Video of Object over Oregon-08-17-07
Witness stepped off public transportation and looked to the sky while walking to the parking lot of where his car was parked. He noticed a dark grey object hovering/floating at about 250 feet above his head. He removed a Sony DCR-HC38 40x Handycam from his bag that he always carries with him and captured the attached video.

The object was spherical in shape and with the naked eye appeared and faded only to reappear a short distance away. The witness stopped filming long enough to turn the auto focus off and change the camera to "infinity" setting. During those few seconds, the object had moved to about 1,500 feet away. He captured a few more seconds of tape before the object disappeared completely into the distance.

The witness reports that he saw no unusual features about the object other than it was spherical, about 2 to 3 feet in diameter, dull finish.

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