Update on O'Hare UFO and Audio Interview with Witness

(Editor's Note: I had initially identified the witness of the O'Hare UFO as a pilot. That is incorrect. Witness was NOT a pilot)

We have received a lot of inquiries about the sighting of a UFO over O'Hare airport in Chicago in the early part of November, 2006. This incident has been all over the Internet, yet very little new information has been released.

I have received several very interesting reports from our readers who know someone who works at O'Hare, or formerly worked there, indicating that a muzzle has been put on the release of any information on UFO sightings, although there has been a number of them through the years.

There are at least two new items on the O'Hare incident.

1) It is confirmed that at least one person took a photograph of the UFO. There are a number of researchers working on getting the person who took the photo to come forward. Naturally, if the photo is made public, we will post it here.

2) A witness who saw the UFO has released his eyewitness testimony in an interview with Peter Davenport and Jeff Rense on the Rense radio show. I have downloaded it, and you may download it from my site, or from the Rense website. A link to the mp3 file is on the Rense front page and also below the player.

Peter Davenport, the UFO center's director, says the buzz over the O'Hare sighting is fully justified.

"In my opinion, because I know the quality of the witnesses, and because I know the nature of the documents that were generated, it is one of the most dramatic cases of the year 2006 that this center has handled," Davenport told me today from the center's headquarters in Washington state.

Audio file-no longer available

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