on top of the "craft" is the only vertical one he has ever seen.

He added it is unheard of the pulses alternate in high and low frequencies at a "very fast" speed of 7.5 cycles per second.

Comparing the craft to the grass in the field, Oechsler and company determined it is 25 feet in diameter and less than five feet high.

The red flares in the video ieft no traces of strontium or cesiulm the two elements that make up most of the content of military flares.

Instead, the site was powdered with "substantial amounts" of titanium an element used in strong steel alloys.

That was quite curious," said Oechsler.

Oechsler found the titanium all over plants in a 50 foot diameter area where plants have been "dehydrated and melted" with no signs of burning, he said.

All around that sphere the grass was waist-high, he added.

Information from Environment Canada confirms the direction of the wind matches the video's interpretation of the weather that night.

Oechsler, a former NASA mission specialist, hooked up with the Canadian UFO Network and found they had received a similar package from Guardian after an incident Nov. 6 1989.

Through member Graham Lightfoot of Cobden, Oechsler met Diane and Bill Labenek who own the property being investigated.

Without letting on they had received a tape, Lightfoot and Oechsler asked if the Labeneks had seen anything unusual.

It turns out Diane Labenek had seen an unusual set of lights when tucking her children into bed around 11 p.m. Aug. 18 1991, said Oechsler.

She had also witnessed the November, 1989 event.

She drew pictures that were "geometrically correct" to the video and gave details about the incident not captured on tape, like the craft's departure.

A neighbor recalls seeing "red lightning" and a white light with a gold halo the same night, according to Oechsler.

Within a half hour of the sighting, and for months afterward, the Labenek home became the target for unusually active helicopter activity.

The black, seamless, unmarked choppers hover over the house sometimes low enough to see in the Labenek's windows. Twice they have blown shingles off the house and the outside shed.

DND has given the Labeneks pictures of its machinery to prove it is not their doing.

That element still remains a mystery.

Oechsler has also joined forces with the National Research Council (NRC). He claimed he is the first person to work with the council on a suspected UFO matter.

They agree, after looking at photos taken by the family, the helicopters are not Canadian.

Oechsler is still questioning many aspects of the video.

His biggest question remains Guardian.

"How does he know when and where they land?" he queried-

He said Guardian has to have prior knowledge to arrive on site with packages of Polaroid film and an excellent quality video camera.

He said he hopes the television exposure will generate interest and hopefully more information. He will be in this area until Friday.

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