Ohio Triangle

UFO INCIDENT, August 9, 2002, Trenton, OHIO - Brookville, INDIANA

On August 9, 2002, persons in Butler County, Ohio and Franklin County, Indiana reported a UFO in the evening skies. The object was seen from several vantage points across state lines and was a police concern for an extended duration. In the days to follow, an investigation of the incident was launched by Donnie Blessing, Southern Ohio section director for M.U.F.O.N., and researcher Kenny Young.

When investigating such occurrences, it is routine to analyze police 9-1-1 tapes when available. While officials at the Butler County, Ohio dispatch agency were swift and professional in getting the police tapes from their agency to UFO researchers, a communications director at the neighboring Franklin County 9-1-1 office advised researcher Donnie Blessing that they would not release their 9-1-1 data without a 'court order.' Knowing that all such 9-1-1 material is 'public record,' UFO researchers again approached the Franklin County 9-1-1 Center with a written request and after a 6-month delay, the tapes would finally be released.

UFO Confusion near Oxford, Ohio (Butler County) Around 11:00 p.m. I received a voice-message telephone call from someone reporting a UFO over the Oxford airport. The caller left a phone number that did not work as I tried to redial. The call sounded credible, and the man said he had received the information from a Ham radio operator.

I then called the Miami University Police Dispatch office at 513-529-2222 with hopes of getting more information. When the dispatcher answered the phone, I point-blank asked: "what had happened over the airport tonight?" at which point the dispatcher said: "Oh, I think that was a helicopter."

Intrigued, I then went on to ask for some details about the event. He said that the Oxford police department took the first reports from people who thought they saw a UFO. He said the airport is unmanned and there is no radar or air traffic control tower at the airport, which is a fairly small runway. He felt that the object was identified as a helicopter by a police officer. He then recommended that I call the Oxford police department.

I then called the Oxford Police Department at 513-524-5240 and an Officer Blevins said that their department had been advised of the event by the Butler County Sheriff's department. Citizen calls reporting a UFO were received by the Butler County dispatch before 10:00 p.m. on Friday evening. While the Oxford police dispatcher was unaware of any sighting over the Oxford airport, she did advise of an object that was seen to the west, over the city of Franklin. She said that a Franklin police officer had identified the object as a helicopter.

A third phone call was placed to the Butler County Sheriff Department at 513-785-1300. The dispatcher handling the call, Officer Metzger, was not fully aware of the event but said it had been explained as "Possibly a star cluster." Coming on for the 3rd shift duty, she was not aware of the witness descriptions or the nature of the calls.

The Franklin police department was contacted at 937-746-2882 and the dispatcher taking the call was surprised when I had asked about UFO sightings in the area and she said: "not through our police department."

The call was then handled by a second officer at the Franklin City Police Department who also knew nothing of any such reports.

I informed that Butler County had said calls began around 10:00 p.m. and that the object was seen over Franklin.

The officer said she knew nothing of such a report. I also said the suspected object was possibly identified as a helicopter by a Franklin officer and she said that there was no Franklin officer involved in any such sighting, further saying that she had been on duty all night and 'would have known about it.'

I then called the Warren County police dispatch headquarters at 513-420-4289 and the officer taking the call, identifying himself as Jason, said that he had not heard of any UFO sighting reports and their office had not taken any incoming calls of such.

Another phone call was placed to the Miamisburgh police headquarters at 937-866-3344, and they also were unaware of any UFO sighting reports.


Four Sources

Four separate sources advise of reported UFO activity near Oxford, Ohio :

1) an informant leaving a telephone message whose return phone number does not work,

2). The Miami University Police Dispatch Office confirms reports of suspected UFO seen near airport and adds that it was identified as 'helicopter' and

3) Oxford Police Department confirms of notification by Butler County Dispatch due to citizen complaints of UFO seen over Franklin and

4) Butler County confirms citizen complaints of UFO sighting around 10:00 p.m. but suggests the reports are due to a 'star cluster.'

This is a most curious episode. Exact details of what was reported are still not available. Conflicting information is present in that officers at Miami University police dispatch presumed that "an" object was explained as a helicopter by a Franklin police officer while neither the Franklin police department nor the Butler County or Warren County sheriff headquarters can shed any light on 1). reports of a UFO, 2). helicopter identification claim or 3) Franklin police officer.

More puzzling is that Oxford police headquarters directly advised that a UFO was reported over the city of Franklin while Franklin police officers deny any knowledge of such reports.

This general area is around 25-miles southwest of Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Filed; August 10, 2002


UFO Research


Butler County UFO claimant

: This afternoon I spoke with Mrs. Stephenson (named changed, on-file), a resident of Wayne Madison Road near Trenton, Ohio. Mrs. Stephenson reported a UFO sighting to the Butler County Sheriff's Department on Friday evening, August 9, 2002. Her telephone number was listed on that police report. Mrs. Stephenson spoke freely of the occurrence and said that around dusk on Friday evening, she observed a star-like object to the west of her residence. She estimated the object was localized over the vicinity of Oxford, Ohio and also said this object was visible on 3 consecutive evenings previous to her call to the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

She informed that her residence on Wayne Madison Road, near Route 73, is situated on a hill and affords her a good view of the western sky, and that in her 11-years of living at this location, she has never seen anything like this previously.

"It was an unusual object," she said, "very bright and changing colors from red to green."

Mrs. Stephenson said she thought it would be best to report the object to the Butler County Sheriff's Department, and contacted them at their non-emergency telephone number.

According to a CAD Operations Report released to researcher Donnie Blessing by the Butler County Sheriff's Office, Mrs. Stephenson placed the call at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, August 9. The officer arrived on the scene at 9:43 p.m.

"The officer was taken back by this object," she said, "he had no explanation for it.

"He had no idea what this was, and said that even though he doesn't believe in UFOs, it may have been an alien."

Mrs. Stephenson said both she and the officer observed the object through her binoculars (hand-held). She said the object appeared like an 'umbrella of light' that she compared to the spread of exploding fireworks receding downward, changing colors from red to green.

Mrs. Stephenson said the object was still visible as the officer left at 9:55 p.m. (according to the CAD operations report).

"When my husband arrived home from work around 10:15 p.m., the object was barely visible and much lower on the horizon," she said.

Before his departure, the officer recommended that Mrs. Stephenson report the sighting to a radio station. She did so around 10:30 p.m., calling a local Middletown, Ohio area radio station. But to the best of her knowledge, the call was not particularly productive in any way. The following evening, Mrs. Stephenson told her neighbors (5-acres away) about the sighting, but they were unaware of the occurrence.

When asked if there were any particular flight characteristics that would rule out this object being a star, Mrs. Stephenson said: "I don't know. It could have been a star."

Although Mrs. Stephenson says that she has not seen anything quite like this in the 11-years of residing on Wayne Madison Road, she does report an interesting event taking place in May of '93.

She said that she went to her window to see why dogs were barking furiously outside her home and saw a large area of light illuminating the ground near the dogs.

This was described as a soft, diffused area of light that seemed to have been caused by a beam shone from above. She could see the beam through the air but could not discern its source in the sky

(Note: the time-frame of this sighting was during a spate of UFO activity reported near Trenton, Monroe, Waynesville and Lebanon, Ohio. Most notable during the activity reported during the spring of '93 was the UFO Incident at the Lebanon Correctional Institute happening on April 8, 1993).

Investigator Comments

It is my suspicion was simply observing a routine star or planet.

It should be firmly noted that Mrs. Stephenson could not describe any flight characteristic incompatible with the track of a routine star or planet in the western sky as it descended low to the horizon. Further, hand-held binocular observation of celestial objects often results in misperception due to autokinetic optical issues.

The Butler County officer responding to the call may have also been flummoxed by the star and binocular observation.

UFO intrees What makes this report terribly curious is the activity reported around 10:10 p.m. in Oxford, Ohio mere moments after Mrs. Stephenson reported her sighting, and also in the very same direction she viewed the alleged object. Compounding this situation further still is additional activity also taking place in that same direction near Brookville Lake in which a Department of Natural Resources employee advised of 'havoc' taking place at a campground in which a silent, low flying object came directly overhead at treetop elevation.

According to this witness, the object was comprised of 3-red non-strobing lights in a triangular formation and no larger than 12-feet in diameter.

Filed; August 10, 2002


UFO Research


Subject; Interview with Franklin County (Indiana) EMT officer regarding incident of Aug. 9, 2002

This evening I reached Thomas (name changed, on-file), a volunteer Emergency Service Technician with the Franklin County Emergency Medical Service Unit 2 at 15 West 5th Street in Brookville, Indiana (765-647-1265). Thomas spoke freely regarding the unusual event from Friday, August 9, but requested his name not be released in any report.

Thomas, also a security guard for Dept. of Natural resources, was on nightly patrol of the Brookville Lake campground when he heard notification over his police radio that Butler Cty., Ohio police units were informing of a low flying unidentified flying object (UFO) near the Bath, IN vicinity (a small town west of the campground near the state line, situated east of Brookville Lake).

"I was standing outside so I began looking for what they were reporting," he said, "when I then observed an object due west from my vantage point."

The emergency technician with the Franklin County volunteer agency said that the object flew right over his head at an extremely low elevation, yet he heard absolutely no noise. He described the object as comprised of red lights situated in a triangle formation, spaced about 6-feet apart.

"This was like nothing I've ever seen," Thomas said, "it was all red lights, no strobes,

"I looked up to see the object, it flew right over my head," the witness informed, "and it was completely undetectable by ear."

Thomas said the object was so low that it had barely missed powerlines and was flying at treetop level. When pressed further on this, Thomas said the object flew at an estimated 25-feet above the height of a standard telephone pole and 'barely missing' treetops.

The witness said that there was no visible moon during the event and no backlit skies to see by. When asked more about the objects appearance, he explained that the solid red lights were not extremely bright and probably would not be seen if at a higher elevation and positioned one in the front and two in the rear. He could ascertain no physical structure to the object.

"I don't believe it was very large," he said, "and if I had to estimate its length by the light spacing, I wouldn't say this object was no more than 12-feet long."

He then went on to remark about the silent operation of the object.

"I absolutely didn't hear a thing," he said, "I'm honestly not sure what it was. After some time when it got some distance away I could hear some kind of noise but it's hard to describe."

"When it was off in the distance I could almost hear something that sounded like a rotor strut that pounded the air, but this was not heard when it was right overhead."

He feels positive that the distant thumping noise was from the object.

The object apparently undertook a course change over the lake and headed off in a southwest direction.

"Whatever this object was, it generated havoc throughout the campground," said the officer. "People were coming to the gate asking what it was."

When asked if there were any animal reaction to the object, he said that all kinds of dogs were around the area but they did not behave unusual during the episode.

Thomas said the staff in the area had been 'on edge' due to a helicopter crash around three weeks earlier Thomas acknowledges that he is the source for the 'helicopter' speculation.

"As far as a a helicopter explanation was concerned, that was an assumption made by me because I was the only emergency personnel to see this," he said. not confident that this was a helicopter "But I'm honestly not sure what it was, I would not put any money on this being a helicopter."

He said that he would not surprised if there were other reports on this object. He was aware of reports generated near the Oxford airport, which is directly due east of the campground. "Our dispatch was calling for an officer to investigate area for low flying unidentified flying object," he said, "and I think it was called in from Butler County, Ohio."

When told that another police agency offered the possibility that this was a star cluster, he said: "this absolutely represented nothing of a star cluster."

Filed; August 10, 2002


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