Unknown Object Photographed over Ontario, 05-30-06

Hi B J, how have you been keeping? Hot stuff here in Southern Ontario. I have a couple of photos to share with you. These were taken tonight,May 30, 2006,near 8:00 PM at dusk.

I stepped outside facing west, towards Whitby/Ajax. I noticed a strange white cloud formation, like an o-ring.about 5, or more miles away. I thought to get some pictures of this rare formation and experiment to see what the eye might not see.

Sure enough, two of the sharpest pictures revealed a unknown stream-like object.

What's fascinating is the object's length by definition.They do appear rod-like, as I have not had images like these before. I am open that they may well be natural, i.e. bugs. Or maybe they are anomalies that only the digital technology identifies.

The photos gives question, of what they might be? You be the judge ! Take care and thanks for your time to examine these photos.

Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis for sending in his report and photographs.


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